Writing Assignment: Night Call Poem (2 pts)- “Love Calling Through the Night”

Love Calling Through the Night


Moonlight pools in from the open window,

saving the man drowning in his own shadows.

Throbbing temples, the internal voices pushing to be freed

through his lips; the words he is afraid to say aloud.


Her beauty.

A fiery canopy of curls against porcelain skin

and the secrets that swim in her ocean eyes.

The only wonder of his world,

she holds him captive, never leaving his mind.

No resistance, those restless nights he struggles

to memorize the labels he stamps on each feeling,

trying to make sense of something words don’t even understand


Her smile melts his armor, yet he feels readied for

the waging war between logic and passion.


A gentle wind sweeps the curtains

and the locks of his hair,

Her voice whispering, calling his name,

his heart echoing hers, a two-syllable beat.

Unspoken love in the shadows of the night.


For this collaboration, I chose to use Kim Roehl’s Sasha Kellogg again because she is set to be the main romance in Sebastian Crane’s life. I wanted this poem to express who Sebastian has yet to confess his feelings for Sasha and he constantly has her on his mind. He is evermore curious about her since she is such a mystery and he has fallen for her. Sebastian fears telling her these feelings because he has been hurt in the past, but he trusts her enough to tell her soon. His mind tells him not to waste time on love, yet his heart disagrees. He knows that he can’t articulate the feelings he has for her and fears he won’t be able to say everything he wants to say to her. He knows words don’t truly describe a feeling like this and is conflicted in that way since he always knows how to express his thoughts, not when it comes to love though.


Visual Assignment: Poetry Art (3 pts)- “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep”- Sebastian Crane and Lawrence Spitler

do not stand at graveh


For this character collaboration post, I chose to make a picture that contained not only the words from a poem, but the visual created by those words. The poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” is one I have read and seen at different times of my life and I wanted to make something dedicated to this poem. This visual shows how the death of Sebastian Crane greatly affected Lawrence Spitler.

Initially, I wanted a post where both characters were the same age, but I was so interested in Tiffany’s present-day character that I decided to come up with a story for how they know one another. By 2015, Sebastian would be 90 years old and Lawrence is in his 30s, so I had them be neighbors. When they first encountered each other, Lawrence thought Sebastian was just a senile old man, yet Sebastian saw himself in him and wanted to know more about him. So to initiate the conversations, Sebastian once put a letter from his mailbox into Lawrence’s (Sebastian still played his tricks, but these were not malicious) so that he would come to deliver it and he could try to talk to him more. Lawrence was still closed off, yet one night a man tried to break into Sebastian’s car and Lawrence scared him off. To thank Lawrence, Sebastian invited him over for a beer. Soon enough, Lawrence began visiting Sebastian’s house a several days a week and Sebastian brought out the best in Lawrence, as he was the most honest about his feelings when he was with Sebastian. Although they did have arguments about Lawrence’s lifestyle, Lawrence loved Sebastian like his own father and Sebastian like another son. They grow close to one another to a point where Lawrence sees him as the father figure he never really had after his own father passed when he was so young. Sebastian would tell Lawrence all about his life, from how he once was cold, but because of his loving wife Sasha and his brother Donovan, he was able to show his golden heart to all those he met. He once told Lawrence that “You cannot see light without walking through a field shadows. The light, the good, is waiting to be seized by you. Because every good and bad thing happens for a reason. We need the bad to know what good really is; to know what what is worth fighting for and what things can be left behind.” Sebastian saw himself in Lawrence from the moment they met and that was why he wanted the best for Lawrence and encouraged him to make better decisions or have more of an open heart. Lawrence drove Sebastian to the hospital when he had a severe stroke and stayed with him until the end. Before he passed on, he told Lawrence that he made the last years of his life better and that Lawrence would never be alone. At Sebastian’s funeral, Lawrence spoke of the man who showed him towards a new light and soon, he was the only one standing in front of his grave. He remembered Sebastian reciting the poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” once when they were on his porch as he told Lawrence that the poem helped him cope with the losses of his father, Donovan, and Sasha. He told Lawrence that he believed the spirit does not stay at the grave, rather they stay beside those they love, like a guardian angel. Since then, Lawrence had a change of heart because of Sebastian and he sought to do better for himself and others.

To make this photo, I combined a picture of an angel statue and one of two men walking beside one another on Pixlr and used Powerpoint to add the text (which took a very long time figuring out how to do because of the color of the text). After, I adjusted the color of the final photo to make the poem stand out more.

Explorations of Beauty and Decay father-son-walking


I chose the angel statue because it represented the idea of a grave and in this particular post, Sebastian passes away and serves to be Lawrence’s guardian angel. For the picture of the two men walking together, I wanted this to be a picture of Sebastian and Lawrence going for a walk, showing their closeness to one another.

Who Inspired Me

Typically with all of the work I have done so far, I would say that I did not search through others’ work for inspiration. Rather, I came up with everything on my own. But there are a few posts that did stand out among the others and therefore, serve as inspirations to me for future assignments.

1. The first one I will start with is one that inspired a collaborative assignment for this week: The “Mr. Groom Will See You Now” poster by Mia Boleis. It was very well done in how Groom’s face fit perfectly with the poster and it made me laugh too much! I saw this featured on a weekly summary video 2 weeks ago when the teachers were showing the amazing Groom posters. Mia also had a great post along side this creation narrating her process, listing the steps she took in order to make this poster. This post inspired me to make a poster with Kim Roehl for our character collaboration. We made a Titanic themed poster and I’ll have to thank Mia for inspiring me to make a Groom poster. GROOM (1)

2. I remember listening to this audio post and thinking, “wow, what a great idea. Slowing down ‘Drunk in Love’ by 800%.” The person responsible for this great post is from the page jcpdigitalstorytelling.com (I wasn’t sure who the author was here, but still love this audio post). This person narrated their creative process as well and I saw that they wrote about how time consuming this assignment was, and to me that can show commitment to a task at hand. I never would have imagined this song being slowed down this much and it create a new, ambient version of it that definitely caught my attention. This post made me want to attempt this assignment myself.

3. Brian Goulet had a beautiful set of photos for his photo safari. I never saw anyone post about them and I did not understand why?! He seemed to be using a high quality camera, as the photos were very crisp and beautiful really. He wrote short descriptions for each photo and how it related to an aspect of noir and how he executed each. He definitely has talent and had his own unique take on the safari. Here, I can post the link to his safari and below is one of my favorite shots. It makes great use of lighting and it amazed me to read that he simply did this in his friend’s dorm room with only a few sources of light. Incredible work. I would follow Brian’s photography. (http://gouletbytheday.com/assignments/photo-safari/). Light-from-one-side-1024x683


4. Lastly, my last inspire post is dedicated to Janaye Evans. This was an audio assignment that called for a radio commercial using a favorite TV show or a favorite character. She created a radio commercial titled “Abandon,” which was a fictitious company that helps mysterious women disappear, with reference to Carmen San Diego. Her song choice was perfect for this since the title was “Don’t You Want Me,” which was ironic in the way that people want this mysterious woman. Janaye’s script/lines she used worked so well with this and, again, I liked the throwback to Carmen San Diego. That is a character that represents noir in the way she is mysterious and is a sleuth herself. This was such a creative idea for a commercial, or really a company. It is so unique and original as it relates to noir. Here is the link to this lovely commercial:

“The Steadfast Sleuths” Radio Show Response

I absolutely loved this show. It was very well organized and had an interesting plot to it, especially with the whole mystery of what had happened to Sasha Kellogg. Being the creator of Sebastian Crane, I was extremely pleased with how this group utilized my character. He was believable in how he had feelings for Sasha (which I have been planning on writing about or creating a post for in the future! Team Sebasha). The line, “She means a lot to me,” really tapped into Sebastian’s feelings for Sasha he would be afraid to admit to her in person. Even his flashback to the date scene worked really well, especially with how Sasha ran out of the restaurant when she saw someone threatening. I love how this group effectively used my character for this show.

With regards to the sound choices, the twinkling sound used for flashbacks was highly effective. It was perfect in length and it really helped creating a scene from the past. The sounds of the crackling was an instant sound cue to the fire in Sasha’s apartment, so this was well done with how it connected and I could visualize this easily in my mind. With the scene of the twin sister reveal, I liked how there was suspenseful, non diegetic music playing in the background as Sasha is trying to understand what Shannon is proposing. Further into that flashback, the sounds of Shannon attacking Sasha were well placed and allowed me to better see what was happening in the apartment. It was definitely a scary moment! Also the phone call between Sasha and Shelley was realistic in how Sasha’s end was more fuzzy like a real phone call would be.

My biggest note about this show was how well done the acting was! Of all of the shows I have heard so far, this acting was definitely the best of the bunch because of how believable it was. I could see the chemistry working between the members of the group based on how comfortable the acting was. They all responded quickly to one another, like a normal conversation, and the pacing made this work so well (ex. Sasha and Shannon talking in the apartment about the prospect of them being sisters. Flowed very naturally and quickly). This made the story line more intriguing and better to follow along with since the characters were real. I also liked how there was a competition between Kellogg and Mills as cereal brands! Very clever idea. :) This group definitely kept the mystery of noir in their show as to what happened to Sasha and how all the characters connected. I would listen to this again.

PS. That Cocoa Kitties commercial still makes me want to find it at Giant, but then I would remember it’s fictional.

Design Assignment: Groom Poster (4 and a 1/2 pts) – An Ice Cold Love Triangle (collaborative characters)

titanic groom bas sasha new


It was about time I made a Groom poster and I have to say, I think it is beautiful. Kim Roehl and I collaborated to create this Titanic poster, featuring Sebastian Crane as Cal, Groom as Jack, and the lovely Sasha Kellogg as Rose. Initially, we were searching for a shot from the film where all three characters had their faces towards the camera, but kept running into pictures where they were either in profile or one was absent from the shot. So we decided that the two male characters could face the camera and we could cover the back of Rose’s head with Sasha’s photo. For Sebastian Crane, I felt he embodied the character of Cal Hockley in Titanic because of the arrogance he can frequently exude. The line “I always win. One way or another,” is a line I remember from this movie when Cal tells Jack he will not be ensured a seat on a lifeboat. We placed Groom as Jack Dawson because well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love either of them? :) Kim had the one photo of Sasha Kellogg that we felt would be a perfect reaction to having two men wanting her. She has the look saying “I’m so loved,” which fits with her femme fatale persona. We also chose to do Titanic because it is a very well-known movie and we wanted to put a spin on it.

Kim was responsible for finding the Sasha and Groom photos as well as removing the backgrounds on all of the head shots using PowerPoint (now I’ve learned how to do that thanks to her). I found the photo of Sebastian, this scene from Titanic, and the title “Titanic.”

Week Seven Summary: Radio Days (Part Two)

The House of Noir radio show is completed! I am very pleased with how it came altogether. I did have worries since we all had different schedules, which is natural in the college life. On Tuesday, most of the group was able to meet to discuss how the show would go and we came to the conclusion that Janaye’s mysterious woman character would serve as the host since the other 3 members (including myself) had the characters falling under the category of “the jerk with a heart of gold.” She would present each “jerk” that appeared on the show. The following was the tagline of our show: “Jerks of the past, jerks of the present, and the women who love them. House of Noir is the radio show that takes your questions and answer them in real time. No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed; we are here for you every step of the way. On tonight’s show we have Jeff and Spence, with a special appearance from Melody Bay. Also watch out for our blast from the past tonight, Sebastian Crane, a timeless man whose advice stands the test of time.” For Sebastian Crane, he represents the jerk of the past while the others are in present time. I hope this is clear in the radio show since I have the date inserted as well as a 1950’s song as the intro to the old House of Noir radio show, where Sebastian Crane was a featured guest. I acted as the host and had my best friend, Zachary, from VCU record him saying the lines I wrote down so that the male voice would make this more believable to the audience. I also acted as the crazy, love-struck caller, which was done more in improv and in character of someone who is very obsessive and nuts. I had to go to a different room to record myself acting like a fan girl for Sebastian and I changed my actual voice as I spoke into the recording. My radio bumper I created last week is also featured in the radio show. To me, the House of Noir radio show flows in a cohesive manner and I am interested to hear what the audience thinks of it. Here, you can read more about the radio show progress and hear Sebastian’s individual section: http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/radio-show-progress-week-two/.

Here is the House of Noir radio show:


For a radio commercial I made this week, I decided to make one for a fictitious airliner called “Stardust Airlines,” which features audio from freesound.org and the song called “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds” that I heard from the Oscar- nominated film “The Theory of Everything” (“Birdman” won though…YES!) I wanted to have this airline commercial to give a relaxing vibe to listeners and I liked the intro sounds I used for it that would serve as a sound logo for the company, which would be the traditional beep in airplanes, the sound of a plane landing with wind chimes playing simultaneously (like the twinkling of stars). http://janellegelino.com/radio-show/stardust-airlines-radio-commercial/

These are the Daily Creates I made for this week:

1. “A Life Full of Little Joyous Things” is a short video I made to show 5 things that bring me joy, which are my dog, loved ones, color guard, seeing others experience happiness, and the beauty in the world around me. Here is the link to the video with the song “Starscapes” by The American Dollar:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQVBfQSKhtY

2. “Bob’s Disturbing One-Night Stand” 5 emoji story. I made this one on my phone since I accidentally clicked out of one of the ones on the site that inspired this idea; I re-made it instead. Follow this link to see the picture and the description will tell you Bob’s horrifying story. https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16023756064/

3. “Becoming Human” for the ‘Teal and Orange’ post. I used one my photoshoot pictures my friend and I do together for this assignment. The shoot was called “Washed Away” and I portrayed a mermaid reaching humanity and the end of her life as a mermaid; she is becoming human and her mermaid features/life are “washing away” and she fears for the future ahead. (This post was having diffuclty appearing on the tdc site, even though the tags are right).  https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16041733054/in/photostream/

Below are my 10 comments:











Radio Show Progress Week Two

The second week of the radio show was not full of difficulties. On Tuesday, I was mostly planning out Sebastian’s section of the radio show. I was with the House of Noir radio show group and we each wrote out our portions of the show in a Google doc, which definitely kept us on track for how the order of the show would go. There, we had our scripts and the links to the radio bumpers and commercials we were going to use in the show. We each decided to have our characters focus on a certain topic, more so with the three jerk characters we have. For example, Mariam’s focuses on something career related, yet brings up loss that her character faced in the past when he ignores the first question about loss. Since this is an advice show, I wanted to have Sebastian give his advice about the subject of love, which is something he fears having again. His response is honest in how believes that love can make or break a person. I wrote this as his response to the question, “Do you believe there is someone out there for you,” by a woman named Jenny Pierce:

Sebastian Crane: “Well, Miss Pierce, if I may be frank with you, I believe that love is something that only serves to weaken us and I’m not in a position where I want that at all. Certainly the idea sends the heart fluttering, but for me it’s not to the same effect. Mine…it’s just not the same. (pause) I’ve had love. I have experienced what it’s like to look into a woman’s eyes and feel safe and vulnerable all at once and it’s the scariest feeling in the world—giving your entire self to someone. You pray to God that this person will only give their love to you and it ends up coming down to the question of if you can truly know a person. Science can tell us that we can’t fully understand another human being and their intentions So why bother with love knowing this? It’s something the Shakespearean sonnets tell us thrives with inconceivable joy; It’s written in the words of Robert Frost that go,  “We love the things we love for what they are.” But how can you fully love if you don’t completely know what, or who, they are? Are we just supposed to put down all our walls and unconditionally love someone without knowing if we just leaped off a cliff without a parachute? Look, love isn’t safe or easy and I think you have to risk losing yourself in the madness of it all to be closer to having everything you dream love could be. If someone comes along in the future…well, (more cocky or confident tone compared to lines before) I don’t expect much more than a drink and a kiss goodnight. Right now, I’m content with being with myself, my career, and my family. That’s all that matters to me at this point in my life.”

The following day, I had my best guy friend record himself saying these lines since I wanted to have the male voice for Sebastian to make this more believable. This section recorded made it to about 1:46, so this was where I decided to make this longer by having House of Noir be radio show that has been around since the 1950s. I played as the host of this show that featured Sebastian Crane in 1952. Basically, my section of the group radio show is a flashback portion to the “Jerk of the Past” since this show is the following description (by Janaye Evans):

“Jerks of the past, jerks of the present, and the women who love them. House of Noir is the radio show that takes your questions and answer them in real time. No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed; we are here for you every step of the way. On tonight’s show we have Jeff and Spence, with a special appearance from Melody Bay. Also watch out for our blast from the past tonight, Sebastian Crane, a timeless man whose advice stands the test of time.”

To give my section the appearance of an old radio show, I had the intro be a 1950s jazz song called “Summertime” by Charlie Parker. Next, I had my friend records short responses that I could interact with as the host. Lastly, I wanted to make this section a bit humorous by having the caller be somewhat desperate for Sebastian Crane since she thinks he is dreamy and amazing. I talked to my computer in a high pitched voice, acting like a “fan girl” for Sebastian Crane to make this section more fun to listen to. Honestly, the House of Noir group really loved this idea, so I went for it! The jazz music comes in again when the caller is upset that Sebastian doesn’t want love (or her really) and the host tries to end the show, but the caller comes in again to give Sebastian her number. By his this caller, it can go back to the “…and the women who love them,” statement since this shows one of the effects Sebastian has on women due to his looks, intelligence, and charm.

Here is the section I did for Sebastian:


I will post the entire radio show in the weekly post since we finished it last night as a group. We reached 20 minutes and we worked very well together. I’m very happy with the House of Noir group.

“Stardust Airlines” Radio Commercial

This is a fictitious airline company I created for the purpose of making a commercial for the radio show. I used 3 sounds from freesound.org for the airline, two sounds associated with an airplane (beep and landing) and the other was wind chimes used to make one think of the twinkling of stars to reflect the company name. Initially, I knew I wanted to use the song “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds.” I first heard this song last week when I was doing my Oscar movie binge and heard this song at the ending scene of “The Theory of Everything.” It was very moving to me and in Audacity, I sped up the tempo and adjusted the pitch slightly lower to experiment with it. I did notice that the song title fit with airliners because of the section of the title “The Arrival of Birds,” as a plane departs, arrives,  and flies in the sky, relating to the birds. Also in choosing this song, I wanted a song that would capture a sense of wonder travel can bring. This song automatically made me think of daydreaming and traveling elsewhere, whether in your mind or in actuality. At one point, I tried to mix a song from the film “Begin Again” called “Lost Stars” sung by Keira Knightley (she can sing…omg), but it didn’t work. Yet the idea of stars made me think of the title “Stardust Airlines” since a shooting star travels across the sky and this could relate to an airplane’s flight.

Regarding my voice over, I wanted to lay out information about how this airline is different by discussing how the entire plane is set up to be a first-class cabin structure so everyone is comfortable and not a select few (who wouldn’t want that). I also brought up the Stardust Airlines card since I know that is something other airliners offer and I thought it would be interesting to use this to show how discounts are given through the card (I honestly made up some numbers in my head and they seemed like a good enough deal to me). I also wanted to incorporate the airliner name with phrases such as “making your journey the brightest it can be.”

Here are the sounds I used from freesound.org:




Week Six Summary: Radio Days

The beginning of this week was very relaxed since the “House of Noir” group quickly decided on the concept for our radio show, which will feature our characters giving advice to callers. We were also asked to create a design for our radio show and I decided to stick with the “House of Cards” theme since I wanted to try incorporating a modern show or idea into my design. I made little alterations to the Netflix show’s logo; I placed noir photo where the flag should be and wrote “Noir” over-top of “Cards” (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/house-of-noir-logo/). To keep this same idea going, I created a bumper that utilized noir-suspense sounds and the “House of Cards” theme song to introduce our radio show (http://janellegelino.com/radio-show/house-of-noir-radio-bumper/). I did post two different versions of it because Professor Groom thought the context should be made more clear in a certain part of the bumper, but I wanted my audience to see how I changed it from the first to the second bumper. Week one of the radio show has not been hectic at all since we all communicate well with one another, so I expect this radio show will come together nicely. To read more about my first week, click this link (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/house-of-noir-radio-show-progress/).

I started doing my personal assignments on Monday since I did not know what to do for the radio show work just yet. I completed the 4 star audio assignment that was the soundboard conversation which I then titled “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.” I absolutely hate the 50 Shades of Grey franchise and this was an opportunity to make a parody of it just for fun. My goal was to show how, one, how poor the writing is for this movie and book, and two, how unbelievable it is for someone to fall for a man that says these kinds of things. He practically stalks the woman when he finds out she worked in Home Depot, and yet he was still a dreamy man to her? (Ew) Plus this franchise promotes violence in relationships as sexy and normal normal behavior when it is in fact wrong. I downloaded the audio from short clips of the film featured on YouTube and made it a story about Christian Grey being a creep on me when I am working in Hallmark. I chose very specific lines that I could respond to in a natural way and I played with having his words cut mine off as though we were in a real conversation. I also added the song “Crazy in Love” that was featured in the commercial for this film to add to the comedic effect (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-soundboard-conversation-4pts-fifty-shades-of-hallmark/). Another audio assignment I completed was dedicated to Sebastian Crane through the 4 star “Who Called” assignment. I used my friend Kim Roehl’s character, Sasha Kellogg, as the caller for this since I wanted to set up a possible romance story in future assignments. In this call, Sasha, who is his secretary at the San Francisco Chronicle, anxiously leaves a message for Sebastian telling him about work related business and she leads into wanting to pursue a date with him. This assignment can show how Sebastian affects other people, specifically Sasha, since she is intimidated by him, but still wants to know more about him (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-who-called-4-pts-sasha-kellogg-calls-sebastian/). The last audio assignment I did was the 2 star “Music Tag” assignment, which I made for Sebastian. I used modern songs for this to show how his story can be understood, even if I placed him in the 1950s. With the song choices, I wrote a description for each in how they connect to a view he has of himself, a certain situation, or an outside perspective. Doing this assignment was a pain since I had many issues with copyright each time I tried to upload (which you can read about in this post). It was my first experience with copyright and I learned more about how to use my Audacity because of it (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-music-tag-2pts-sebastian-crane-modern-music-tag/).

The following are from my ds106radio listen-along from Twitter this week. It was on Thursday night and we listened to

Capture3capture 4 Capture Capture2Both radio shows sounded very similar in the way that dramatic music would play after certain lines the protagonist would say. Honestly, the more I listen to these, the more I get annoyed with how women are portrayed in noir as complete damsels in distress and how they each show disloyalty to their husband when the protagonist comes around. Like really, he could literally sweep her off her feet with a real broom and it is unrealistic to me since I wouldn’t easily fall for someone I knew for a few days.With these radio shows, I am the most entertained by the goofy lines they use that state the obvious, Like “What did he say?” “Very little. He was dead.” It does make it more dramatic, but it still is somewhat funny how these lines are set up.

When making comments on others’ work, it was really interesting to see how other students interpreted an assignment. It was very enlightening to see more posts done by others since they had their own individual creativity present in it. The following are my comments I put on the 10 posts:












House of Noir: Radio Show Progress

So far, this first week with the radio show work has been pretty fun. We first began by having a group discussion in a Facebook message about what the concept should be and we all felt that an advice show with our characters would work really well. To start thinking of a name for the show, I asked what types of roles does each character fall under. It turns out, 3 of the 4 of us made characters that were “the jerk with a heart of gold” and one was a femme fatale. I was not sure how to make a show name with these character types, but I wrote out some of the ideas I had in mind in the Facebook message: House of Noir, Noirscapes, The Stars of Noir, Golden Hearts and Femme Fatales, Ask Noir, NoirTalk. The whole group agreed upon “House of Noir” and a few days later, we already had all of the designs being sent to the whole group and they were all very creative and tied in with the radio show title. I was not sure how we would use these since no one would see them while listening to the radio. We all seemed to have similar takes on the name of the show, yet mine was a little different since I related mine to the Netflix show “House of Cards” since that show itself has aspects of noir and it would be in interesting allusion. But overall, we all had designs that represented the mysterious figures we have in our advice show and having it be called a “house” places them into setting appropriate for a talk show; they are all under the same roof or genre of noir. Below is my design:

house of noir caps

Just today, I made a bumper to for the radio show. I will admit, this one did take me a loger time to complete than the design since I used many various sounds I had to order together in a cohesive manner. I wanted to have a bumper that supported my design with the “House of Cards” theme to it, but with suspenseful buildup of sounds that create a story. For more information on this bumper, the following link can take you there: http://janellegelino.com/radio-show/house-of-noir-radio-bumper/

When taking to Janaye Evans, who is a member of the group, we were trying to figure out if the differing time periods for our characters would affect this radio show. That is something the group will be discussing very soon, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome. During the next week, I plan to make a radio commercial for the show and I am curious to see where this all goes.