Writing Assignment: Night Call Poem (2 pts)- “Love Calling Through the Night”

Love Calling Through the Night


Moonlight pools in from the open window,

saving the man drowning in his own shadows.

Throbbing temples, the internal voices pushing to be freed

through his lips; the words he is afraid to say aloud.


Her beauty.

A fiery canopy of curls against porcelain skin

and the secrets that swim in her ocean eyes.

The only wonder of his world,

she holds him captive, never leaving his mind.

No resistance, those restless nights he struggles

to memorize the labels he stamps on each feeling,

trying to make sense of something words don’t even understand


Her smile melts his armor, yet he feels readied for

the waging war between logic and passion.


A gentle wind sweeps the curtains

and the locks of his hair,

Her voice whispering, calling his name,

his heart echoing hers, a two-syllable beat.

Unspoken love in the shadows of the night.


For this collaboration, I chose to use Kim Roehl’s Sasha Kellogg again because she is set to be the main romance in Sebastian Crane’s life. I wanted this poem to express who Sebastian has yet to confess his feelings for Sasha and he constantly has her on his mind. He is evermore curious about her since she is such a mystery and he has fallen for her. Sebastian fears telling her these feelings because he has been hurt in the past, but he trusts her enough to tell her soon. His mind tells him not to waste time on love, yet his heart disagrees. He knows that he can’t articulate the feelings he has for her and fears he won’t be able to say everything he wants to say to her. He knows words don’t truly describe a feeling like this and is conflicted in that way since he always knows how to express his thoughts, not when it comes to love though.