Week Six Summary: Radio Days

The beginning of this week was very relaxed since the “House of Noir” group quickly decided on the concept for our radio show, which will feature our characters giving advice to callers. We were also asked to create a design for our radio show and I decided to stick with the “House of Cards” theme since I wanted to try incorporating a modern show or idea into my design. I made little alterations to the Netflix show’s logo; I placed noir photo where the flag should be and wrote “Noir” over-top of “Cards” (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/house-of-noir-logo/). To keep this same idea going, I created a bumper that utilized noir-suspense sounds and the “House of Cards” theme song to introduce our radio show (http://janellegelino.com/radio-show/house-of-noir-radio-bumper/). I did post two different versions of it because Professor Groom thought the context should be made more clear in a certain part of the bumper, but I wanted my audience to see how I changed it from the first to the second bumper. Week one of the radio show has not been hectic at all since we all communicate well with one another, so I expect this radio show will come together nicely. To read more about my first week, click this link (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/house-of-noir-radio-show-progress/).

I started doing my personal assignments on Monday since I did not know what to do for the radio show work just yet. I completed the 4 star audio assignment that was the soundboard conversation which I then titled “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.” I absolutely hate the 50 Shades of Grey franchise and this was an opportunity to make a parody of it just for fun. My goal was to show how, one, how poor the writing is for this movie and book, and two, how unbelievable it is for someone to fall for a man that says these kinds of things. He practically stalks the woman when he finds out she worked in Home Depot, and yet he was still a dreamy man to her? (Ew) Plus this franchise promotes violence in relationships as sexy and normal normal behavior when it is in fact wrong. I downloaded the audio from short clips of the film featured on YouTube and made it a story about Christian Grey being a creep on me when I am working in Hallmark. I chose very specific lines that I could respond to in a natural way and I played with having his words cut mine off as though we were in a real conversation. I also added the song “Crazy in Love” that was featured in the commercial for this film to add to the comedic effect (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-soundboard-conversation-4pts-fifty-shades-of-hallmark/). Another audio assignment I completed was dedicated to Sebastian Crane through the 4 star “Who Called” assignment. I used my friend Kim Roehl’s character, Sasha Kellogg, as the caller for this since I wanted to set up a possible romance story in future assignments. In this call, Sasha, who is his secretary at the San Francisco Chronicle, anxiously leaves a message for Sebastian telling him about work related business and she leads into wanting to pursue a date with him. This assignment can show how Sebastian affects other people, specifically Sasha, since she is intimidated by him, but still wants to know more about him (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-who-called-4-pts-sasha-kellogg-calls-sebastian/). The last audio assignment I did was the 2 star “Music Tag” assignment, which I made for Sebastian. I used modern songs for this to show how his story can be understood, even if I placed him in the 1950s. With the song choices, I wrote a description for each in how they connect to a view he has of himself, a certain situation, or an outside perspective. Doing this assignment was a pain since I had many issues with copyright each time I tried to upload (which you can read about in this post). It was my first experience with copyright and I learned more about how to use my Audacity because of it (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-music-tag-2pts-sebastian-crane-modern-music-tag/).

The following are from my ds106radio listen-along from Twitter this week. It was on Thursday night and we listened to

Capture3capture 4 Capture Capture2Both radio shows sounded very similar in the way that dramatic music would play after certain lines the protagonist would say. Honestly, the more I listen to these, the more I get annoyed with how women are portrayed in noir as complete damsels in distress and how they each show disloyalty to their husband when the protagonist comes around. Like really, he could literally sweep her off her feet with a real broom and it is unrealistic to me since I wouldn’t easily fall for someone I knew for a few days.With these radio shows, I am the most entertained by the goofy lines they use that state the obvious, Like “What did he say?” “Very little. He was dead.” It does make it more dramatic, but it still is somewhat funny how these lines are set up.

When making comments on others’ work, it was really interesting to see how other students interpreted an assignment. It was very enlightening to see more posts done by others since they had their own individual creativity present in it. The following are my comments I put on the 10 posts:












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  1. I like your idea for your group radio show. Getting calls and giving advice are two classic radio show bits, so the noir element will make that interesting to hear. I especially like the house of cards tone, that show really knows the dark sides of noir.

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