Week Eight Summary: Inspired, Radio Shows, and Inhabit Your Character

Well this week was certainly jammed packed with work in all of my classes! But miraculously, I made it to the end. This week for ds106, I had the change to make Sebastian Crane come to life even more by making him a Twitter and a Gmail account. My first post as Sebastian is below, and I have to say I love embodying him as a character behind the screen.

first tweet bas bas tweet 2 bas tweet 3 bas tweet 4


Sebastian Crane made his appearance in one other radio show and in others’ assignments, so he gets around. I was very happy to hear that Groom and Burtis called him “an irresistible James Dean” and “the soap opera sweetheart.” Since I do get such a positive reaction to Sebastian Crane from ds106 and my two good friends, it has really made me consider writing his full on story in a novel form or possibly screenplay since I may go into writing screenplay in the future. I feel it could be successful and certainly a fun summer project to take on. I don’t want to leave him behind once this class ends. It would be fantastic if he was used in assignments for the next class after me :). #nopainnocrane.

For the collaborative character assignments this week, the first one I did was an actual in-person collaboration with Kim Roehl. We created a Groom poster for “Titanic” featuring our noir characters. This was very fun to make and it was difficult to find a picture where Rose, Jack, and Cal were all in the same shot together. I placed Sebastian’s head onto Cal’s since he, like Cal, is a classy, refined gentleman who exudes much confidence and ego at some points. Here is the picture below I titled “An Ice Cold Love Triangle” and the link to read more about this process (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-groom-poster-4-and-a-12-pts-an-ice-cold-love-triangle-collaborative-characters/).

titanic groom bas sasha new

The next assignment I completed was the poetry art visual assignment, which honestly took me a longer period of time due to the massive editing with the text of the poem overtop the background. I chose the poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” to show a representation of the relationship between Tiffany Yowell’s character, Lawrence Spitler, and Sebastian Crane. I found Lawrence on Twitter and I was very interested with his bio since it was so detailed as my own was, so I had a good sense of who this person was and how I could position our characters to encounter one another. It seems many people made their noir characters present day while mine is in his prime in the 1950s, so I chose to have Sebastian put into the present day, but by this time he is 90 years old and Lawrence is in his 30s. I wrote a story line with this post about how these two were neighbors who grew very close to one another and Sebastian became an ideal father figure to Lawrence. Unfortunately, this post is about Sebastian Crane passing away, but I wanted to challenge myself in picturing how Sebastian would be if he were closer to the end of his life. I also wanted to show how he impacted Lawrence through the time they spent together up until his death. The link will provide this back story of this relationship as well as my reasoning for using this particular poem (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/visual-assignment-poetry-art-3-pts-do-not-stand-at-my-grave-and-weep-sebastian-crane-and-lawrence-spitler/).

do not stand at grave

The final assignment I chose to do was the night call poem writing assignment. I used Sasha Kellogg here as I wrote a 3rd person omniscient poem discussing how Sebastian is working out his feelings for Sasha. I think it is very relate-able in the way that thoughts can keep us up at night and I know this is true for myself. With this poem, I wanted to show how feelings can’t always be understood or even expressed fully and this makes Sebastian appear more human in that way. He fears going with his feelings as his mind reminds him of the dangers of following one’s heart, as he learned in the past. But he trusts Sasha and wants to continue unraveling the mystery that is her and that is what keeps him going. http://janellegelino.com/assignments/writing-assignment-night-call-poem-2-pts-love-calling-through-the-night/

This week, we posted to Inspire and detailed how/ why these works inspired us. For this, I went back to favorites on SoundCloud as well as previous comments I made on others’ posts. I tried to have diversity in the material I choose, so I had a Groom poster, an audio assignment, a photo safari, and a radio commercial. In this way, the visual and audio pieces were even and touched on different area of creativity. I saw the “50 Shades” poster on one of the weekly videos and went back to find it for my inspire post. The audio assignment was one I commented on since it was “Drunk in Love” slowed down by 800% and it really intrigued me because it was completely different from the original song. The photo safari was one I had to dig deep through the site for since I realized that I never saw that many of the safaris and this particular one I saw was wow to me because of the excellent quality and descriptions provided. For the radio commercial, I went on my SoundCloud and found it on Janaye Evan’s page since the concept was original and the commercial was executed well. http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/who-inspired-me/

Listening to the radio shows this week has been pretty entertaining and somewhat intimidating. House of Noir went first and after hearing others’ shows, I became a little disappointed in ours since our sound quality was the main problem and other groups went to one of the audio recording rooms to record everything. I would see many tweets come in about how the sound was varying in volume. Other than that, I still love our show and it was cool to see that people liked the concept. I wrote my post on the show “The Steadfast Sleuths” and it was very well done. The commercials were fun to listen to and the show itself was a suspenseful mystery as to what happened to Sasha Kellogg. They made great use of sound and the acting was the most believable and realistic of all of the shows I’ve listened to so far. I have enjoyed hearing the rest of the radio shows this week and I would definitely do a project like this again in the future.  http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/the-steadfast-sleuths-radio-show-response/

Below are my Daily Creates:

1. “A Soul Unbound: More than Black and White:” This is a photo I edited together from 4 photos of myself. The assignment was to show your different sides. This one shows my happy spirit, my mind constantly in thought, my love of color guard, and how I am a kid at heart. I set it in black and white to show how a person’s persona is not black and white, or simple, and we are all complex and that’s what makes each person unique. https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16155578364/

2. “Is Professor Johnson the Hulk?:”- This post was dedictaed to something fun that happened in the past week, so I chose to draw a picture of when my poetry teacher read Greg Santos’ poem called “Hulk Smash.” This poem is in the perspective of the Hulk and Professor Johnson (my poetry teacher) read it aloud in class today and it was so great. It showed how a teacher can make a class more enjoyable and fun. I also gave him the picture today and he was so excited :). Here is what he tweeted back to me after class (which made my life!):

johnson tweet hulk


3. “I Laughed Making This”- Here, we had to make a short video of things that made us laugh. I compiled fun moments from the past two years into this post because I find myself laughing when I stumble upon them now.

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