Found in Darkness- Photo Safari

There is something in the way darkness is all around us, its’ constant lingering awake in our dreams and realities. If for a moment we surrender to the shadows, what will we find; what danger lurks beyond the safety of light? Wolves hunting prey in the night? Heightened heartbeat and racing mind, I wander through the darkness and find myself in an internal fight, for the darkness compels us to do all wrong and none right.

-Janelle Pierangelino

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These photos each capture one or more of the following elements of film noir:

  • distinct shadows.
  • unusual camera angle.
  • sense of drama or moodiness.
  • characters captured in a tableau suggesting an intense, fraught moment.
  • urban nightscapes
  • the grittiness of built environment (building, streets, etc.)
  • a NoirCat

7 thoughts on “Found in Darkness- Photo Safari

  1. Your photos are all so beautiful! You are an accomplished photographer, and I definitely feel the feelings behind the pictures. Also, your take on the noir cat is adorable (and also fits so perfectly). You are like catwoman!!!

  2. i absolutely love your out-of-the-box take on a NoirCat! I was simply like, “oh i don’t have a cat here at school because last time I checked, this unfortunately isn’t HOGWARTS”, so I promptly decided that that option for my PhotoSafari was out of the question. You are amazingly astounding in your creative abilities! We must have a pow-wow at some point and pick each others’ brains … I’ve already learned so much from you, so keep up the inspiring work! :) #BallinInBall #ds106 #4life

    • I know I thought about that too with the no cat rule lol! And yes we need to plan something. I’m very honored to have helped you out, Amy :D. #BallinInBall

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