“Get a Clue” Radio Show Response

This was was definitely on point tonight, especially with the script. I can’t say that enough. There are so many quotes I got from this radio show, I didn’t even get to write them all down. Here are some screen shots of some of the quotes and personal thoughts:

tweet on get a clue


I did like the bumper for the radio show in the beginning with the song “Too Close” playing after many suspenseful noir sounds led into the song. I found this ironic since the main lyric of the song is, “And it feels like I’m too close to love you,” which can allude to the feelings the women had about Lawrence since he ended up getting too close in the end. His narration starting the show was perfect because it introduced all of the female characters/possible suspects. He was really embellished as a downright horrible womanizer when he would have sexual relations with each woman and leave in the morning. Can’t forget how he took their food too and the watch of the one woman’s deceased husband (it was hard for me to keep track of the names of each one to be honest. Too busy writing notes!). The sound effects illustrated how he died at the dinner table, sounds such as him gasping for air and him falling from the chair. ¬†Each woman had their own script and this made them distinct from each other. Even with the constant flashbacks, each character also had sounds associated with their story telling. For example, the diner bells clanging when Lawrence enters is placed in the monologue of the woman he met in the diner. Most seemed to be a femme fatale and the one who had the British accent came off as more innocent, but definitely not naive, especially in how she called Lawrence, “a pathetic piece of a man.” I also wrote down the quote “Men are so gullible it’s almost pathetic,” which I found that a lot of the monologue was very realistic in how women can perceive men. Well done in that department. The monologues were very honest and true to the women who spoke them. They are pieces I would see myself wanting to listen to or even read.

My only issues I really had were how there wasn’t an obvious break to commercials, such as an announcement or repeated sound indicating the end of a segment. It threw me off at some points since I didn’t expect to get to a commercial that quickly after the person spoke. A symbolic sound to the “Get a Clue” station may have helped with this. Also, the Tiffanys commercial was one I didn’t personally understand and I assume it is related to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and I have never seen that ( I am so uncultured, I know). It was too quiet and a bit muffled, which maybe was done to get an old-time effect, but I wasn’t entirely sure. Also I recently came back to this post and thought about how the killer was easy to pick out since their monologue was saved for the end and it became predictable. Next time, have a character or two come back to throw off the audience.

All in all, great concept for a radio show. This was a radio show I was planning on listening to since I always liked playing Clue. Sister loved Monopoly and I was never about that. Clue was the way to go every time. This game fits perfectly with the idea of noir and I am happy you guys utilized it to the full effect. :)


“The Steadfast Sleuths” Radio Show Response

I absolutely loved this show. It was very well organized and had an interesting plot to it, especially with the whole mystery of what had happened to Sasha Kellogg. Being the creator of Sebastian Crane, I was extremely pleased with how this group utilized my character. He was believable in how he had feelings for Sasha (which I have been planning on writing about or creating a post for in the future! Team Sebasha). The line, “She means a lot to me,” really tapped into Sebastian’s feelings for Sasha he would be afraid to admit to her in person. Even his flashback to the date scene worked really well, especially with how Sasha ran out of the restaurant when she saw someone threatening. I love how this group effectively used my character for this show.

With regards to the sound choices, the twinkling sound used for flashbacks was highly effective. It was perfect in length and it really helped creating a scene from the past. The sounds of the crackling was an instant sound cue to the fire in Sasha’s apartment, so this was well done with how it connected and I could visualize this easily in my mind. With the scene of the twin sister reveal, I liked how there was suspenseful, non diegetic music playing in the background as Sasha is trying to understand what Shannon is proposing. Further into that flashback, the sounds of Shannon attacking Sasha were well placed and allowed me to better see what was happening in the apartment. It was definitely a scary moment! Also the phone call between Sasha and Shelley was realistic in how Sasha’s end was more fuzzy like a real phone call would be.

My biggest note about this show was how well done the acting was! Of all of the shows I have heard so far, this acting was definitely the best of the bunch because of how believable it was. I could see the chemistry working between the members of the group based on how comfortable the acting was. They all responded quickly to one another, like a normal conversation, and the pacing made this work so well (ex. Sasha and Shannon talking in the apartment about the prospect of them being sisters. Flowed very naturally and quickly). This made the story line more intriguing and better to follow along with since the characters were real. I also liked how there was a competition between Kellogg and Mills as cereal brands! Very clever idea. :) This group definitely kept the mystery of noir in their show as to what happened to Sasha and how all the characters connected. I would listen to this again.

PS. That Cocoa Kitties commercial still makes me want to find it at Giant, but then I would remember it’s fictional.