Week Nine: End of Radio, Beginning of Video

This week concluded the radio show work and introduced video. To start off this week, I listened to the radio show “Get a Clue” and participated in the live tweeting session. My biggest praise I gave tot his show was the script. Each character had their own monologue and the writing was excellent and the acting came across as very believable. Plus their concept of using a suspense-story board game was clever and I was impressed by this show. To read more in depth about my other comments and critiques, follow this link: http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/get-a-clue-radio-show-response/. For the last radio show assignment, I wrote up my reflection for the “House of Noir” radio show I was a part of. Our show was an advice column with jerks of the past and present and the women who become involved with them. I think our show was effective in revealing some of the secrets of our noir characters. For example, Mariam’s character was questioned by a caller about his past relating to family matters and he at first avoided the question by talking to another caller about work business, and later opened up to the caller about his mother’s passing and his father’s neglect. My only problem I did have with this show was the variation of volume and, to be honest, I was not crazy about my Sebastian segment as I listened to other radio shows. I felt the writing was strong, but the words were lost due to poor audio quality http://janellegelino.com/radio-show/reflection-on-house-of-noir-radio-show/. I plan to make up for my section through the video episode this week.

To fully introduce the video portion of ds106, we were asked to read “How to Read a Movie” and watch 3 videos from the site dealing with film making. With the main reading, I learned about how the Rule of Thirds can affect how the audience perceives a character. For example, a person who is placed more on the right side of a shot is seen as ideally placed, the center more like a mug shot, and the left a more negative view. I did not really see this in action as I watched “Notorious” for my video essay assignment, so I would have liked to have seen more of this to see if this is a valid statement. Ebert also brought up an interesting point about how a person moving more towards the right is metaphorically moving towards the future while a person moving to the left is going into the past. I plan on looking out for this when I watch films to see how common this is. I then watched “Tarantino // from Below” and saw how Tarantino utilizes a low angle shot in each one of his films, one example being in “Kill Bill” when The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad stands over Uma Thurman’s character. This allows the audience to see dominant and weak character interplay in a visual manner. Next was the “Top 20 Cinematic Techniques” and this showed me various examples of film techniques that have been manipulated in a artful manner, such as “Children of Men” and the long take and tracking shot used here created the effect of the viewer being in this war-like zone with the protagonist. The last video I watched was the “Camera Angles and Techniques” in which I took note on the Dolly zoom, which is zooming out the the camera while moving in with the dolly with the same speed, creating a disorienting effect. I also took note of how variation of camera angles can create more depth and emotion in your film. When I did my video essay for the final scene of “Notorious,” I mostly relied on discussing subjects I went over in my film class since some of the videos and the reading didn’t apply too much for my scene. I mostly thought of the “Camera Angles and Techniques” video when the speed of cuts increased as the group descended the stairs to create an action/suspenseful effect whereas there were minimal cuts in the first section where Devlin and Alicia are holding each other. To read more about my video essay and to see the video, here is the link: http://janellegelino.com/assignments/video/notorious-video-essay/.

Next week, House of Noir will be returning to create their first full episode. I proposed the idea of having the characters shown in first person so that the audience could see through their literal eyes in a sense. I also thought of this since most of our group’s characters are men. For my trailer, I decided to make it suspenseful by having a mix of love and possible harm intermixed. Sasha Kellogg will be featured in this video as I would play her and her evil twin she has (Kim Roehl’s revealed this twin in her radio show). I plan to have Sebastian be tricked by the twin and then get into some trouble with Sasha and his “relationship.” Also this trailer proposes that the idea of falling in love is harmful or scary, so this trailer embodies that idea. During the next few days, I will be writing up my script and meeting with my group to see what ideas they came up with and we will meet again to combine the sections. http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/house-of-noir-episode-trailer-and-other-planning-notes/

Here are my two Daily Creates for the week:

1. A Dream Staircase- “Steps to Win an Oscar (High Expectations version)”: I would like to go into film editing or screenplay writing, so these are my steps to possibly reach the point of earning an Oscar for my work. The internship with Studio Center is actually starting is May :) https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16833659102/in/photostream/

2. Junk Mail Art- “We’ll never be royals.” Psh, Lorde, speak for yourself.”: (My stuffed animals aren’t junk by the way. Just haven’t incorporated them into a Daily Create yet!) Peanut is the king, his crown made of an old bank receipt, painted in the finest of gold (or marker). He adorns old beads from a parade back in the days of summer. King Peanut sits atop a plastic St. Patty’s Day cup, his throne. His advisor, The Messiah, wears his crown of cool kid shades, that way he doesn’t have to wish his kingdom could “be like the Cool Kids.” They already are. Mr. Snickers is the secretary of treasury and his main skill is being the supreme bubble lord. https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16668836829/in/photostream/

I am excited to see how the next week will go with the video portion. I feel video could be one of my strengths and I hope to show that this week!

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