“Stardust Airlines” Radio Commercial

This is a fictitious airline company I created for the purpose of making a commercial for the radio show. I used 3 sounds from freesound.org for the airline, two sounds associated with an airplane (beep and landing) and the other was wind chimes used to make one think of the twinkling of stars to reflect the company name. Initially, I knew I wanted to use the song “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds.” I first heard this song last week when I was doing my Oscar movie binge and heard this song at the ending scene of “The Theory of Everything.” It was very moving to me and in Audacity, I sped up the tempo and adjusted the pitch slightly lower to experiment with it. I did notice that the song title fit with airliners because of the section of the title “The Arrival of Birds,” as a plane departs, arrives,  and flies in the sky, relating to the birds. Also in choosing this song, I wanted a song that would capture a sense of wonder travel can bring. This song automatically made me think of daydreaming and traveling elsewhere, whether in your mind or in actuality. At one point, I tried to mix a song from the film “Begin Again” called “Lost Stars” sung by Keira Knightley (she can sing…omg), but it didn’t work. Yet the idea of stars made me think of the title “Stardust Airlines” since a shooting star travels across the sky and this could relate to an airplane’s flight.

Regarding my voice over, I wanted to lay out information about how this airline is different by discussing how the entire plane is set up to be a first-class cabin structure so everyone is comfortable and not a select few (who wouldn’t want that). I also brought up the Stardust Airlines card since I know that is something other airliners offer and I thought it would be interesting to use this to show how discounts are given through the card (I honestly made up some numbers in my head and they seemed like a good enough deal to me). I also wanted to incorporate the airliner name with phrases such as “making your journey the brightest it can be.”

Here are the sounds I used from freesound.org:




12 thoughts on ““Stardust Airlines” Radio Commercial

  1. this is so whimsically wonderful that I really wish this was a real airline simply so they could use your commercial! the layers of the sounds just give me such a feeling of weightlessness and wanderlust and the image of stars are something I associate with the movie The Theory of Everything, so it was the perfect tune to tell the story of the airline’s purpose and values. and that twinkle sound effect reminds me SO much of Tinkerbell that it gives the listener the sense that any experience they have on Stardust Airlines will be truly magical :) … What a beautiful picture you’ve painted!

    Also, this is a complete side-note, but I’m glad I’m not the only one totally aglow in the after-Oscar-buzz … both the Theory of Everything and Begin Again were wonderful movies, and I am so happy that Eddie won Best Actor, because he totally deserved it

  2. This is a great commercial. I really like how you formatted your voice on this – it really sounds great and just like other commercial voiceovers. I also think your use of different sounds was great and really makes this stand out.

  3. This is really great commercial!! I heard it when I listen to the ds106 radio show on Monday (House of Noir). It could be use as real airline commercial. Really great job creating the radio commercial! The choice of the background was really great and it mixed well with your voice!

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