Working Undercover: Week Twelve

Earlier this week I posted an update on behalf of the House of Noir Getaways Agency with regards to the missing Noir Cat ( I did send out a Tweet asking for anyone to bring in tips where Noir Cat escaped to. There were no tips that came in through my channel, yet we did receive good news soon after. Just a few days ago Noir Cat came into contact with HoN Getaways, ensuring us that she was safe from any harm. Although I cannot disclose much information about her case, Noir Cat wanted HoN to tell everyone that she is safely enjoying her noir escape in one of the three countries: Belize, Finland, or the Golden Coast. We have not received anymore contact from her since and it appears she called from an untraceable number. Noir Cat seems to not want to be found and this is very concerning to the HoN Agency. We are doing everything we can to locate here again to track where she is headed so we can find out why she is running or who she is running from.

Noir cat first tweet

We will be Tweeting more this week to let everyone know how our search is coming along. We will be releasing visual and audio records of this search as the second week ensues. HoN is on the case and we will find Noir Cat and protect her in any way that we can. This is one noir escape that certainly has everyone chasing their tails and not that right one. If you have any tips, contact me, Sebastian Crane, through this blog or on Twitter @NoPainNoCrane and @HoN_Getaways.

Sincerely yours,

Sebastian Crane

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