Attention: Noir Cat Sightings

Good evening everyone of noir106. My undercover photographer came through with several photos he had had taken of Noir Cat and it appears she is on the run. She has been taking refuge in Belize for the past two weeks, but just today she vanished. She is said to be in Finland, yet my undercover photographer lost sight of her when she ran among a group of black cats that resembled her. Just by this action, it seems apparent that she does not want to be found. It is imperative that more tips come in as well as more sighting photos since we have lost her trail. We are in the process of calling Miss Monica Smith to enable us to find Noir Cat in Finland. If anyone can provide us with any information regrading this noir escape, please tweet us with the tag #wheresnoircat @HoN_Getaways so we can bring her safely home ASAP.

Sincerly yours,

Sebastian Crane