Attention: Noir Cat Sightings

Good evening everyone of noir106. My undercover photographer came through with several photos he had had taken of Noir Cat and it appears she is on the run. She has been taking refuge in Belize for the past two weeks, but just today she vanished. She is said to be in Finland, yet my undercover photographer lost sight of her when she ran among a group of black cats that resembled her. Just by this action, it seems apparent that she does not want to be found. It is imperative that more tips come in as well as more sighting photos since we have lost her trail. We are in the process of calling Miss Monica Smith to enable us to find Noir Cat in Finland. If anyone can provide us with any information regrading this noir escape, please tweet us with the tag #wheresnoircat @HoN_Getaways so we can bring her safely home ASAP.

Sincerly yours,

Sebastian Crane

A Painful Flashback

Recently I was a participant on the “Find Yourself a Noir Lover” on the House of Noir Channel. Melody Bay was looking for love and she had the chance to meet 3 bachelors, including myself. The following are the questions that were asked and my responses:

  • We would all like to know the answer to this one: What would you plan for a fun first date? Well, to make things interesting, I would surprise her by ordering some flowers to be delivered at her workplace with a note that says “Meet me downstairs.” We’d go to her favorite restaurant and we would order each other’s dishes, ones we’ve both never had and see how that plays out. Then I would take her out for a night on the town. Go on the boardwalk, get to know her likes, dislikes, things like that. I would want to give her a date she could feel completely comfortable to be herself with me (looks to be lost in thought). Sounds like she really changed you. Her who? The girl you took on a date like this. She must have been special. Oh um…(other person tries to change subject with this question) So do you kiss on the first date? Depends on the girl (says with a smile). If she’s charming, how could I resist? (back to previous asker, as to get more information about Sebastian’s recent love). Alright let’s dig a little deeper now since we do have to find an honest man for Melody here. Have you ever hurt someone you love? *Cue flashback* Um..I have and I was just trying to protect her, but I hurt her more than I can ever know. I…(looks down, as if ashamed and tries to form words) Mr. Crane, are you alright? I’m sorry I can’t do this. There’s something I need to do. I can’t explain it all on live television, but dear Melody I am sorry if I have wasted any of your time. You will find a great guy because you are a classy woman with heart. I just can’t stand the thought of losing her when I know that I love her, even if I have never told her in person. Could you forgive me? Go out and get her (Melody says with encouragement. Sebastian then exits the show).
  • (This information was recorded by Janelle Pierangelino in a Google Doc. as the show commenced).

With the first question that was asked, I went back one of the dates I had with Sasha recently and we had the best time. That was the night I was about to just say it, tell her I loved her, but I was afraid she didn’t love me back or feel strongly for me. Ever since Margaret, no girl has made me feel completely safe until Sasha. There’s something about the way her eyes look into mine and I don’t want to be anywhere else but in that moment with her. She is genuine, beautiful, caring and I do love this girl. During the show, I had a flashback to a time where I hurt someone I loved. I remembered that I was knocked out by Sasha Kellogg’s horrible twin sister Shannon Mills and that she had come back to make Sasha’s life hell. She was certainly vengeful and she went to attack me when I did not agree to her notion of breaking Sasha’s heart by making her feel worthless. She held a knife to my throat and threatened that she would kill Sasha and frame me for her murder if I did not comply. I won’t ever forget how badly it hurt to see Sasha in tears. I told her everything was a lie and that I was just using her to pass some time. Her words still ring in my head. I remember watching her walk away and everything just moved in slow motion. All I wanted to do in that moment was chase her and tell her to her face those words weren’t true, but I knew that I had to protect her any way that I could. Shannon had already tried to murder Sasha by burning down her apartment, so I knew that she was serious in her demands.

On the show, I couldn’t allow myself to be chosen by Melody because I knew how wrong it would be to say yes to a person when you’re in love with someone else. Melody deserves a man who will be fully devoted to her and I was not going to stand in the way of that. Right now, I am still trying to contact Sasha, but she is not answering my calls and she has been moved to a different floor of the Chronicle. I don’t blame her for that. I just know that I want her back, but if being away from her will protect her from harm, I will love her from afar and ensure that no one else can hurt her.

The rest of the video show is on the Google Doc that House of Noir collaborated on.

“Notorious” Video Essay

Doing this video essay was more difficult than I anticipated. Choosing a scene to analyze was the simple part, but put my notes into words for the audience was tricky. I chose the final scene of “Notorious” since I felt it contained interesting editing technique. There were distinctions I made between the first part of the scene and the end. In the beginning of the scene, Devlin and Alicia are having an intimate moment together as he holds her close and tells her he has loved her from the time they met. With regards to editing here, there were minimal shot changes and this was to slow down the pace for the audience so they could really take in this moment of shared love between the characters. This is different from the next section of the scene because the shots are much shorter, some one or two seconds in length. This creates the suspenseful effect between Devlin, Alicia, Alex/Sebastian, his mother, and the men at the doorway. Also, having the editing pace can allude to the notion of how the most action-full moments of our lives go so fast; we often hear of how “everything went so fast” when there was a moment full of action. On a side note, in the shower killing scene in Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” the editing is very fast; many jump cuts that create suspense build-up throughout the scene, which may be a signature of Hitchcock and other directors to follow. Regarding cinematography, the first section contained many medium close up and close up shots of Devlin and Alicia, playing with the idea of being in this intimate moment with the characters. In the second section, I noticed that there were mostly medium, long, and extreme long shots of all the characters. This may suggest a distance between them and there is tension between them since they aren’t so close with one another. With mise-en-scene, the main setting in within Sebastian/Alex’s house where Alicia is being held against her will. The lighting was mostly high key and this allows for each actor’s facial expressions to be seen. It is slightly darker in Alicia’s room since the main source of lighting seems to come from the bedside lamp. This can held build the intimate close moment the two share together as they hold one another since it is soft lighting as opposed to the hard lighting of the second section of the scene. With sound, there is no background music playing as Devlin and Alicia are talking softly to one another and this allows the audience to pay more attention to this moment since it is the first time Devlin declares his obvious love for Alicia. Suspenseful music plays when Devlin opens the door and begins to descend the stairs with Alicia, Alex/Sebastian, and his mother towards the men at the bottom. The music becomes more boisterous as Alex/Sebastian walks back into the house to meet his fate.

For the reading this week, I remembered to take note of how characters don’t always tend to be in the central 3rd of the shot, and if they were it gives the appearance of a mugshot. Alex/Sebastian was in the center of the shot when he was being seen as guilty of something, for example when the two men call him back into the house. I also watched the Tarantino video and noticed how he uses low angle shots repeatedly to establish a dominant and weak character relationship, for example when Aldo Raine is standing over-top a Nazi general he is put into a position of power. “Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques” was very interesting to watch since I had seen a few of the movies selected, such as the graphic match in the first part of “2001 A space Odyssey” and the long establishing shots in “Star Wars.” I didn’t get to use this knowledge in this film essay, but they were definitely enlightening. I also watched “Camera Angles and Techniques” and I remembered that fast, quick editing can make an action scene more dramatic and this came into play when everyone was descending the stairs in “Notorious.” This built up so much suspense and this editing technique helped enable that feeling more. I will be taking into account other facts from this video for when I film my episode for next week: varying camera angles create more depth and emotion.