Who Inspired Me

Typically with all of the work I have done so far, I would say that I did not search through others’ work for inspiration. Rather, I came up with everything on my own. But there are a few posts that did stand out among the others and therefore, serve as inspirations to me for future assignments.

1. The first one I will start with is one that inspired a collaborative assignment for this week: The “Mr. Groom Will See You Now” poster by Mia Boleis. It was very well done in how Groom’s face fit perfectly with the poster and it made me laugh too much! I saw this featured on a weekly summary video 2 weeks ago when the teachers were showing the amazing Groom posters. Mia also had a great post along side this creation narrating her process, listing the steps she took in order to make this poster. This post inspired me to make a poster with Kim Roehl for our character collaboration. We made a Titanic themed poster and I’ll have to thank Mia for inspiring me to make a Groom poster. GROOM (1)

2. I remember listening to this audio post and thinking, “wow, what a great idea. Slowing down ‘Drunk in Love’ by 800%.” The person responsible for this great post is from the page jcpdigitalstorytelling.com (I wasn’t sure who the author was here, but still love this audio post). This person narrated their creative process as well and I saw that they wrote about how time consuming this assignment was, and to me that can show commitment to a task at hand. I never would have imagined this song being slowed down this much and it create a new, ambient version of it that definitely caught my attention. This post made me want to attempt this assignment myself.

3. Brian Goulet had a beautiful set of photos for his photo safari. I never saw anyone post about them and I did not understand why?! He seemed to be using a high quality camera, as the photos were very crisp and beautiful really. He wrote short descriptions for each photo and how it related to an aspect of noir and how he executed each. He definitely has talent and had his own unique take on the safari. Here, I can post the link to his safari and below is one of my favorite shots. It makes great use of lighting and it amazed me to read that he simply did this in his friend’s dorm room with only a few sources of light. Incredible work. I would follow Brian’s photography. (http://gouletbytheday.com/assignments/photo-safari/). Light-from-one-side-1024x683


4. Lastly, my last inspire post is dedicated to Janaye Evans. This was an audio assignment that called for a radio commercial using a favorite TV show or a favorite character. She created a radio commercial titled “Abandon,” which was a fictitious company that helps mysterious women disappear, with reference to Carmen San Diego. Her song choice was perfect for this since the title was “Don’t You Want Me,” which was ironic in the way that people want this mysterious woman. Janaye’s script/lines she used worked so well with this and, again, I liked the throwback to Carmen San Diego. That is a character that represents noir in the way she is mysterious and is a sleuth herself. This was such a creative idea for a commercial, or really a company. It is so unique and original as it relates to noir. Here is the link to this lovely commercial: