Audio Assignment: DS106 Radio Bumper- “Predator and the Prey.”

For this bumper, I chose to create a sense of suspense as a woman is walking down the street and a man follows her. She is being chased by this man and starts walking again when she reaches a dark alley, with him heavily breathing close to her. She then warns “DS106 is coming” and becomes a wolf and he then becomes the prey. The Game of Thrones music comes in to introduce the radio station. I chose to say “DS106 is coming” because in the show Game of Thrones, they say “winter is coming,” which for them is a time of waging war and eminent death. Also the wolf growl was inserted because the wolf is the symbolic animal for the Stark family in the show and wolves are threatening in and of themselves. The woman becomes the predator at the end of this bumper to represent the femme fatale character in noir. Suspense and mystery is a big part of noir and I wanted to express that through this bumper.