“House of Noir” Radio Bumper

With this radio bumper, I wanted to create the “house” in “House of Noir” by having a man enter this home where there is a party he intrudes on. I chose to have the sound of people talking fade in as he opens the door to make it more realistic with the distance they had between them. He then walks closer to the group and clears his throat, which is followed by the sound of the group gasping and one of the glasses dropping to the floor out of shock. To build suspense, I chose to have his footsteps overlapped with the sound of a heartbeat as he plays with his glass and fills it. Slowly, the “House of Cards” theme song comes in as the clicks glasses with all of the party guests and the tension is no longer there as there is the sound of the chatter again. I wanted this bumper to emulate noir in the way that there is suspense created. I wanted this man to represent Sebastian Crane as he approaches the other hosts on the radio advice show; making a dramatic entrance. I was inspired to do this when I thought of trailers for television shows, such as reality ones, that stage a confrontation between the characters. I chose to express this same idea through sound and I feel it was effective in creating the setting of a house and this group dynamic.

After reading Professor Groom’s comment, I tried to make certain adjustments to make the scene clearer for my listeners by adding my personal commentary as audio. My voice would serve to be two of the party goers’, the one who says “Sebastian?” and “We’re so glad you could make it” are the same person and the higher pitched voice (which I adjusted in Audacity) girl who says “I didn’t know he was coming” is┬áseparate. I wanted to link the glass drop with the girl who said the first and last lines in the bumper. By having my audio placed in these three points, it could show how these are some of the party-goers that gasped upon seeing Sebastian, showing an interaction between them.

I downloaded most of the sounds from freesound.org and the “House of Cards” theme song and the heartbeat from YouTube. Here are the following sources for the sound:

  • 79154__atha89__glass-cup-twirling
  • 83738__ebrown15__gasp-03
  • 118561__antwash__glass-clinging-1
  • 125247__oliverbrotzman__coffeeshopchatter
  • 138125__snakebarney__pouring-champagne
  • 151921__carroll27__clearing-throat
  • 166581__matucha__glasses-01
  • 221528__unfa__glass-break
  • 234244__rivernile7__door-open-and-close
  • 211444__harris85__man-walking-on-the-street

5 thoughts on ““House of Noir” Radio Bumper

  1. I really like this, there are a couple of moments that might be a bit tighter. When they see him and gasp there is a moment of absolute silence. It’s remarkable how loud silence is in a context like this, it breaks the fourth wall, try and fill it with breaking glass, or some other effect that will prevent the moment from jarring your listener. Also, the narrative after they gasp and before the House of Cards music starts is a bit foggy. I wonder if there might not be more specific pointers that would help suggest what is happening. I see it once I read your description, but it’s a lot harder to visualize without it.

    Finally, be sure to give credit to the individual sounds you used from SoundCloud—it’s a sign of good faith.

  2. I LOVE how you worked on this based on Jim’s feedback. It is much tighter, and just changing/adding those few elements makes the narrative clearer, but it also actually builds the aspects of suspense and mystery. Great work!

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