House of Noir Getaways Update on the Missing Noir Cat

Good evening to all those reading this post. On behalf of House of Noir Getaways, it is my duty to give you the truth. In response to the accusations of our agency being responsible for the disappearance of Noir Cat, I am here to tell you that these are more than accusations. They are the truth. Noir Cat came into contact with House of Noir Getaways March 27, 2015 through Jeffrey Davidson of our New York office. He specializes in cases with loose ends that need to be tied up; in this particular case, Ms. Black was a loose end as she was having conflicts with Noir Cat. As a result, Davidson had Noir Cat’s past erased; all noir Cat media was erased from weekly videos, Black’s birthday cards and He had Noir Cat’s microchip removed while disabling the Noir Cat tracking app. The flight was booked with Stardust Airlines as she traveled to Belize and was provided residency through Abandon Enterprises. Since then, however, Noir Cat was helped by her new handler, Monica Smith, in her escape to Finland with no assistance by our agency. We have no connection to the recent travels of Noir Cat and Monica. On Monday, my secretary Janelle Pierangelino released a video with all of the Noir Cat sightings captured from our undercover photographer who has been tracking her along this trip. Unfortunately he lost her tracks when she mingled with other black cats resembling her in a small town in Finland. It appears she hired the other cats to distract us and it seems to be have been a successful maneuver. An associate from our agency called Monica Smith and she gave us the current residence Noir Cat is said to be found in as she is healing other animals in Finland with her special abilities. We chose to keep her reasoning for her departure confidential in this press release since we did not want to violate the confidentiality of our client. But we were deceived and led to believe that the previous handler, Maggie Black, was abusive, but we looked into that and found that Noir Cat had been deceitful. Because of this violation, we do not list her as a client and therefore, her case file is now open to the public. Attached is her case file and the press release video from Monday night.

case file cat 

I offer my sincere apologies to all those who may feel to have been mislead by House of Noir Getaways. We are doing everything we can to bring Noir Cat home so we can close the doors on this mystery.

Take care,

Sebastian Crane

2 thoughts on “House of Noir Getaways Update on the Missing Noir Cat

  1. Well. . .I guess I’m grateful that you’ve come clean, but I certainly hope you can manage to return NoirCat. Can you tell us more about your investigation into Black and how you cleared her name?

  2. Maggie, abusive? She seems so innocent? Guess if I learned anything in Noir106 it’s to watch out for those seemingly unsuspecting red heads … *coughcough — CAT LOVELESS — coughcough*

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