Reflection on “House of Noir” Radio Show

Creating this radio show was definitely a great experience. I would do something like this again in the future if given the opportunity. My favorite part about this experience is how much our group worked well together, despite our differing schedules. We all worked well together and for the most part we used a Google doc. Everyone carried their weight equally and everyone shared their creativity. I love the opening quote “jerks of the past, present, and the women who love them…” section. It definitely got listeners in the mood for the show. I also enjoyed making the a bumper for the show as well as a commercial; both were fun to create and I got to work with Audacity more to try new things. Every person had a great script for their characters and each one revealed more about their character in their given segments. Janaye’s character Melody had probably the most intense section when she was telling off a caller who asked too personal of questions. The anger was scary…in a great way! Mariam’s showed her character break away from being completely closed off about his past, which is an admirable quality coming from the jerk with a heart of gold archetype. With Rhiannon’s section, her jerk character stuck to being well, a jerk and it made sense with her character. I also liked how she used a British accent for her caller. With mine, I hoped to have Sebastian’s eloquence come through with his words he chose to answer the question regarding love, a difficult subject for him to approach after his rocky past. He wants to give the caller an honest answer to how he personally feels about love at that point in his life; it suggests he was hurt for him to have these negative views about it and it comes through that he is also a romantic, but won’t admit it.

Hearing this show on the radio did make me nervous since I didn’t know what kind of reaction we would receive from those following on the Twitter feed. Most liked the concept of our show it seemed, but there were a few posts critiquing the sound quality. I am honestly disappointed with how my personal Sebastian Crane section came out since the quality of my friend’s phone recording was too quiet. I had an issue when adjusting the volume because it would make the fuzzy sound louder than the words. In that way, I would change this portion since the recordings of myself as the host and the crazy girl came out nicely on my computer recording; I would have instead played as Sebastian to ensure the volume didn’t change drastically. Also, because I am connected tot his character, it may have been a better choice if I had voiced him; my friend wasn’t familiar with the character so certain lines did not have the intended tone of the text (which is a very honest mistake). This was the hardest part for me, which I know how to overcome in the future. I was going on spring break that weekend, so there wasn’t a way for me to get to my friend at VCU to record this on my computer. Plus our schedules would have collided as well.

Advice for those doing this project in the future: be very creative! Go with an idea you feel drawn to, no matter how ridiculous or impossible it may seem. I originally didn’t have the crazy fan girl in the show as the caller. She was normal, but this added humor to it and it made it more engaging for the audience. Use this opportunity to reveal your character’s dirty little secrets. Go crazy, go wild, and get inspired.

“The Steadfast Sleuths” Radio Show Response

I absolutely loved this show. It was very well organized and had an interesting plot to it, especially with the whole mystery of what had happened to Sasha Kellogg. Being the creator of Sebastian Crane, I was extremely pleased with how this group utilized my character. He was believable in how he had feelings for Sasha (which I have been planning on writing about or creating a post for in the future! Team Sebasha). The line, “She means a lot to me,” really tapped into Sebastian’s feelings for Sasha he would be afraid to admit to her in person. Even his flashback to the date scene worked really well, especially with how Sasha ran out of the restaurant when she saw someone threatening. I love how this group effectively used my character for this show.

With regards to the sound choices, the twinkling sound used for flashbacks was highly effective. It was perfect in length and it really helped creating a scene from the past. The sounds of the crackling was an instant sound cue to the fire in Sasha’s apartment, so this was well done with how it connected and I could visualize this easily in my mind. With the scene of the twin sister reveal, I liked how there was suspenseful, non diegetic music playing in the background as Sasha is trying to understand what Shannon is proposing. Further into that flashback, the sounds of Shannon attacking Sasha were well placed and allowed me to better see what was happening in the apartment. It was definitely a scary moment! Also the phone call between Sasha and Shelley was realistic in how Sasha’s end was more fuzzy like a real phone call would be.

My biggest note about this show was how well done the acting was! Of all of the shows I have heard so far, this acting was definitely the best of the bunch because of how believable it was. I could see the chemistry working between the members of the group based on how comfortable the acting was. They all responded quickly to one another, like a normal conversation, and the pacing made this work so well (ex. Sasha and Shannon talking in the apartment about the prospect of them being sisters. Flowed very naturally and quickly). This made the story line more intriguing and better to follow along with since the characters were real. I also liked how there was a competition between Kellogg and Mills as cereal brands! Very clever idea. :) This group definitely kept the mystery of noir in their show as to what happened to Sasha and how all the characters connected. I would listen to this again.

PS. That Cocoa Kitties commercial still makes me want to find it at Giant, but then I would remember it’s fictional.

Week Seven Summary: Radio Days (Part Two)

The House of Noir radio show is completed! I am very pleased with how it came altogether. I did have worries since we all had different schedules, which is natural in the college life. On Tuesday, most of the group was able to meet to discuss how the show would go and we came to the conclusion that Janaye’s mysterious woman character would serve as the host since the other 3 members (including myself) had the characters falling under the category of “the jerk with a heart of gold.” She would present each “jerk” that appeared on the show. The following was the tagline of our show: “Jerks of the past, jerks of the present, and the women who love them. House of Noir is the radio show that takes your questions and answer them in real time. No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed; we are here for you every step of the way. On tonight’s show we have Jeff and Spence, with a special appearance from Melody Bay. Also watch out for our blast from the past tonight, Sebastian Crane, a timeless man whose advice stands the test of time.” For Sebastian Crane, he represents the jerk of the past while the others are in present time. I hope this is clear in the radio show since I have the date inserted as well as a 1950’s song as the intro to the old House of Noir radio show, where Sebastian Crane was a featured guest. I acted as the host and had my best friend, Zachary, from VCU record him saying the lines I wrote down so that the male voice would make this more believable to the audience. I also acted as the crazy, love-struck caller, which was done more in improv and in character of someone who is very obsessive and nuts. I had to go to a different room to record myself acting like a fan girl for Sebastian and I changed my actual voice as I spoke into the recording. My radio bumper I created last week is also featured in the radio show. To me, the House of Noir radio show flows in a cohesive manner and I am interested to hear what the audience thinks of it. Here, you can read more about the radio show progress and hear Sebastian’s individual section:

Here is the House of Noir radio show:


For a radio commercial I made this week, I decided to make one for a fictitious airliner called “Stardust Airlines,” which features audio from and the song called “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds” that I heard from the Oscar- nominated film “The Theory of Everything” (“Birdman” won though…YES!) I wanted to have this airline commercial to give a relaxing vibe to listeners and I liked the intro sounds I used for it that would serve as a sound logo for the company, which would be the traditional beep in airplanes, the sound of a plane landing with wind chimes playing simultaneously (like the twinkling of stars).

These are the Daily Creates I made for this week:

1. “A Life Full of Little Joyous Things” is a short video I made to show 5 things that bring me joy, which are my dog, loved ones, color guard, seeing others experience happiness, and the beauty in the world around me. Here is the link to the video with the song “Starscapes” by The American Dollar:

2. “Bob’s Disturbing One-Night Stand” 5 emoji story. I made this one on my phone since I accidentally clicked out of one of the ones on the site that inspired this idea; I re-made it instead. Follow this link to see the picture and the description will tell you Bob’s horrifying story.

3. “Becoming Human” for the ‘Teal and Orange’ post. I used one my photoshoot pictures my friend and I do together for this assignment. The shoot was called “Washed Away” and I portrayed a mermaid reaching humanity and the end of her life as a mermaid; she is becoming human and her mermaid features/life are “washing away” and she fears for the future ahead. (This post was having diffuclty appearing on the tdc site, even though the tags are right).

Below are my 10 comments:

“Stardust Airlines” Radio Commercial

This is a fictitious airline company I created for the purpose of making a commercial for the radio show. I used 3 sounds from for the airline, two sounds associated with an airplane (beep and landing) and the other was wind chimes used to make one think of the twinkling of stars to reflect the company name. Initially, I knew I wanted to use the song “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds.” I first heard this song last week when I was doing my Oscar movie binge and heard this song at the ending scene of “The Theory of Everything.” It was very moving to me and in Audacity, I sped up the tempo and adjusted the pitch slightly lower to experiment with it. I did notice that the song title fit with airliners because of the section of the title “The Arrival of Birds,” as a plane departs, arrives,  and flies in the sky, relating to the birds. Also in choosing this song, I wanted a song that would capture a sense of wonder travel can bring. This song automatically made me think of daydreaming and traveling elsewhere, whether in your mind or in actuality. At one point, I tried to mix a song from the film “Begin Again” called “Lost Stars” sung by Keira Knightley (she can sing…omg), but it didn’t work. Yet the idea of stars made me think of the title “Stardust Airlines” since a shooting star travels across the sky and this could relate to an airplane’s flight.

Regarding my voice over, I wanted to lay out information about how this airline is different by discussing how the entire plane is set up to be a first-class cabin structure so everyone is comfortable and not a select few (who wouldn’t want that). I also brought up the Stardust Airlines card since I know that is something other airliners offer and I thought it would be interesting to use this to show how discounts are given through the card (I honestly made up some numbers in my head and they seemed like a good enough deal to me). I also wanted to incorporate the airliner name with phrases such as “making your journey the brightest it can be.”

Here are the sounds I used from




“House of Noir” Radio Bumper

With this radio bumper, I wanted to create the “house” in “House of Noir” by having a man enter this home where there is a party he intrudes on. I chose to have the sound of people talking fade in as he opens the door to make it more realistic with the distance they had between them. He then walks closer to the group and clears his throat, which is followed by the sound of the group gasping and one of the glasses dropping to the floor out of shock. To build suspense, I chose to have his footsteps overlapped with the sound of a heartbeat as he plays with his glass and fills it. Slowly, the “House of Cards” theme song comes in as the clicks glasses with all of the party guests and the tension is no longer there as there is the sound of the chatter again. I wanted this bumper to emulate noir in the way that there is suspense created. I wanted this man to represent Sebastian Crane as he approaches the other hosts on the radio advice show; making a dramatic entrance. I was inspired to do this when I thought of trailers for television shows, such as reality ones, that stage a confrontation between the characters. I chose to express this same idea through sound and I feel it was effective in creating the setting of a house and this group dynamic.

After reading Professor Groom’s comment, I tried to make certain adjustments to make the scene clearer for my listeners by adding my personal commentary as audio. My voice would serve to be two of the party goers’, the one who says “Sebastian?” and “We’re so glad you could make it” are the same person and the higher pitched voice (which I adjusted in Audacity) girl who says “I didn’t know he was coming” is separate. I wanted to link the glass drop with the girl who said the first and last lines in the bumper. By having my audio placed in these three points, it could show how these are some of the party-goers that gasped upon seeing Sebastian, showing an interaction between them.

I downloaded most of the sounds from and the “House of Cards” theme song and the heartbeat from YouTube. Here are the following sources for the sound:

  • 79154__atha89__glass-cup-twirling
  • 83738__ebrown15__gasp-03
  • 118561__antwash__glass-clinging-1
  • 125247__oliverbrotzman__coffeeshopchatter
  • 138125__snakebarney__pouring-champagne
  • 151921__carroll27__clearing-throat
  • 166581__matucha__glasses-01
  • 221528__unfa__glass-break
  • 234244__rivernile7__door-open-and-close
  • 211444__harris85__man-walking-on-the-street

House of Noir logo

house of noir caps

This is a logo I created for my group radio show called “House of Noir.” When coming up with the name, I wanted something that would represent a place where a group of people come together to give advice on a show radio show. I thought of having it be a “house” since the word “house” can allude to a group of people under one roof. When creating this logo, I immediately thought of using the Netflix show’s “House of Cards” logo and change the last word to “Noir” since the characters on the radio show are in the noir genre. To do this, I had to put a rectangle shape over the word “Cards” and add a text box. I chose to make the text red since it would add color to the logo, making it pop, and also because red is symbolic for love, death, blood, and anger, which all of these characters may have experienced in one form or another and these are elements of noir as well.  Also, I started watching that show during my winter break and from the few episodes I have seen, the show itself could almost be reference to the noir style since there are two main femme fatales in the show and there is a sense of mystery and corruption that is seen in noir. With the narration of this show, Kevin Spacey’s character makes commentary to the fourth wall as events happen and it serves as his thoughts expressed to the audience. I thought of this and this narration could relate to the advice show since we have these characters that will give advice to their audience and in that way, they are more personable and somewhat more tangible in how they may be better understood or brought to life.  I wanted to play with this idea when making this logo for our radio show. For the upside-down flag picture that is typically between “House” and “of,” I chose to add a picture from Google that would represent noir, the female and the male characters represent who will be showcased on the radio show.

Audio Assignment: DS106 Radio Bumper- “Predator and the Prey.”

For this bumper, I chose to create a sense of suspense as a woman is walking down the street and a man follows her. She is being chased by this man and starts walking again when she reaches a dark alley, with him heavily breathing close to her. She then warns “DS106 is coming” and becomes a wolf and he then becomes the prey. The Game of Thrones music comes in to introduce the radio station. I chose to say “DS106 is coming” because in the show Game of Thrones, they say “winter is coming,” which for them is a time of waging war and eminent death. Also the wolf growl was inserted because the wolf is the symbolic animal for the Stark family in the show and wolves are threatening in and of themselves. The woman becomes the predator at the end of this bumper to represent the femme fatale character in noir. Suspense and mystery is a big part of noir and I wanted to express that through this bumper.