House of Noir: Radio Show Progress

So far, this first week with the radio show work has been pretty fun. We first began by having a group discussion in a Facebook message about what the concept should be and we all felt that an advice show with our characters would work really well. To start thinking of a name for the show, I asked what types of roles does each character fall under. It turns out, 3 of the 4 of us made characters that were “the jerk with a heart of gold” and one was a femme fatale. I was not sure how to make a show name with these character types, but I wrote out some of the ideas I had in mind in the Facebook message: House of Noir, Noirscapes, The Stars of Noir, Golden Hearts and Femme Fatales, Ask Noir, NoirTalk. The whole group agreed upon “House of Noir” and a few days later, we already had all of the designs being sent to the whole group and they were all very creative and tied in with the radio show title. I was not sure how we would use these since no one would see them while listening to the radio. We all seemed to have similar takes on the name of the show, yet mine was a little different since I related mine to the Netflix show “House of Cards” since that show itself has aspects of noir and it would be in interesting allusion. But overall, we all had designs that represented the mysterious figures we have in our advice show and having it be called a “house” places them into setting appropriate for a talk show; they are all under the same roof or genre of noir. Below is my design:

house of noir caps

Just today, I made a bumper to for the radio show. I will admit, this one did take me a loger time to complete than the design since I used many various sounds I had to order together in a cohesive manner. I wanted to have a bumper that supported my design with the “House of Cards” theme to it, but with suspenseful buildup of sounds that create a story. For more information on this bumper, the following link can take you there:

When taking to Janaye Evans, who is a member of the group, we were trying to figure out if the differing time periods for our characters would affect this radio show. That is something the group will be discussing very soon, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome. During the next week, I plan to make a radio commercial for the show and I am curious to see where this all goes.