“House of Noir” Episode Trailer and other planning notes

Above is the trailer for Sebastian Crane’s segment in the “House of Noir” episode next week. This trailer is intended to give the audience anticipation for next week since Sebastian will be dealing with a love crisis. I used a quote by Shakespeare: “Journeys end in lovers meeting” and a quote “Love is patient. Love is kind” to show cliches of love that may be knocked down next week. The are placed in italics to refer to how they are cliches or common love quotes. The text “And Cruel” comes after the patient and kind quote in bold, non-italicized letters to place emphasis on them and show their distance from the love quotes. This text continues with the quotes that follow, such as “Who will fall,” “House of Noir,” “See through the eyes of Sebastian Crane,” “Premiere next week.” In the beginning, I had a clip of myself looking happy to show who the love interest is as she is speaking (which will be Sasha Kellogg). There is the sound of a heartbeat to give the notion of love and yet also suspense as we await Sebastian’s answer. The trailer becomes darker when we see the clip of the person (my shoes) walking away in slow motion with Queen’s lyric of “Bohemian Rhapsody playing “Mama just killed a man. Put a gun against his head, Pulled the trigger now he’s dead.” I downloaded this slowed down version of the song since it gave a scary, horror effect to it. These lyrics lead into the title of the show that appears over the smoke and on the word “dead” the screen goes to black. This section of the trailer is meant to make the audience question what will happen to Sebastian or Sasha; would Sasha become violent if she gets a wrong answer? The question “Who will fall” refers to the idea of who will fall in love, or who will fall because of love. This is intended to show that Sebastian sees love as dangerous and cruel and his response may hurt or help Sasha. Also it showcases her as a possible femme fatale or that another femme fatale may make an entrance to wedge between them (which may be Sasha’s twin sister).

For our whole show, I came up with the idea of filming from our character’s perspective, the camera being their eyes. I thought of doing this since my character is male and I clearly am not, so it would be easier to shoot this way and could be very unique in the manner as well. We see what the characters see and this can allow for a strong connection between audience and characters to resonate more. We also decided to go with black and white to create suspense and to make sure there is a cohesive coloring since we have two characters from the past. For my own portion, I plan on writing up a script and I may have to change my voice on the computer for Sebastian’s.

The House of Noir group has plans to meet in person to discuss the show outline in the next few days.

3 thoughts on ““House of Noir” Episode Trailer and other planning notes

  1. I love the first person camera, and one one way to play with this is the theme of suspense. The first person really became popular in the 70s and 80s with slasher films like Halloween and Friday the 13th, which are brilliant at creating suspense. The idea of not seeing the killer until the big reveal is quite powerful. How can this work for your show, I wonder?

    • I will have to surprise people haha. I had the goal of making this seem like Sebastian will be killed to get the attention of the audience. Possible harm could come his way, but I can’t kill him off so soon. :)

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