Closing the Case of the Missing Noir Cat

Ladies and gentlemen,

After 2 weeks of this Noir Cat investigation, she has been found and returned safely to Miss Black. She previously was a client with House of Noir Getaways when she came to Jeffrey Davis with her problem. She stated that Miss Black had been an abusive owner and she needed us to help her make her noir disappearance. At the time, Black’s background was not examined and we trust that those who come to us would not deceive or alter the truth. Apparently we were wrong. After looking in Black, we found that she had no charges against her and her record was squeaky clean. We asked her neighbors and they always saw that Noir Cat was treated with love and care. However, they noticed that Noir Cat would be aggressive with Black as she would try to scratch her. But as we were not aware of this information, we believed Noir Cat’s story and helped her make her noir escape with us. We gave her a holder by the name of Monica Smith and together, they made their way out of the country. I called my agent from Stardust Airlines and had their flight to Belize booked on April 1, 2015. Since then, Noir Cat made her way into Finland and the Golden Coast. My first alert this week were photos my undercover photographer took as he followed Noir Cat through these countries, yet she seemed to erase her traces as she had other black cats hired to mislead us in the investigation. This was the first piece of supplemental media we used during this investigation, as it was a breaking news alert of Noir Cat escaping to Finland. ( When I met up with Melody, Jeffrey, and Jack the following day, we made plans to travel to these countries ourselves to find these two as my photographer lost their tracks. This was my second update from the San Francisco office ( and below are my tweets from the start and end of this investigation that ended today, April 19, 2015. Noir Cat was found at the airport in the Golden Coast of Australia. She has been returned safely home to Maggie Black after this long trip.

*Noir Cat’s travel arrangements to Finland and the Golden Coast are not associated with House of Noir Getaways. 

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During this investigation, our primary media House of Noir Getaways used to keep track of Noir Cat’s journey was through a visual representation, in this case, a story map. This allowed us to visually see where Noir Cat was heading and we want our viewers to see the journey of Noir Cat as well.

A screen shot of our primary media/the story map.

A screen shot of our primary media/the story map.

Our supplemental media my colleagues collected are as follows: the first email exchange between Jeffrey Davidson and Noir Cat (, the recorded conversation between Groom’s dog Daphne and Noir Cat (, the heated phone call to Monica Smith (, and a Wanted poster for Monica Smith, the catnapper. ( Each media shows the various parts of the investigation and who was involved and how. The initial email exchange between Noir Cat and Jeffrey Davidson shows her “distress,” as she was fearful for her safety because of Maggie Black and Groom’s dog. Next, we got our hands on the recorded conversation between Noir Cat and Daphne as he barked/told Noir Cat that she must leave Finland right away as we were zeroing in on her. As we were in Finland, one of our associates from House of Noir Getaways called Monica Smith and demanded to know where Noir Cat was in Finland and she gave us the address, in which we found that Noir Cat was no longer there, but a terrier she healed pointed us in the direction she went next: the Golden Coast. We had a Wanted poster for Monica Smith released once Noir Cat was solo in Finland, just to ensure that she could not help Noir Cat run away forever. The other supplemental material was the video release of undercover photos my photographer managed to take as he was tracking noir cat (this was linked earlier in this post).

This surely was a suspenseful investigation for House of Noir Getaways and we are glad Noir Cat has been found and returned safely home. Noir Cat says that she apologizes for the stir she caused and she says she will use her newly found healing abilities to help other animals.

This is Sebastian Crane with House of Noir Getaways signing off.

Sincerely yours,

Sebastian Crane


PS. I looked into other investigations going on and they certainly were very intriguing. I would like to know the results of each case.

3 thoughts on “Closing the Case of the Missing Noir Cat

  1. Sebastian, I just love the way you handled your case. Unfortunately, in our situation, NoirCat wasn’t receiving the proper treatment that she deserves, so we helped her out a bit. I encourage you to check out our findings! Great work on your case! I really love how much effort you put into finding all of the evidence.

    Jewel out.

  2. Nice write up. You helped pull many things together for me as an “audience” of the agency cases in your summary. It stands on its own and makes sense for me as a reader. Very much appreciated and good work in organization, communication, leadership and collaboration.

    Send some shout outs of your work no matter what path you take in the future. Continued growth and success to you.

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