Reflection on “House of Noir” Radio Show

Creating this radio show was definitely a great experience. I would do something like this again in the future if given the opportunity. My favorite part about this experience is how much our group worked well together, despite our differing schedules. We all worked well together and for the most part we used a Google doc. Everyone carried their weight equally and everyone shared their creativity. I love the opening quote “jerks of the past, present, and the women who love them…” section. It definitely got listeners in the mood for the show. I also enjoyed making the a bumper for the show as well as a commercial; both were fun to create and I got to work with Audacity more to try new things. Every person had a great script for their characters and each one revealed more about their character in their given segments. Janaye’s character Melody had probably the most intense section when she was telling off a caller who asked too personal of questions. The anger was scary…in a great way! Mariam’s showed her character break away from being completely closed off about his past, which is an admirable quality coming from the jerk with a heart of gold archetype. With Rhiannon’s section, her jerk character stuck to being well, a jerk and it made sense with her character. I also liked how she used a British accent for her caller. With mine, I hoped to have Sebastian’s eloquence come through with his words he chose to answer the question regarding love, a difficult subject for him to approach after his rocky past. He wants to give the caller an honest answer to how he personally feels about love at that point in his life; it suggests he was hurt for him to have these negative views about it and it comes through that he is also a romantic, but won’t admit it.

Hearing this show on the radio did make me nervous since I didn’t know what kind of reaction we would receive from those following on the Twitter feed. Most liked the concept of our show it seemed, but there were a few posts critiquing the sound quality. I am honestly disappointed with how my personal Sebastian Crane section came out since the quality of my friend’s phone recording was too quiet. I had an issue when adjusting the volume because it would make the fuzzy sound louder than the words. In that way, I would change this portion since the recordings of myself as the host and the crazy girl came out nicely on my computer recording; I would have instead played as Sebastian to ensure the volume didn’t change drastically. Also, because I am connected tot his character, it may have been a better choice if I had voiced him; my friend wasn’t familiar with the character so certain lines did not have the intended tone of the text (which is a very honest mistake). This was the hardest part for me, which I know how to overcome in the future. I was going on spring break that weekend, so there wasn’t a way for me to get to my friend at VCU to record this on my computer. Plus our schedules would have collided as well.

Advice for those doing this project in the future: be very creative! Go with an idea you feel drawn to, no matter how ridiculous or impossible it may seem. I originally didn’t have the crazy fan girl in the show as the caller. She was normal, but this added humor to it and it made it more engaging for the audience. Use this opportunity to reveal your character’s dirty little secrets. Go crazy, go wild, and get inspired.