“I am Free” House of Noir Getaways Theme Song (4 pts.)

Introducing the House of Noir Getaways agency. With us, you can make your greatest and most discrete noir escape when times are troublesome or threatening. Lana del Rey has been one of my favorite artists of our time since her music encapsulates complex emotion. Her song “Ride” details the story of the necessity to make a great escape and see the world while also moving on into the promises of the future. But purely, it conveys the idea of freedom, which is something each one of our clients is guaranteed. Whether going to the warm sands of a tropical island or the snow-kissed mountains, House of Noir Getaways can take you there through different types of transportation. With our co-sponsors, Stardust Airlines and the Abandon agency, you are given the options to travel by plane, car, ship, etc. This is placed into the song as a way to tell our clients that all travel and escape to freedom is entirely possible with the help of House of Noir Getaways. When creating this with Janelle, we chose to keep some of Lana’s personal quotes that went with this song so that listeners could connect to the freedom she herself has. Quotes such as “When I’m at war with myself, I ride. I just ride,” “I am free.” This theme song is what our agency is all about: giving you the freedom you desire and making your noir disappearance a reality.

Audio Assignment: Music Tag (2pts.)- “Stories Through Song: The Sebastian Crane Modern Music Tag.”

Let me start off this post by saying…this assignment should be worth more than 2 stars! It took me a very long time to do this so that the words of the songs matched one another at the end/start points. The songs I chose for this assignment are in my Spotify playlist and the process of picking them out was fairly simple. Connecting the songs by the words they had in common was a little tedious, but I did enjoy this assignment since it made me think of how the songs could somehow relate to each other.  But my larger problem came with copyright. I remade my mashup at least 5 different ways and it was still subject to copyright according to SoundCloud, so it was removed every single time. This was extremely (emphasis on extremely!) frustrating. I fist tweeted about my frustrations to Professor Burtis and she was very helpful in the advice she gave me, which was to try different songs or try just posting onto this page. But she warned me of the risks I’d be taking if I were to just post, so I didn’t want to try it. I then asked one of my friends what to do and she told me to play with adjusting the pitch and it should be fine. And here we are…success! I also adjusted the tempos slightly in some of the songs, which gave it a faster pace which kind of grew on me. With the pitch, I only adjusted it by one point and it still sounded nice for me. Since I did struggle through this ongoing copyright issue, I began to understand it a bit more. Personally, I have never had a copyright issue happen to me so this was definitely a first, and hopefully only time this will happen to me. In my mind after the copyright readings, I thought one could use the songs if they were using them in a new, innovative way, but Sound Cloud stated that as an invalid reason, so I did not dispute the claims.

But as for the mash-up of songs, here is the layout…

These songs are from the 2000s-present and represent how Sebastian views himself and how others view him. I felt like breaking away from the 1950s time period I placed him in to show how the experiences he goes through and how others view him are understandable and tangible to our current times. Each of the songs can directly connect to Sebastian’s internal views of himself and situations he finds himself in as well as how others view him.

1.“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse- how Sebastian felt for Margaret, his ex-lover, when he was with her. He was “a fool” for her as one of the lyrics lends to and she set his soul alight,” meaning that she enchanted him in this way that brought his soul to life. This song illustrates how she drove him crazy at times, but he still loved her so intensely.

2.“Womanizer” by Britney Spears- how most women view Sebastian since he refuses to settle down; he is viewed as a player, but women still come to him knowing that he may not ever contact them after their one-night together. He does not mean to treat women in this manner since he knows nothing serious will come of them, but women view him as a womanizer all the same.

3.“I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy- how he tends to think of himself and does not pay mind to others’ opinions and if he does, it is only internally. Also can lend to his frequent egotistical attitude he can hold. Sebastian holds himself with high regard and some of his actions may be selfish, but he is willing to do what ever it takes to preserve himself, even if that means stepping on others’ toes.

4.“Love Me Again” by John Newman- how Sebastian wants a love like he had with Margaret again; he wants to be loved and love again soon, but is fearful of it because of his bad experience. In ways, he wants Margaret to be his again so he can feel that love he had before, but he knows how wrong it is to feel that way about someone who hurt him so badly.

5.“Undisclosed Desires” by Muse- how Sebastian views Sasha Kellogg: he wants to know what’s under the surface and he is deeply attracted to her. Sebastian senses that she has “demons” in her past and is evermore curious about Sasha since she is not the most open book about who she was and is now. Sebastian is intrigued by her because of her mysterious demeanor and this song can truly describe that tension between them.

6.“Afraid” by The Neighbourhood- how Sebastian is afraid that his dark side will consume him. He does not want to become someone who is loathed and this can even apply to his drinking habits since he drinks frequently, and therefore, fears he will become like his father in this way. Also the line “you make me wanna die” is how John Reeves (the man he publicly shamed) feels when he thinks of Sebastian or encounters him.

7.“Into the Past” by Nero- how Sasha Kellogg wants to know about Sebastian’s past so she can understand him and be with him now. This song was featured in “The Great Gatsby,” which alluded to the quote, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” With this idea of going into the past, it can also represent how Sebastian is somewhat consumed by his past since the fears he does have reflect his painful past; he relives his past when he can’t fully trust in someone because he has been physically and emotionally broken in the past and has not fully recovered. It was mainly with his mother’s departure, his father’s drunken beatings, and Margaret’s cheating habits that affected him so. He does not feel far from his past, even though his father and him began to mend their relationship and he is not involved with Margaret (he still has not heard from his mother). With regards to Donny, his younger brother who was enlisted in war and now has paralysis, he feels responsible for that injury since he could not go in his place because of his fractured shoulder from his father’s past rage.

8.“Do I Wanna Know” by The Arctic Monkeys- how Sebastian catches himself wanting Margaret back and he knows she wants him too, but he will not crawl back to the woman who cheated on him. This is a story I want to touch on in a writing section in the future to demonstrate how complicated Sebastian’s mind is when it comes to her. She remains a puzzle to him because he can’t fully believe she would hurt him the way she did and dreams about if things were different.

Audio Assignment: Who Called (4 pts.)- “Sasha Kellogg Calls Sebastian.”

With this particular post, I chose to use a character a friend of mine created so that their worlds would interact. Her name is Sasha Kellogg and she is Sebastian’s new secretary at the Chronicle. In this call, she hopes he doesn’t answer since she is very nervous to ask him out since she is very interested in him and has not been out with a man in a long time (the last one turned out badly and came after her and her family fortune). Sasha is very nervous to ask him out and proceeds to make it a professional call as she leaves a voice mail for Sebastian saying certain people would like to speak with him as soon as possible. She then musters up some courage to ask him out, but it comes out very awkward because she does not know how he feels towards her. At the end of her voice mail, Sebastian picks up the phone and she quickly hangs up, not willing to face him after her botched call. She finds Sebastian to be very intimidating, but wants to learn so much more about him and open up his shell.

For this assignment, I tried to portray a girl who is trying to stay collected prior to asking someone out, but that does not work out. I recorded myself rambling since this voice mail length was said to be 2 minutes for the assignment, so I tried to think of things to say when she is leading into the subject of asking Sebastian to go out casually or as a date. For Sebastian’s voice, I found a video of Channing Tatum in “She’s the Man” where he answers the phone saying “hello.” This did take a while to find since searching for men saying “hello” on the phone did not bring up a great variety of results. I even tried to change the pitch of my own voice on Audacity to make it resemble a man, but it wasn’t that believable or appealing really. For the sounds of the phone dialing, voice mail machine, and the phone clicks, I used YouTube once again and the freesounds audio site.

Audio Assignment: Soundboard Conversation (4pts)- “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.”

Since I am utterly annoyed with the whole story and promotion of this very horribly written story, I wanted to have a normal person’s reaction (mine) to the character Christian Grey. I took lines from YouTube videos from the film and had him come into contact with me as he stalked me and figured out I worked at Hallmark (which I actually don’t in reality). I chose lines from the film where he was looking for very BDSM related items and having it lead into the fact that he was stalking me. Apparently in the book this same kind of thing happens to the main character, yet she thinks it’s endearing. I wanted to show that his behavior or “charm” in not in any way appealing or sexy, rather it is controlling and creepy. I wanted to make a humorous audio to show that idea take form.

Audio Assignment: DS106 Radio Bumper- “Predator and the Prey.”

For this bumper, I chose to create a sense of suspense as a woman is walking down the street and a man follows her. She is being chased by this man and starts walking again when she reaches a dark alley, with him heavily breathing close to her. She then warns “DS106 is coming” and becomes a wolf and he then becomes the prey. The Game of Thrones music comes in to introduce the radio station. I chose to say “DS106 is coming” because in the show Game of Thrones, they say “winter is coming,” which for them is a time of waging war and eminent death. Also the wolf growl was inserted because the wolf is the symbolic animal for the Stark family in the show and wolves are threatening in and of themselves. The woman becomes the predator at the end of this bumper to represent the femme fatale character in noir. Suspense and mystery is a big part of noir and I wanted to express that through this bumper.

Audio Assignment: Sound Effects Story(3 and a 1/2pts)- “Sebastian’s Drive to the Office.”

For this sound effects story, it was focused on Sebastian Crane’s drive to the San Francisco Chronicle, where he works. In my head, I wanted this to resemble a film in the way that time elapses between the cuts. So on this trip to work, the audience does not see every single thing Sebastian does on the way there; it would ideally have cuts that show the passing of time in a quick manner. I placed car sounds in the beginning to start the scene mid-drive. He hears a love song on the radio and quickly changes the station because he cannot stand love songs since they remind him of Margaret, his ex-lover. He then hears “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley and has it play louder since he really loves Elvis and this song. The choice of using “Hound Dog” can serve as his commentary about Margaret as well as it being an upbeat song that changes the mood for the audience. The song displays, at least to me, a confidence or tough attitude that Sebastian himself does have as one of his characteristics. In this set of shots with the diegetic song, it would then almost become non-diegetic as we would see Sebastian all of a sudden arrive in front of the Chronicle. He then turns off the engine, takes out the keys, shuts his car door, and walks around his car towards the building. We then cut to the interior where he is waiting for and elevator he then enters and travels up to the floor where he then exits (we can hear this in the footsteps that trail out of the elevator).

Audio Assignment: Car Chase Commentary (3 and 1/2pts)- “The Heroic Cone.”

Making this video was probably one of the most exciting things of my night (and that is not even sarcasm). I searched for “most boring video” on YouTube and found a video of a cone placed on the sidewalk with no movement or action whatsoever. I did the audio narration first by just watching the video of the cone intently and after a while, I truly believed that this was an interesting story. Afterwards, I wanted to make it look more like a breaking news broadcast on television, so I downloaded the “breaking news” intro and recorded myself talking on the webcam to show that I am the anchor. I also had a reporter on the scene, my bear Lil Wayne (not the rapper. Like Bruce Wayne, but little :D). I wanted to make this comedic and fun since for me it was fun to make (minus the threat of a virus when downloading the cone video). I ended the video by inserting the soundtrack of “Hymn of the Sea” from Titanic since it would add a dramatic effect. I really had a lot of fun with this.

I wonder if I could make a good news anchor or actress. Let me know your thoughts on the matter xD

Audio Assignment: Remix a Song with Some Speech (4pts). Steve Jobs and “I Lived”

Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford in 2005 is probably one of my favorite speeches. I have a few quotes from this speech saved on my computer and whenever I read them, I am put in a better mood and feel more determined to make my dreams reality. I heard the remix of “I Lived” by One Republic during my winter break and put it on repeat for a while. When I was looking for a song to add with this speech, that was the first song I thought of. In the lyrics, the song encourages each and every one of us to go out and fully live our lives since we don’t know when it will be our last day. The same goes for Jobs’ speech, which is why they work well together. I tried to have certain parts of the speech coincide with certain lyrics of the songs. For example, Job’s says “you’ve got to find what you love” with the lyrics “I hope that you fall in love.” Some of these were coincidental and when they spoke back to each other, it was honestly magical for me.

Audio Assignment: Line Remix (3 pts.) Graduation Speech

My line remix contains lines from the following films (in this order): Grease, Forrest Gump, The King’s Speech, Jack, and Titanic. In doing this assignment, I started out with the first line from the scene in Grease where the principal is wishing the seniors at Rydell High best wishes for their future. I felt that the quote from Forrest Gump could relate to this because the speech is meant to be a sending-off or best wishes after graduation speech, and this could be a metaphor that relates how life can be unexpected. The line from The King’s Speech was initially in the final speech of the film where King George VI addresses his country, warning them of dark days ahead in the time of war, yet tells them not to lose faith and stay strong. In a graduation-type speech, this would make sense since in life, there were be dark days ahead and we are told to be prepared to face them. The middle section is from a graduation speech Robin Williams performs in the film Jack. It is very inspiring and gives hope for the intended audience about moving forward in life to make it something great and your own. The final line is famous from the film Titanic when Leonardo DiCaprio is at the front of the ship and yells “I’m the king of the world!” I chose to close with this line after the Jack line because it ends with “Make your life spectacular. I know I did” and this leads into the Titanic line as a way to suggest that the speaker is proud of the life they’ve lived and wants the same for his/her audience. This remix is meant to inspire us to push through the troublesome times in our lives and try to make the most of the time we have here on Earth.