Closing the Case of the Missing Noir Cat

Ladies and gentlemen,

After 2 weeks of this Noir Cat investigation, she has been found and returned safely to Miss Black. She previously was a client with House of Noir Getaways when she came to Jeffrey Davis with her problem. She stated that Miss Black had been an abusive owner and she needed us to help her make her noir disappearance. At the time, Black’s background was not examined and we trust that those who come to us would not deceive or alter the truth. Apparently we were wrong. After looking in Black, we found that she had no charges against her and her record was squeaky clean. We asked her neighbors and they always saw that Noir Cat was treated with love and care. However, they noticed that Noir Cat would be aggressive with Black as she would try to scratch her. But as we were not aware of this information, we believed Noir Cat’s story and helped her make her noir escape with us. We gave her a holder by the name of Monica Smith and together, they made their way out of the country. I called my agent from Stardust Airlines and had their flight to Belize booked on April 1, 2015. Since then, Noir Cat made her way into Finland and the Golden Coast. My first alert this week were photos my undercover photographer took as he followed Noir Cat through these countries, yet she seemed to erase her traces as she had other black cats hired to mislead us in the investigation. This was the first piece of supplemental media we used during this investigation, as it was a breaking news alert of Noir Cat escaping to Finland. ( When I met up with Melody, Jeffrey, and Jack the following day, we made plans to travel to these countries ourselves to find these two as my photographer lost their tracks. This was my second update from the San Francisco office ( and below are my tweets from the start and end of this investigation that ended today, April 19, 2015. Noir Cat was found at the airport in the Golden Coast of Australia. She has been returned safely home to Maggie Black after this long trip.

*Noir Cat’s travel arrangements to Finland and the Golden Coast are not associated with House of Noir Getaways. 

tweet 3  tweet 2



During this investigation, our primary media House of Noir Getaways used to keep track of Noir Cat’s journey was through a visual representation, in this case, a story map. This allowed us to visually see where Noir Cat was heading and we want our viewers to see the journey of Noir Cat as well.

A screen shot of our primary media/the story map.

A screen shot of our primary media/the story map.

Our supplemental media my colleagues collected are as follows: the first email exchange between Jeffrey Davidson and Noir Cat (, the recorded conversation between Groom’s dog Daphne and Noir Cat (, the heated phone call to Monica Smith (, and a Wanted poster for Monica Smith, the catnapper. ( Each media shows the various parts of the investigation and who was involved and how. The initial email exchange between Noir Cat and Jeffrey Davidson shows her “distress,” as she was fearful for her safety because of Maggie Black and Groom’s dog. Next, we got our hands on the recorded conversation between Noir Cat and Daphne as he barked/told Noir Cat that she must leave Finland right away as we were zeroing in on her. As we were in Finland, one of our associates from House of Noir Getaways called Monica Smith and demanded to know where Noir Cat was in Finland and she gave us the address, in which we found that Noir Cat was no longer there, but a terrier she healed pointed us in the direction she went next: the Golden Coast. We had a Wanted poster for Monica Smith released once Noir Cat was solo in Finland, just to ensure that she could not help Noir Cat run away forever. The other supplemental material was the video release of undercover photos my photographer managed to take as he was tracking noir cat (this was linked earlier in this post).

This surely was a suspenseful investigation for House of Noir Getaways and we are glad Noir Cat has been found and returned safely home. Noir Cat says that she apologizes for the stir she caused and she says she will use her newly found healing abilities to help other animals.

This is Sebastian Crane with House of Noir Getaways signing off.

Sincerely yours,

Sebastian Crane


PS. I looked into other investigations going on and they certainly were very intriguing. I would like to know the results of each case.

Working Undercover: Week Twelve

Earlier this week I posted an update on behalf of the House of Noir Getaways Agency with regards to the missing Noir Cat ( I did send out a Tweet asking for anyone to bring in tips where Noir Cat escaped to. There were no tips that came in through my channel, yet we did receive good news soon after. Just a few days ago Noir Cat came into contact with HoN Getaways, ensuring us that she was safe from any harm. Although I cannot disclose much information about her case, Noir Cat wanted HoN to tell everyone that she is safely enjoying her noir escape in one of the three countries: Belize, Finland, or the Golden Coast. We have not received anymore contact from her since and it appears she called from an untraceable number. Noir Cat seems to not want to be found and this is very concerning to the HoN Agency. We are doing everything we can to locate here again to track where she is headed so we can find out why she is running or who she is running from.

Noir cat first tweet

We will be Tweeting more this week to let everyone know how our search is coming along. We will be releasing visual and audio records of this search as the second week ensues. HoN is on the case and we will find Noir Cat and protect her in any way that we can. This is one noir escape that certainly has everyone chasing their tails and not that right one. If you have any tips, contact me, Sebastian Crane, through this blog or on Twitter @NoPainNoCrane and @HoN_Getaways.

Sincerely yours,

Sebastian Crane

Week Eleven: Dark Web and House of Noir Getaways

The House of Noir created their first agency this week: House of Noir Getaways. With our agency, anyone can make their noir disappearance possible. Our mission written by me, Sebastian Crane, is as follows: Our mission is to make your noir disappearance comfortable, convenient, and affordable. With our connections to various travel companies, we can make your immediate escape possible with just one email. You remain a confidential client with House of Noir Getaways and we ensure that you will disappear without a trace at a moment’s notice. Through the House of Noir Getaways co-sponsors Stardust Airlines and the Abandon agency, various methods of transportation are offered to our clients. Also our agency is available to anyone who needs our help, as we have our 4 offices scattered across the nation, mine being on the West Coast and we can be contacted via email.  Each of us specializes in a certain kind of case. For example, I specialize in cases where a client has wronged someone who carries a grudge against them. Visit the House of Noir Getaways site for more information about my fellow co-workers and about our agency. We also have a Facebook group page and a Tumblr:



In further building of this agency, my assistant Janelle helped in the creation of visual and audio material to add more intrigue to the House of Noir Getaways. She created a search engine to get the gears turning and she decided to use the font from the classic film series “The Godfather” to relate our agency to the film series in the way that we are a powerful group of minds collaborating and creating suspense underground ( Although we do not necessarily need a search engine, this assignment helped spark more creativity in the process of sprussing up our site. Next Janelle created a Steller story, summarizing how our group came to be. She took photographs of the staff and gave a brief synopsis of our collaborartion. Through this, she had the goal of showing viewers how great, unique minds from differing parts of the nation can come together for one goal: to create a noir agency ( Together, Janelle and I also layed out all of the locations we can send someone to for their ideal noir disappearance on a Pinterest board. This is something I have recently been using with my clients to give them a better and wide range of options to choose from, as they may be living in there for quite some time depending on their circumstances. The board shows photographs from beautiful locations all around the world, allowing clients to be encouraged to venture out to one of them through House of Noir Getaways ( Lastly, no agency could be complete without a theme song. After listening to Lana del Rey’s song “Ride,” I was immediately inspired by the message behind her lyrics and music video. She encouraged listeners to go explore somewhere new when times get troublesome and that moving forward in life is essential. One of her main ideas I connected with was the notion of being free, which is what our agency promotes; freedom of choice and freedom from all of the anxieties the world of noir holds. We chose to keep one of the main refrains of the song so that listeners could understand the vibe of our agency and we planted sounds of a airplane, car, and ship as a way to showcase the various and infinite ways of travel we offer with House of Noir Getaways. The theme song is called “I Am Free.” (

The following are Daily Creates Janelle showed me this week:

1. Black’s Birthday Card- Nothing makes a birthday better than an adorable noir cat with a birthday cake.

2. Noddy on the Road- Noddy is on the run. No garbage can is able to contain his love for adventure.

Here are the comments I placed on the fellow creators of Noir106:

House of Noir Presents: Find Your Noir Lover and Week Ten Post

This week, I was on the set of House of Noir’s show “Find Your Noir Lover” featuring the lovely Melody Bay with guest stars Jeffrey Davis Jack Spencer. My good friend Janelle was operating the camera while Janaye and Mariam worked on the editing of the clips taken from the show afterwards. Backstage, I talked with Jeff and Jack and they seemed like put together men by the first impression I had of them. In this show, Melody is looking for love among the bachelors, yet she was unsuccessful. She would ask us a few questions and we would have to answer as honestly as we can. The host, Mariam, introduced me as “Sebastian Crane, the Editor-in-Chief of The San Francisco Chronicle, is currently the Most Eligible Bachelor of the West Coast. A respectable man with mysterious charm and wit, he is certainly a fine contender for the lovely Melody Bay.” Below is the recorded exchange Melody and I had live on House of Noir:

We would all like to know the answer to this one: What would you plan for a fun first date? Well, to make things interesting, I would surprise her by ordering some flowers to be delivered at her workplace with a note that says “Meet me downstairs.” We’d go to her favorite restaurant and we would order each other’s dishes, ones we’ve both never had and see how that plays out. Then I would take her out for a night on the town. Go on the boardwalk, get to know her likes, dislikes, things like that. I would want to give her a date she could feel completely comfortable to be herself with me. Sounds like she really changed you. Her who? The girl you took on a date like this. She must have been special. Oh um… Alright let’s dig a little deeper now since we do have to find an honest man for Melody here. Have you ever hurt someone you love? Um..I have and I was just trying to protect her, but I hurt her more than I can ever know. I… Mr. Crane, are you alright? I’m sorry I can’t do this. There’s something I need to do. I can’t explain it all on live television, but dear Melody I am sorry if I have wasted any of your time. You will find a great guy because you are a classy woman with heart. I just can’t stand the thought of losing her when I know that I love her, even if I have never told her in person. Could you forgive me? Go out and get her. 

Melody seemed to sense that I was thinking about someone close to me when I told her about my ideal first date. And she was right. I took Sasha on this kind of date and I remember wanting to tell her I loved her, but I didn’t know if she even felt the same way. But I remembered when her evil twin knocked me out and threatened to kill Sasha and frame me for her murder if I did not break things off with her. Shannon had previously tried to kill Sasha in an apartment fire and she was unsuccessful fortunately. But I still had to break Sasha’s heart in order to protect her and this is something I couldn’t explain to Melody in full detail on live television. Melody Bay is a great woman who deserves to find a great man and I reminded her of this before I left the stage.

Bas tweeting four Bas tweeting three

I also had an exclusive interview with Burtis, Groom, and Bond this week. I was asked 8 questions pertaining to my way of thinking and living. I was called in from The Chronicle to be a part of this interview so that those listening could get a view inside of my head. I answered each question with complete honesty and here is the link to that interview with the one and only Sebastian Crane.

When on the set with Jeffrey, Jack, and Melody, we all decided to create an aganecy in the next few weeks. We will keep everyone posted on the noir site.

During the week, I would visit my friend Janelle and she showed me her Daily Creates she made. Here are the 3 ones she did that were..what is the best word to describe them…interesting:

1. Breakfast Selfies- Mr. Pops I saw Janelle cutting up the wrapping of the “Pops” cereal cover and she made a face with the fragments. She certainly is one of my quirkier friends.

2. 15 Second Batman- I am not sure I would call Janelle the best artist after seeing this drawing of Batman she did in 15 seconds. Great masterpieces take time. I mean, look at me. ;)

3. Personal Inspirational Quote: “One choice set into motion a journey of defying limits and showing the world, ourselves, what it is to embrace passion. Become lost in the love you found and remember that you are here for a reason. Live and remember these moments.” Janelle wrote this quote as she thought of her years in color guard and I found her words very inspiring and well articulated.

10 Comments for the week:

I also made an appearance on Twitter on Monday night and it was nice to see that the DS106 class extends beyond UMW and even America itself. It is accessible to anyone who wishes to create work for it.

(I hope I did not insult Tina too much, but her voice did hurt my ears).

Bas tweeting again two Bas tweeting again

Week Eight Summary: Inspired, Radio Shows, and Inhabit Your Character

Well this week was certainly jammed packed with work in all of my classes! But miraculously, I made it to the end. This week for ds106, I had the change to make Sebastian Crane come to life even more by making him a Twitter and a Gmail account. My first post as Sebastian is below, and I have to say I love embodying him as a character behind the screen.

first tweet bas bas tweet 2 bas tweet 3 bas tweet 4


Sebastian Crane made his appearance in one other radio show and in others’ assignments, so he gets around. I was very happy to hear that Groom and Burtis called him “an irresistible James Dean” and “the soap opera sweetheart.” Since I do get such a positive reaction to Sebastian Crane from ds106 and my two good friends, it has really made me consider writing his full on story in a novel form or possibly screenplay since I may go into writing screenplay in the future. I feel it could be successful and certainly a fun summer project to take on. I don’t want to leave him behind once this class ends. It would be fantastic if he was used in assignments for the next class after me :). #nopainnocrane.

For the collaborative character assignments this week, the first one I did was an actual in-person collaboration with Kim Roehl. We created a Groom poster for “Titanic” featuring our noir characters. This was very fun to make and it was difficult to find a picture where Rose, Jack, and Cal were all in the same shot together. I placed Sebastian’s head onto Cal’s since he, like Cal, is a classy, refined gentleman who exudes much confidence and ego at some points. Here is the picture below I titled “An Ice Cold Love Triangle” and the link to read more about this process (

titanic groom bas sasha new

The next assignment I completed was the poetry art visual assignment, which honestly took me a longer period of time due to the massive editing with the text of the poem overtop the background. I chose the poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” to show a representation of the relationship between Tiffany Yowell’s character, Lawrence Spitler, and Sebastian Crane. I found Lawrence on Twitter and I was very interested with his bio since it was so detailed as my own was, so I had a good sense of who this person was and how I could position our characters to encounter one another. It seems many people made their noir characters present day while mine is in his prime in the 1950s, so I chose to have Sebastian put into the present day, but by this time he is 90 years old and Lawrence is in his 30s. I wrote a story line with this post about how these two were neighbors who grew very close to one another and Sebastian became an ideal father figure to Lawrence. Unfortunately, this post is about Sebastian Crane passing away, but I wanted to challenge myself in picturing how Sebastian would be if he were closer to the end of his life. I also wanted to show how he impacted Lawrence through the time they spent together up until his death. The link will provide this back story of this relationship as well as my reasoning for using this particular poem (

do not stand at grave

The final assignment I chose to do was the night call poem writing assignment. I used Sasha Kellogg here as I wrote a 3rd person omniscient poem discussing how Sebastian is working out his feelings for Sasha. I think it is very relate-able in the way that thoughts can keep us up at night and I know this is true for myself. With this poem, I wanted to show how feelings can’t always be understood or even expressed fully and this makes Sebastian appear more human in that way. He fears going with his feelings as his mind reminds him of the dangers of following one’s heart, as he learned in the past. But he trusts Sasha and wants to continue unraveling the mystery that is her and that is what keeps him going.

This week, we posted to Inspire and detailed how/ why these works inspired us. For this, I went back to favorites on SoundCloud as well as previous comments I made on others’ posts. I tried to have diversity in the material I choose, so I had a Groom poster, an audio assignment, a photo safari, and a radio commercial. In this way, the visual and audio pieces were even and touched on different area of creativity. I saw the “50 Shades” poster on one of the weekly videos and went back to find it for my inspire post. The audio assignment was one I commented on since it was “Drunk in Love” slowed down by 800% and it really intrigued me because it was completely different from the original song. The photo safari was one I had to dig deep through the site for since I realized that I never saw that many of the safaris and this particular one I saw was wow to me because of the excellent quality and descriptions provided. For the radio commercial, I went on my SoundCloud and found it on Janaye Evan’s page since the concept was original and the commercial was executed well.

Listening to the radio shows this week has been pretty entertaining and somewhat intimidating. House of Noir went first and after hearing others’ shows, I became a little disappointed in ours since our sound quality was the main problem and other groups went to one of the audio recording rooms to record everything. I would see many tweets come in about how the sound was varying in volume. Other than that, I still love our show and it was cool to see that people liked the concept. I wrote my post on the show “The Steadfast Sleuths” and it was very well done. The commercials were fun to listen to and the show itself was a suspenseful mystery as to what happened to Sasha Kellogg. They made great use of sound and the acting was the most believable and realistic of all of the shows I’ve listened to so far. I have enjoyed hearing the rest of the radio shows this week and I would definitely do a project like this again in the future.

Below are my Daily Creates:

1. “A Soul Unbound: More than Black and White:” This is a photo I edited together from 4 photos of myself. The assignment was to show your different sides. This one shows my happy spirit, my mind constantly in thought, my love of color guard, and how I am a kid at heart. I set it in black and white to show how a person’s persona is not black and white, or simple, and we are all complex and that’s what makes each person unique.

2. “Is Professor Johnson the Hulk?:”- This post was dedictaed to something fun that happened in the past week, so I chose to draw a picture of when my poetry teacher read Greg Santos’ poem called “Hulk Smash.” This poem is in the perspective of the Hulk and Professor Johnson (my poetry teacher) read it aloud in class today and it was so great. It showed how a teacher can make a class more enjoyable and fun. I also gave him the picture today and he was so excited :). Here is what he tweeted back to me after class (which made my life!):

johnson tweet hulk


3. “I Laughed Making This”- Here, we had to make a short video of things that made us laugh. I compiled fun moments from the past two years into this post because I find myself laughing when I stumble upon them now.

My 10 comments:

Week Seven Summary: Radio Days (Part Two)

The House of Noir radio show is completed! I am very pleased with how it came altogether. I did have worries since we all had different schedules, which is natural in the college life. On Tuesday, most of the group was able to meet to discuss how the show would go and we came to the conclusion that Janaye’s mysterious woman character would serve as the host since the other 3 members (including myself) had the characters falling under the category of “the jerk with a heart of gold.” She would present each “jerk” that appeared on the show. The following was the tagline of our show: “Jerks of the past, jerks of the present, and the women who love them. House of Noir is the radio show that takes your questions and answer them in real time. No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed; we are here for you every step of the way. On tonight’s show we have Jeff and Spence, with a special appearance from Melody Bay. Also watch out for our blast from the past tonight, Sebastian Crane, a timeless man whose advice stands the test of time.” For Sebastian Crane, he represents the jerk of the past while the others are in present time. I hope this is clear in the radio show since I have the date inserted as well as a 1950’s song as the intro to the old House of Noir radio show, where Sebastian Crane was a featured guest. I acted as the host and had my best friend, Zachary, from VCU record him saying the lines I wrote down so that the male voice would make this more believable to the audience. I also acted as the crazy, love-struck caller, which was done more in improv and in character of someone who is very obsessive and nuts. I had to go to a different room to record myself acting like a fan girl for Sebastian and I changed my actual voice as I spoke into the recording. My radio bumper I created last week is also featured in the radio show. To me, the House of Noir radio show flows in a cohesive manner and I am interested to hear what the audience thinks of it. Here, you can read more about the radio show progress and hear Sebastian’s individual section:

Here is the House of Noir radio show:


For a radio commercial I made this week, I decided to make one for a fictitious airliner called “Stardust Airlines,” which features audio from and the song called “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds” that I heard from the Oscar- nominated film “The Theory of Everything” (“Birdman” won though…YES!) I wanted to have this airline commercial to give a relaxing vibe to listeners and I liked the intro sounds I used for it that would serve as a sound logo for the company, which would be the traditional beep in airplanes, the sound of a plane landing with wind chimes playing simultaneously (like the twinkling of stars).

These are the Daily Creates I made for this week:

1. “A Life Full of Little Joyous Things” is a short video I made to show 5 things that bring me joy, which are my dog, loved ones, color guard, seeing others experience happiness, and the beauty in the world around me. Here is the link to the video with the song “Starscapes” by The American Dollar:

2. “Bob’s Disturbing One-Night Stand” 5 emoji story. I made this one on my phone since I accidentally clicked out of one of the ones on the site that inspired this idea; I re-made it instead. Follow this link to see the picture and the description will tell you Bob’s horrifying story.

3. “Becoming Human” for the ‘Teal and Orange’ post. I used one my photoshoot pictures my friend and I do together for this assignment. The shoot was called “Washed Away” and I portrayed a mermaid reaching humanity and the end of her life as a mermaid; she is becoming human and her mermaid features/life are “washing away” and she fears for the future ahead. (This post was having diffuclty appearing on the tdc site, even though the tags are right).

Below are my 10 comments:

Week Six Summary: Radio Days

The beginning of this week was very relaxed since the “House of Noir” group quickly decided on the concept for our radio show, which will feature our characters giving advice to callers. We were also asked to create a design for our radio show and I decided to stick with the “House of Cards” theme since I wanted to try incorporating a modern show or idea into my design. I made little alterations to the Netflix show’s logo; I placed noir photo where the flag should be and wrote “Noir” over-top of “Cards” ( To keep this same idea going, I created a bumper that utilized noir-suspense sounds and the “House of Cards” theme song to introduce our radio show ( I did post two different versions of it because Professor Groom thought the context should be made more clear in a certain part of the bumper, but I wanted my audience to see how I changed it from the first to the second bumper. Week one of the radio show has not been hectic at all since we all communicate well with one another, so I expect this radio show will come together nicely. To read more about my first week, click this link (

I started doing my personal assignments on Monday since I did not know what to do for the radio show work just yet. I completed the 4 star audio assignment that was the soundboard conversation which I then titled “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.” I absolutely hate the 50 Shades of Grey franchise and this was an opportunity to make a parody of it just for fun. My goal was to show how, one, how poor the writing is for this movie and book, and two, how unbelievable it is for someone to fall for a man that says these kinds of things. He practically stalks the woman when he finds out she worked in Home Depot, and yet he was still a dreamy man to her? (Ew) Plus this franchise promotes violence in relationships as sexy and normal normal behavior when it is in fact wrong. I downloaded the audio from short clips of the film featured on YouTube and made it a story about Christian Grey being a creep on me when I am working in Hallmark. I chose very specific lines that I could respond to in a natural way and I played with having his words cut mine off as though we were in a real conversation. I also added the song “Crazy in Love” that was featured in the commercial for this film to add to the comedic effect ( Another audio assignment I completed was dedicated to Sebastian Crane through the 4 star “Who Called” assignment. I used my friend Kim Roehl’s character, Sasha Kellogg, as the caller for this since I wanted to set up a possible romance story in future assignments. In this call, Sasha, who is his secretary at the San Francisco Chronicle, anxiously leaves a message for Sebastian telling him about work related business and she leads into wanting to pursue a date with him. This assignment can show how Sebastian affects other people, specifically Sasha, since she is intimidated by him, but still wants to know more about him ( The last audio assignment I did was the 2 star “Music Tag” assignment, which I made for Sebastian. I used modern songs for this to show how his story can be understood, even if I placed him in the 1950s. With the song choices, I wrote a description for each in how they connect to a view he has of himself, a certain situation, or an outside perspective. Doing this assignment was a pain since I had many issues with copyright each time I tried to upload (which you can read about in this post). It was my first experience with copyright and I learned more about how to use my Audacity because of it (

The following are from my ds106radio listen-along from Twitter this week. It was on Thursday night and we listened to

Capture3capture 4 Capture Capture2Both radio shows sounded very similar in the way that dramatic music would play after certain lines the protagonist would say. Honestly, the more I listen to these, the more I get annoyed with how women are portrayed in noir as complete damsels in distress and how they each show disloyalty to their husband when the protagonist comes around. Like really, he could literally sweep her off her feet with a real broom and it is unrealistic to me since I wouldn’t easily fall for someone I knew for a few days.With these radio shows, I am the most entertained by the goofy lines they use that state the obvious, Like “What did he say?” “Very little. He was dead.” It does make it more dramatic, but it still is somewhat funny how these lines are set up.

When making comments on others’ work, it was really interesting to see how other students interpreted an assignment. It was very enlightening to see more posts done by others since they had their own individual creativity present in it. The following are my comments I put on the 10 posts:


Week Five Summary: The Design of Noir

Of all of the weeks of ds106, I would have to say that the week of design had more time-consuming tasks for me. I am very interested in design and creating visuals (it may be something I will pursue in the future), but I found myself staying on one task for a longer period of time, specifically with the design assignments (which I will cover later on in this post).

There were tasks this week that involved reading about design and watching design unfold in film. First I read “The Vignelli Canon,” which was a helpful introduction to the basics of design. I was most interested in the intangibles of design and this is discussed in great detail within my post ( In this reading, the main idea, to me, was that every detail matters and this can positively or negatively affect the viewer’s impression of a design; one has to have discipline and control when creating their design. They have to keep in mind they message they are trying to convey to their viewers. Later in the week, I chose to watch “The Big Lebowski” to see how space in the film helps to create design and noir. I had a very difficult time identifying examples of how design and noir interplay within the film’s city-scape, but I did my best by picking out a few examples that could best represent this idea ( As I watched the film, I picked out locations that could easily be used in noir films or have noir qualities to them. I did use one site as a source to help me remember specific places within “The Big Lebowski” so that I could think of the scenes that occurred at each that had qualities of noir (

The Design Blitz was relatively easy to complete since there is some form of design anywhere you look. I was in the Nest for a majority of the pictures I took and I had “500 Days of Summer” in my room to take a photo of the movie cover. It is interesting to truly look at a design and its’ components to see if they are effective in conveying their message. It made me aware of designs all around me and in the future, I will most likely analyze designs a lot more than I already do in daily life because of doing this assignment (

Three Daily Creates were required for this week: They are the following:

1. Make creative hands: My creativity thrives when I am either writing or doing a visual/and or film editing kind of project. I wanted to show both stems of my creativity in this one picture.

Movie editing and writing

2. What’s Your Superpower: The Power of a Contagious Laugh and Smile. I chose to edit these three photos of myself together since they were taken by my friend when I was laughing while he was trying to take a picture. I think that by having contagious happiness, that is a great power or gift to others. I like to think that I can make someone else’s day a little brighter through my laugh or a smile. Anyone can have this power within them so why not use it to bring happiness to others who need it.

The Power of a Contagious Laugh and Smile


3. Old time radio commercials: With this assignment, I downloaded the audio from a 1960’s Avon lipstick commercial and near the end, I added the audio of Lil’ Mama’s “Lip Gloss” song. I wanted to make something humorous and fun and a commercial that would combine two time periods for the same kind of message: this lip stick/gloss will make any woman feel confident and sassy.


As I mentioned before, some of the design assignments were very time consuming. Some that were three stars sometimes were the most complex (more so than one that was 4+ stars). A prime example of this was when I did the assignment “The Ultimate Merger” where you would merge two brand logos together to make one. This was a fun assignment since I combined Starbucks and Android to create “Staroid,” the coffee delivery service that brings you strength, energy boosting coffee (and there are no steroids in it!). It was a 4 and a 1/2 star assignment, but one design assignment I did for Sebastian Crane was 3 stars, yet felt more along the lines of being a 4. I did the assignment labeled “Newspaper Design” and I made the paper show the story of when Sebastian became the new Editor-in-Chief of the Chronicle and had some underlined scandal embedded with how he managed to get his competitor fired to fully secure the position he was given ( The reason this assignment could have been 4 stars is because of the great lengths I had to go through to actually get it in a newspaper format from online template, which would allow me to make the paper, but not download it unless I subscribed and paid $20.00. It was time consuming in that manner and it was frustrating. I did enjoy the final product because it illustrated the devious plan Sebastian got away with to secure his title, but it was a long process. It also put more faces to the characters within his life. Another design assignment I completed was the three start “motivational poster.” I inserted the lantern scene from Tangled with the words “Dream. Open your eyes and see your dreams outside your mind.” I wanted this to motivate viewers to make their dreams realities and I brought in a personal story of how I made one of my dreams real by joining color guard ( I felt that adding this information would make it more personable and it shows that you can make your dreams real, despite any self-doubt. The final design assignment I completed this week was the three- star “READ” poster. In this poster, you had to have a well-known figure or celebrity with a book and have the word “read” on it. I took this opportunity to have Sebastian Crane associated with this idea of reading since he enjoys reading and makes it a daily practice through work and during his free time. I also put an acronym-like idea in the poster with each letter of “read” having a word associated with it to better convey what kind of power reading holds (

Lastly there was the copyright reflection this week, where we read and watched sources detailing copyright information. I really did not know about many of the issues that go into copyright, such as no one can copyright a piece of material within the first 14 years it is published or if possible, have the consent of the publisher or the author. It never occurred to me that this is an issue since it threatens to stall creativity in our generations and younger today. It was interesting to see that as long as the copyright material serves a new and innovative, original purpose, it is just. But who defines that and is it always fair to the author and the person copy writing? It clearly is a complex system and I may still have questions about all of the tails of it later on.

Most of my TDCs were posted on Twitter and I got inspired by last week to create a speech/song remix for a project for my communication class. It is a colmbination of Bsh’s 9/11 speech and Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

I also attempted to do the song lyrics design assignment where you type only the lyrics and have no visual, but I did the assignment wrong. I did like what I created for the ABBA song “The Winner Takes it All,” so at least I got to use some creativity: winner takes it all


Here are most of the comments I made throughout the week on others’ work:


Week Four Summary: Audio Storytelling

Upon seeing that this week was focusing on audio and noir, I was intimidated by the task initially. I usually don’t create any audio things in my free time and I never used Audacity before, so I really thought this was be my hell week. But the first post I wrote, which was my personal reflection on audio, the readings, and the opening scene of Touch of Evil (restored and non-restored), made me feel a bit less stressed about the week ahead. Writing this post made me a bit more comfortable with the audio tasks coming up since I recognized that I could analyze sound choices well in film since I’ve had prior experience doing that in my class last semester ( In the post, I started off reflecting on the last time I really analyzed sound in film and that was last semester when we had to pick a sequence of shots for Coppola’s The Bling Ring and sound was on of the elements we had to address. I started realizing then that sound almost-subconsciously affects the viewer; subconsciously because some sounds are so subtle, yet they help create a tone that we can sense.

A few days after, we had to do a tweet-along assignment as we listened to the ds106 radio. This was on the radio show called “Double Indemnity,” a noir mystery that involved a couple planning the death for her current husband. Below are the tweets I posted as I listened to the radio station. This was a fun way to interact with noir and I would do it again. I loved seeing what caught others’ attention as they listened to the same station (especially how Janaye and I both thought of “Gold Digger” for Phyllis). It was interesting to see that “Moon Grafitti” was featured on the radio station the following day and I had written about that podcast during week one since I really liked it. It was interesting to see what others thought about the podcast as I watched on Twitter.  Below are the comments for my “Double Indemnity” tweet along.tweet fourtweet threetweet twotweet one

Next, I completed 4 audio assignments, including the one for our character. The first one I did was the line remix, where you took a famous line from a film and combined it with others to make one cohesive audio post. I chose a line from Grease to start with and this gave me the idea to make it a graduation-type speech, so I found other famous lines to build upon this ( I really like how it came together to give one inspirational message for those who are graduating or really for anyone that feels unsure of themselves going into the future. I feel it encourages someone to live their live to the fullest extent and those are the kind of messages that usually strike me whenever I stumble upon them. Which leads into my next audio assignment: remix a song with some speech. For this, I knew right away that I wanted to use Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech as the skeleton and have a song that really fir well behind it. The song “I Lived” (Arty remix) by One Republic gives listeners the message of taking every moment in life by the horns and living every day as though it were your last. This fit so well with the speech since they both allude to the same inevitable thing about our lives: the notion of death. They both address that it is an unavoidable thing and no one has escaped it, but they use this to encourage listeners to take joy in every moment they have left since that is already uncertain ( My favorite part was how the lines literally spoke back to each other. I’m pretty happy I had the opportunity to combine of my favorite speeches and songs together for this assignment and I wanted it to be a tribute to the life of Steve Jobs’. My other audio assignment I completed was my car chase commentary. This was extremely fun to make, except for downloading the YouTube video (almost got a virus from this!). I originally started off just having the audio of myself commenting on the video of the static cone, but I decided that I wanted to use my movie maker to make it resemble a real breaking news story. I added a breaking news YouTube video (which again was scary to do) and recorded myself talking to my webcam to give the appearance of a newscast. This was very fun for me and I did get very into the narration as I stared at the cone; it became more real to me! Here is the video link to “The Heroic Cone.” My final audio assignment was the sound story for Sebastian Crane. I chose to show some characterization through him on his car drive to work and in my head, I pictured this as a scene from a film, so the whole car ride and walk into the building wasn’t seen but assumed. I usually end up thinking in things in terms of a visual presentation or really a film and I tried to express this in that manner since it is hard describing a whole car ride while revealing things about the character. I deliberately chose to use the moment where he changes the love song to Elvis to show his disdain towards love after his big heartbreak from the past and I wanted the “Hound Dog” song to be his thoughts about Margaret and since it is so upbeat, it makes me link it to someone being confident. With this post, I wanted some things to be taken about Sebastian: his annoyance with love, his confidence, and somewhat establishing that he is a working man, but I would have to make a different audio for him in the office. I chose not to focus on him in the office because I wanted to chose a moment that could really bring out things about how he feels. (

Using Audacity was very tricky in the beginning, especially figuring out how to have two audios play simultaneously. I would upload one and the other would delete numerous times, but I had to press “import” to make all the sounds stay together. I did look at YouTube videos for some specific tutorial things for Audacity, but once I figured out how to maneuver around, it was more enjoyable to use. I had a problem converting my files to MP3 earlier this week, but I had to download a program titled “lame” (how fitting since my computer was being a bit lame) inorder for the audio tracks to be exported as MP3’s.

I had fun making my radio bumper titled “The Predator and the Prey.”  I wanted it to showcase the femme fatale by having her become the predator at the end of the bumper. The footsteps mixed together as well as the heavy breathing created this suspenseful effect for my bumper and made the setting pretty clear. I actually got the idea to use the wolf and the Game of Thrones theme song when I saw that an art class here at UMW had a shirt design with Game of Thrones on it. It is a suspenseful show and many people have seen it, so I wanted to appeal to a wide audience by using this to my advantage while also keeping the suspense of noir in mind (

For my daily creates, I did the following:

1. Ruin porn- An abandoned asylum photo I titled “Madness Inscribed on the Walls that Held Me.” I wanted to pick an abandoned place that would be interesting yet chilling to look at. An asylum definitely did that for me and it kind of reflects how I wouldn’t want to personally venture into one myself.

2. The “I’m sorry” post- Who doesn’t like a Disney reference here and there? I took this in San Francisco (or better yet, I made my sister take the picture and she thought it was silly-stupid, but no negativity allowed in my book!).

As for my brainstorming for my radio ideas, I am honestly stumped. I think it would be fun to use something that would involve my character’s voice, but since I am not a man, I don’t think that idea would work. I thought of having one that could play music that could relate to noir, so that could apply to music we have today. After the song would play, I could talk about how that song could relate to noir or create a noir mood. I am very uncertain as to what would make for a good radio show, but I think I would want something that shows how noir can be found in every day things. I’m trying to let the inspiration hit me, but I may need a bit of guidance with how to do a music station one if I end up doing that idea. I was using this site as guidance as to what to come up with, but making it a noir themed one is where I think I’m struggling.

Here are some of the comments I posted on others’ pages:

Also, during the week I put most of my audio assignments on my Twitter for followers to check out.

On another note, Enigma Color Guard had their first competition for this season and we got 3rd place! It was a great moment we all shared and we have come a long way to reach this and I’m really happy we proved to ourselves that we have what it takes to go far.

“If the sky comes falling down, for you, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.”- Hey Brother by Avicii




Week Three Summary: Photography and Cat Noir

Throughout this week, I had the chance to learn more about photography as it pertains to noir. Personally, I have not done much photography behind the camera as I have in front of one, but after this whole project, I would be interested in testing out more of my photography skills (if there are any present! :D). The following link can allow you to see where I am with my experience in photography and what aspects of noir I initially planned to focus on for my photo safari and how it may have changed or stayed the same.

When I watched the films “The Hitch-Hiker” and “Killer’s Kiss,” I became kind of immersed in the stills I was analyzing for their cinematography and how they related to noir. I have prior knowledge of cinematography through my film studies class last semester, so this definitely had me interested. I was able to apply my familiarity with film to help analyze shots I chose to look into. It was somewhat enjoyable for me when I was writing up my thoughts and ideas as to why some of the cinematographic choices were made for a specific shot in the film.

It has been interesting to see just how the past two weeks’ material connected to this week’s study of photography and noir; having read and watched noir-themed material  in the past two weeks provided a good ground to stand on when it came to photography, especially when we had to present our knowledge of noir in our photo safaris. My favorite part was definitely the photo safari. I learned that this kind of style of photography is something I’d want to experiment more with and I am a bit more interested in taking more photo shoots in the future. As I was taking the photos, I began to realize that I wanted all of them to connect with the same general theme of finding oneself in darkness. It made sense in my mind to go into the project this way since we as humans experience times of trouble or a metaphorical darkness and it is those moments that are very raw to me. I think that we learn most about ourselves when we are faced with dark times in our lives and this is a concept I wanted to express through my photos as well as an eerie feeling since darkness is something that is sometimes feared. Also, I have an interest in the idea of human complexity and how I believe that everyone has potential to give into the darker FullSizeRendersides of themselves. Recognizing that we all have this within is another step in truly understanding yourself as a person and this is something I wanted to go into a bit through these photos. The following link can allow you to see my album titled “Found in Darkness,” which I chose to use “found” rather than “lost” because of how I feel there is a lot to be found within darkness, literal and metaphorical. I also provided a personal quote on the page to better illustrate this idea. On a side note, I’m happy I got to be a cat for a day for the sake of photography. My roommate got to have a pet in our dorm for about an hour xD.

One other portion of this week’s work was to complete visual assignments. I had a ball with these! Any chance I have to further develop Sebastian Crane is so exciting for me (and my friends since they are in love with his character. They want me to submit it all to fan fiction, but we will see about that one). All three visual assignments I did centered around Sebastian, which was perfectly fine by me. The first one was “What’s in the Bag” and this was an opportunity to show Sebastian’s personality and past experiences through the simple items he carries on his person. You can tell a lot about a person by the things they keep, so I remembered this idea as I chose items that would best begin to reveal aspects about him ( The next assignment was “Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists,” which had us lay out sticky notes that would further reveal qualities about our characters. I changed the fonts to indicate Sebastian’s writing as well as his secretary’s, interested employers, and awe-struck women’s to diversify the notes. Most of his personal notes , for example, were family or work related, showing he puts family and work before anything else. (For more information, click through the link below and if you are unable to see the photo, my apologies! It is linked to Flickr and if you click the photo on the page, everything should be legible). The final writing assignment was my favorite of the three: the photo collage. Within this collage, we had to be able to convey a story and I chose to explore Sebastian’s heartbroken past through this assignment. In his character dossier, it mentions that the reason he became more cold or egotistical was because of the heartbreak he experienced with his ex-lover, Maragaret. In choosing the photos, I found 4 pictures on Google of Scott Eastwood in the new Nicholas Spark’s film The Longest Ride and had Margaret portrayed as his love interest in that film. With the other photos on the board, I searched key words, such as cheating and placed them on the board. This piece is titled “The Lover and the Cheat” and there is a bonus storyline written below the collage on the page.

the cheat

Below is the list of my Daily Creates I completed this week:

  1. Doodle:
  2. My 2048:
  3. My silent movie: (this was very cool to edit together since I had all of these personal clips for my project).

2048 create

As for participation this week, I posted two of my Daily Creates on Twitter the day I made them as well as my visual assignment “The Lover and the Cheat,” and my “Found in Darkness” album (this album is also posted onto my Facebook to show my friends and family what I created). I also posted on comment on someone’s blog page this week for her character’s sticky notes.

I am really enjoying this class! Each week, it’s fun getting to really think about developing my character I created. Plus, I get to exercise both my creative writing and communication major all in this class. :D #everythingisawesome