House of Noir Presents: Find Your Noir Lover and Week Ten Post

This week, I was on the set of House of Noir’s show “Find Your Noir Lover” featuring the lovely Melody Bay with guest stars Jeffrey Davis Jack Spencer. My good friend Janelle was operating the camera while Janaye and Mariam worked on the editing of the clips taken from the show afterwards. Backstage, I talked with Jeff and Jack and they seemed like put together men by the first impression I had of them. In this show, Melody is looking for love among the bachelors, yet she was unsuccessful. She would ask us a few questions and we would have to answer as honestly as we can. The host, Mariam, introduced me as “Sebastian Crane, the Editor-in-Chief of The San Francisco Chronicle, is currently the Most Eligible Bachelor of the West Coast. A respectable man with mysterious charm and wit, he is certainly a fine contender for the lovely Melody Bay.” Below is the recorded exchange Melody and I had live on House of Noir:

We would all like to know the answer to this one: What would you plan for a fun first date? Well, to make things interesting, I would surprise her by ordering some flowers to be delivered at her workplace with a note that says “Meet me downstairs.” We’d go to her favorite restaurant and we would order each other’s dishes, ones we’ve both never had and see how that plays out. Then I would take her out for a night on the town. Go on the boardwalk, get to know her likes, dislikes, things like that. I would want to give her a date she could feel completely comfortable to be herself with me. Sounds like she really changed you. Her who? The girl you took on a date like this. She must have been special. Oh um… Alright let’s dig a little deeper now since we do have to find an honest man for Melody here. Have you ever hurt someone you love? Um..I have and I was just trying to protect her, but I hurt her more than I can ever know. I… Mr. Crane, are you alright? I’m sorry I can’t do this. There’s something I need to do. I can’t explain it all on live television, but dear Melody I am sorry if I have wasted any of your time. You will find a great guy because you are a classy woman with heart. I just can’t stand the thought of losing her when I know that I love her, even if I have never told her in person. Could you forgive me? Go out and get her. 

Melody seemed to sense that I was thinking about someone close to me when I told her about my ideal first date. And she was right. I took Sasha on this kind of date and I remember wanting to tell her I loved her, but I didn’t know if she even felt the same way. But I remembered when her evil twin knocked me out and threatened to kill Sasha and frame me for her murder if I did not break things off with her. Shannon had previously tried to kill Sasha in an apartment fire and she was unsuccessful fortunately. But I still had to break Sasha’s heart in order to protect her and this is something I couldn’t explain to Melody in full detail on live television. Melody Bay is a great woman who deserves to find a great man and I reminded her of this before I left the stage.

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I also had an exclusive interview with Burtis, Groom, and Bond this week. I was asked 8 questions pertaining to my way of thinking and living. I was called in from The Chronicle to be a part of this interview so that those listening could get a view inside of my head. I answered each question with complete honesty and here is the link to that interview with the one and only Sebastian Crane.

When on the set with Jeffrey, Jack, and Melody, we all decided to create an aganecy in the next few weeks. We will keep everyone posted on the noir site.

During the week, I would visit my friend Janelle and she showed me her Daily Creates she made. Here are the 3 ones she did that were..what is the best word to describe them…interesting:

1. Breakfast Selfies- Mr. Pops I saw Janelle cutting up the wrapping of the “Pops” cereal cover and she made a face with the fragments. She certainly is one of my quirkier friends.

2. 15 Second Batman- I am not sure I would call Janelle the best artist after seeing this drawing of Batman she did in 15 seconds. Great masterpieces take time. I mean, look at me. ;)

3. Personal Inspirational Quote: “One choice set into motion a journey of defying limits and showing the world, ourselves, what it is to embrace passion. Become lost in the love you found and remember that you are here for a reason. Live and remember these moments.” Janelle wrote this quote as she thought of her years in color guard and I found her words very inspiring and well articulated.

10 Comments for the week:

I also made an appearance on Twitter on Monday night and it was nice to see that the DS106 class extends beyond UMW and even America itself. It is accessible to anyone who wishes to create work for it.

(I hope I did not insult Tina too much, but her voice did hurt my ears).

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