Missing: Noir Cat

Missing: Noir Cat

Just a normal day at the office when House of Noir Getaways received an email from Burtis informing us that Noir Cat is missing. She then asked if we had any knowledge of where Noir Cat was headed or rather, if we aided in her disappearance. This is information we cannot disclose to the public since that is against our confidentiality agreement, but what I can say is that we will do whatever we can to find Noir Cat. Client or no client to House of Noir Getaways, every person, or cat, we will use our traveling services to aid in this search. We do ask that all of noir106 bring us any suspicious cat activity or leads you may have regarding this disappearance so that we solve this issue quick and accordingly. I will be looking for any leads on the West Coast while my colleagues will make their search in various parts of the nation they each occupy. Ladies and gentlemen, we want to bring Noir Cat safely home to Black. Please help us in this search if you have any clues. Our main hotline is houseofnoirgetaways@gmail.com. Thank you and follow us on our Twitter page @HoN_Getaways to track this case with us. #wheresnoircat #bringnoircathome

-Sebastian Crane


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