House of Noir Getaways: A Pinteresting Agency (2 pts.)

This is something I show to clients to help them decide where they could make their noir escape. There are a variety of locations to choose from and this gives the clients many options. I’ve had clients who have chosen tropical locations and some who would rather bundle up and choose an arctic region. This Pin board provides various examples of places they can travel to. The population size is a factor they can consider in choosing a location; some may want a city live with vast amounts of people and others may want a more secluded, quiet area. We detail this information to our clients as well as the kinds of activities one can do in the locations they are interested in. The amazing thing about this agency is that the possibilities of travel locations are endless and we can help you travel to as many as needed with ease. I chose appealing photos since clients would be more inclined to chose a certain location based on the visuals that are presented to them.

House of Noir Search Engine (2 pts.)

House of Noir Search Engine

Here is a search engine that Janelle created for the House of Noir group, which incorporated the font of the classic film series “The Godfather.” The choice of this font reflects how the House of Noir is full of suspenseful twists and turns; we like to think that we lead life with eccentricity and excitement. Although we are not a part of a family mob, we certainly are a group that will not be forgotten.

A Truly Stellar Story of the House of Noir (3 and a 1/2 pts.)

With this app, my colleague Janelle was able to illustrate the story of the House of Noir group. She found a photo of each of the members to give the viewers a visual of who was a part of the House of Noir agency. Also, she presented photos of the general places we come from. For example, I am from the thriving city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge was shown for this. She used this description on the second page of this Steller story:

The House of Noir. Full of golden-heart
jerks and a mysterious woman, the
House of Noir is certainly a wild ride.
From the shores of the west coast to
the live city streets, these 4 come
together to form a new agency. Jack
Spencer, the wealthy business man.
Sebastian Crane, the writer. Jeffrey
Davidson, the bartender. And Melody
Bay, the sultry singer. They unite as one
to create their agency, using all their
combined strengths to their advantage
and bringing a new mystery to the city.
This is House of Noir.

This Steller story summarizes how the members of the House of Noir came from different walks of life with regards to our lifestyles and where we hail from. This is meant to show that when our collaboration occurs, it is an unstoppable and breath taking force. Great minds and hearts come together for the purpose of expressing creativity and developing a mysterious agency.

Our agency we created is the House of Noir Getaways. If you would like to know more about this agency, follow more of the links on this page. You will not be disappointed. Get ready to go on the trip of your life, ladies and gentlemen.