Week Seven Summary: Radio Days (Part Two)

The House of Noir radio show is completed! I am very pleased with how it came altogether. I did have worries since we all had different schedules, which is natural in the college life. On Tuesday, most of the group was able to meet to discuss how the show would go and we came to the conclusion that Janaye’s mysterious woman character would serve as the host since the other 3 members (including myself) had the characters falling under the category of “the jerk with a heart of gold.” She would present each “jerk” that appeared on the show. The following was the tagline of our show: “Jerks of the past, jerks of the present, and the women who love them. House of Noir is the radio show that takes your questions and answer them in real time. No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed; we are here for you every step of the way. On tonight’s show we have Jeff and Spence, with a special appearance from Melody Bay. Also watch out for our blast from the past tonight, Sebastian Crane, a timeless man whose advice stands the test of time.” For Sebastian Crane, he represents the jerk of the past while the others are in present time. I hope this is clear in the radio show since I have the date inserted as well as a 1950’s song as the intro to the old House of Noir radio show, where Sebastian Crane was a featured guest. I acted as the host and had my best friend, Zachary, from VCU record him saying the lines I wrote down so that the male voice would make this more believable to the audience. I also acted as the crazy, love-struck caller, which was done more in improv and in character of someone who is very obsessive and nuts. I had to go to a different room to record myself acting like a fan girl for Sebastian and I changed my actual voice as I spoke into the recording. My radio bumper I created last week is also featured in the radio show. To me, the House of Noir radio show flows in a cohesive manner and I am interested to hear what the audience thinks of it. Here, you can read more about the radio show progress and hear Sebastian’s individual section: http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/radio-show-progress-week-two/.

Here is the House of Noir radio show:


For a radio commercial I made this week, I decided to make one for a fictitious airliner called “Stardust Airlines,” which features audio from freesound.org and the song called “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds” that I heard from the Oscar- nominated film “The Theory of Everything” (“Birdman” won though…YES!) I wanted to have this airline commercial to give a relaxing vibe to listeners and I liked the intro sounds I used for it that would serve as a sound logo for the company, which would be the traditional beep in airplanes, the sound of a plane landing with wind chimes playing simultaneously (like the twinkling of stars). http://janellegelino.com/radio-show/stardust-airlines-radio-commercial/

These are the Daily Creates I made for this week:

1. “A Life Full of Little Joyous Things” is a short video I made to show 5 things that bring me joy, which are my dog, loved ones, color guard, seeing others experience happiness, and the beauty in the world around me. Here is the link to the video with the song “Starscapes” by The American Dollar:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQVBfQSKhtY

2. “Bob’s Disturbing One-Night Stand” 5 emoji story. I made this one on my phone since I accidentally clicked out of one of the ones on the site that inspired this idea; I re-made it instead. Follow this link to see the picture and the description will tell you Bob’s horrifying story. https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16023756064/

3. “Becoming Human” for the ‘Teal and Orange’ post. I used one my photoshoot pictures my friend and I do together for this assignment. The shoot was called “Washed Away” and I portrayed a mermaid reaching humanity and the end of her life as a mermaid; she is becoming human and her mermaid features/life are “washing away” and she fears for the future ahead. (This post was having diffuclty appearing on the tdc site, even though the tags are right).  https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16041733054/in/photostream/

Below are my 10 comments:











Radio Show Progress Week Two

The second week of the radio show was not full of difficulties. On Tuesday, I was mostly planning out Sebastian’s section of the radio show. I was with the House of Noir radio show group and we each wrote out our portions of the show in a Google doc, which definitely kept us on track for how the order of the show would go. There, we had our scripts and the links to the radio bumpers and commercials we were going to use in the show. We each decided to have our characters focus on a certain topic, more so with the three jerk characters we have. For example, Mariam’s focuses on something career related, yet brings up loss that her character faced in the past when he ignores the first question about loss. Since this is an advice show, I wanted to have Sebastian give his advice about the subject of love, which is something he fears having again. His response is honest in how believes that love can make or break a person. I wrote this as his response to the question, “Do you believe there is someone out there for you,” by a woman named Jenny Pierce:

Sebastian Crane: “Well, Miss Pierce, if I may be frank with you, I believe that love is something that only serves to weaken us and I’m not in a position where I want that at all. Certainly the idea sends the heart fluttering, but for me it’s not to the same effect. Mine…it’s just not the same. (pause) I’ve had love. I have experienced what it’s like to look into a woman’s eyes and feel safe and vulnerable all at once and it’s the scariest feeling in the world—giving your entire self to someone. You pray to God that this person will only give their love to you and it ends up coming down to the question of if you can truly know a person. Science can tell us that we can’t fully understand another human being and their intentions So why bother with love knowing this? It’s something the Shakespearean sonnets tell us thrives with inconceivable joy; It’s written in the words of Robert Frost that go,  “We love the things we love for what they are.” But how can you fully love if you don’t completely know what, or who, they are? Are we just supposed to put down all our walls and unconditionally love someone without knowing if we just leaped off a cliff without a parachute? Look, love isn’t safe or easy and I think you have to risk losing yourself in the madness of it all to be closer to having everything you dream love could be. If someone comes along in the future…well, (more cocky or confident tone compared to lines before) I don’t expect much more than a drink and a kiss goodnight. Right now, I’m content with being with myself, my career, and my family. That’s all that matters to me at this point in my life.”

The following day, I had my best guy friend record himself saying these lines since I wanted to have the male voice for Sebastian to make this more believable. This section recorded made it to about 1:46, so this was where I decided to make this longer by having House of Noir be radio show that has been around since the 1950s. I played as the host of this show that featured Sebastian Crane in 1952. Basically, my section of the group radio show is a flashback portion to the “Jerk of the Past” since this show is the following description (by Janaye Evans):

“Jerks of the past, jerks of the present, and the women who love them. House of Noir is the radio show that takes your questions and answer them in real time. No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed; we are here for you every step of the way. On tonight’s show we have Jeff and Spence, with a special appearance from Melody Bay. Also watch out for our blast from the past tonight, Sebastian Crane, a timeless man whose advice stands the test of time.”

To give my section the appearance of an old radio show, I had the intro be a 1950s jazz song called “Summertime” by Charlie Parker. Next, I had my friend records short responses that I could interact with as the host. Lastly, I wanted to make this section a bit humorous by having the caller be somewhat desperate for Sebastian Crane since she thinks he is dreamy and amazing. I talked to my computer in a high pitched voice, acting like a “fan girl” for Sebastian Crane to make this section more fun to listen to. Honestly, the House of Noir group really loved this idea, so I went for it! The jazz music comes in again when the caller is upset that Sebastian doesn’t want love (or her really) and the host tries to end the show, but the caller comes in again to give Sebastian her number. By his this caller, it can go back to the “…and the women who love them,” statement since this shows one of the effects Sebastian has on women due to his looks, intelligence, and charm.

Here is the section I did for Sebastian:


I will post the entire radio show in the weekly post since we finished it last night as a group. We reached 20 minutes and we worked very well together. I’m very happy with the House of Noir group.

“Stardust Airlines” Radio Commercial

This is a fictitious airline company I created for the purpose of making a commercial for the radio show. I used 3 sounds from freesound.org for the airline, two sounds associated with an airplane (beep and landing) and the other was wind chimes used to make one think of the twinkling of stars to reflect the company name. Initially, I knew I wanted to use the song “The Crimson Wing- Mystery of the Flamingos – The Arrival of the Birds.” I first heard this song last week when I was doing my Oscar movie binge and heard this song at the ending scene of “The Theory of Everything.” It was very moving to me and in Audacity, I sped up the tempo and adjusted the pitch slightly lower to experiment with it. I did notice that the song title fit with airliners because of the section of the title “The Arrival of Birds,” as a plane departs, arrives,  and flies in the sky, relating to the birds. Also in choosing this song, I wanted a song that would capture a sense of wonder travel can bring. This song automatically made me think of daydreaming and traveling elsewhere, whether in your mind or in actuality. At one point, I tried to mix a song from the film “Begin Again” called “Lost Stars” sung by Keira Knightley (she can sing…omg), but it didn’t work. Yet the idea of stars made me think of the title “Stardust Airlines” since a shooting star travels across the sky and this could relate to an airplane’s flight.

Regarding my voice over, I wanted to lay out information about how this airline is different by discussing how the entire plane is set up to be a first-class cabin structure so everyone is comfortable and not a select few (who wouldn’t want that). I also brought up the Stardust Airlines card since I know that is something other airliners offer and I thought it would be interesting to use this to show how discounts are given through the card (I honestly made up some numbers in my head and they seemed like a good enough deal to me). I also wanted to incorporate the airliner name with phrases such as “making your journey the brightest it can be.”

Here are the sounds I used from freesound.org:




“House of Noir” Radio Bumper

With this radio bumper, I wanted to create the “house” in “House of Noir” by having a man enter this home where there is a party he intrudes on. I chose to have the sound of people talking fade in as he opens the door to make it more realistic with the distance they had between them. He then walks closer to the group and clears his throat, which is followed by the sound of the group gasping and one of the glasses dropping to the floor out of shock. To build suspense, I chose to have his footsteps overlapped with the sound of a heartbeat as he plays with his glass and fills it. Slowly, the “House of Cards” theme song comes in as the clicks glasses with all of the party guests and the tension is no longer there as there is the sound of the chatter again. I wanted this bumper to emulate noir in the way that there is suspense created. I wanted this man to represent Sebastian Crane as he approaches the other hosts on the radio advice show; making a dramatic entrance. I was inspired to do this when I thought of trailers for television shows, such as reality ones, that stage a confrontation between the characters. I chose to express this same idea through sound and I feel it was effective in creating the setting of a house and this group dynamic.

After reading Professor Groom’s comment, I tried to make certain adjustments to make the scene clearer for my listeners by adding my personal commentary as audio. My voice would serve to be two of the party goers’, the one who says “Sebastian?” and “We’re so glad you could make it” are the same person and the higher pitched voice (which I adjusted in Audacity) girl who says “I didn’t know he was coming” is separate. I wanted to link the glass drop with the girl who said the first and last lines in the bumper. By having my audio placed in these three points, it could show how these are some of the party-goers that gasped upon seeing Sebastian, showing an interaction between them.

I downloaded most of the sounds from freesound.org and the “House of Cards” theme song and the heartbeat from YouTube. Here are the following sources for the sound:

  • 79154__atha89__glass-cup-twirling
  • 83738__ebrown15__gasp-03
  • 118561__antwash__glass-clinging-1
  • 125247__oliverbrotzman__coffeeshopchatter
  • 138125__snakebarney__pouring-champagne
  • 151921__carroll27__clearing-throat
  • 166581__matucha__glasses-01
  • 221528__unfa__glass-break
  • 234244__rivernile7__door-open-and-close
  • 211444__harris85__man-walking-on-the-street

Audio Assignment: Music Tag (2pts.)- “Stories Through Song: The Sebastian Crane Modern Music Tag.”

Let me start off this post by saying…this assignment should be worth more than 2 stars! It took me a very long time to do this so that the words of the songs matched one another at the end/start points. The songs I chose for this assignment are in my Spotify playlist and the process of picking them out was fairly simple. Connecting the songs by the words they had in common was a little tedious, but I did enjoy this assignment since it made me think of how the songs could somehow relate to each other.  But my larger problem came with copyright. I remade my mashup at least 5 different ways and it was still subject to copyright according to SoundCloud, so it was removed every single time. This was extremely (emphasis on extremely!) frustrating. I fist tweeted about my frustrations to Professor Burtis and she was very helpful in the advice she gave me, which was to try different songs or try just posting onto this page. But she warned me of the risks I’d be taking if I were to just post, so I didn’t want to try it. I then asked one of my friends what to do and she told me to play with adjusting the pitch and it should be fine. And here we are…success! I also adjusted the tempos slightly in some of the songs, which gave it a faster pace which kind of grew on me. With the pitch, I only adjusted it by one point and it still sounded nice for me. Since I did struggle through this ongoing copyright issue, I began to understand it a bit more. Personally, I have never had a copyright issue happen to me so this was definitely a first, and hopefully only time this will happen to me. In my mind after the copyright readings, I thought one could use the songs if they were using them in a new, innovative way, but Sound Cloud stated that as an invalid reason, so I did not dispute the claims.

But as for the mash-up of songs, here is the layout…

These songs are from the 2000s-present and represent how Sebastian views himself and how others view him. I felt like breaking away from the 1950s time period I placed him in to show how the experiences he goes through and how others view him are understandable and tangible to our current times. Each of the songs can directly connect to Sebastian’s internal views of himself and situations he finds himself in as well as how others view him.

1.“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse- how Sebastian felt for Margaret, his ex-lover, when he was with her. He was “a fool” for her as one of the lyrics lends to and she set his soul alight,” meaning that she enchanted him in this way that brought his soul to life. This song illustrates how she drove him crazy at times, but he still loved her so intensely.

2.“Womanizer” by Britney Spears- how most women view Sebastian since he refuses to settle down; he is viewed as a player, but women still come to him knowing that he may not ever contact them after their one-night together. He does not mean to treat women in this manner since he knows nothing serious will come of them, but women view him as a womanizer all the same.

3.“I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy- how he tends to think of himself and does not pay mind to others’ opinions and if he does, it is only internally. Also can lend to his frequent egotistical attitude he can hold. Sebastian holds himself with high regard and some of his actions may be selfish, but he is willing to do what ever it takes to preserve himself, even if that means stepping on others’ toes.

4.“Love Me Again” by John Newman- how Sebastian wants a love like he had with Margaret again; he wants to be loved and love again soon, but is fearful of it because of his bad experience. In ways, he wants Margaret to be his again so he can feel that love he had before, but he knows how wrong it is to feel that way about someone who hurt him so badly.

5.“Undisclosed Desires” by Muse- how Sebastian views Sasha Kellogg: he wants to know what’s under the surface and he is deeply attracted to her. Sebastian senses that she has “demons” in her past and is evermore curious about Sasha since she is not the most open book about who she was and is now. Sebastian is intrigued by her because of her mysterious demeanor and this song can truly describe that tension between them.

6.“Afraid” by The Neighbourhood- how Sebastian is afraid that his dark side will consume him. He does not want to become someone who is loathed and this can even apply to his drinking habits since he drinks frequently, and therefore, fears he will become like his father in this way. Also the line “you make me wanna die” is how John Reeves (the man he publicly shamed) feels when he thinks of Sebastian or encounters him.

7.“Into the Past” by Nero- how Sasha Kellogg wants to know about Sebastian’s past so she can understand him and be with him now. This song was featured in “The Great Gatsby,” which alluded to the quote, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” With this idea of going into the past, it can also represent how Sebastian is somewhat consumed by his past since the fears he does have reflect his painful past; he relives his past when he can’t fully trust in someone because he has been physically and emotionally broken in the past and has not fully recovered. It was mainly with his mother’s departure, his father’s drunken beatings, and Margaret’s cheating habits that affected him so. He does not feel far from his past, even though his father and him began to mend their relationship and he is not involved with Margaret (he still has not heard from his mother). With regards to Donny, his younger brother who was enlisted in war and now has paralysis, he feels responsible for that injury since he could not go in his place because of his fractured shoulder from his father’s past rage.

8.“Do I Wanna Know” by The Arctic Monkeys- how Sebastian catches himself wanting Margaret back and he knows she wants him too, but he will not crawl back to the woman who cheated on him. This is a story I want to touch on in a writing section in the future to demonstrate how complicated Sebastian’s mind is when it comes to her. She remains a puzzle to him because he can’t fully believe she would hurt him the way she did and dreams about if things were different.

House of Noir logo

house of noir caps

This is a logo I created for my group radio show called “House of Noir.” When coming up with the name, I wanted something that would represent a place where a group of people come together to give advice on a show radio show. I thought of having it be a “house” since the word “house” can allude to a group of people under one roof. When creating this logo, I immediately thought of using the Netflix show’s “House of Cards” logo and change the last word to “Noir” since the characters on the radio show are in the noir genre. To do this, I had to put a rectangle shape over the word “Cards” and add a text box. I chose to make the text red since it would add color to the logo, making it pop, and also because red is symbolic for love, death, blood, and anger, which all of these characters may have experienced in one form or another and these are elements of noir as well.  Also, I started watching that show during my winter break and from the few episodes I have seen, the show itself could almost be reference to the noir style since there are two main femme fatales in the show and there is a sense of mystery and corruption that is seen in noir. With the narration of this show, Kevin Spacey’s character makes commentary to the fourth wall as events happen and it serves as his thoughts expressed to the audience. I thought of this and this narration could relate to the advice show since we have these characters that will give advice to their audience and in that way, they are more personable and somewhat more tangible in how they may be better understood or brought to life.  I wanted to play with this idea when making this logo for our radio show. For the upside-down flag picture that is typically between “House” and “of,” I chose to add a picture from Google that would represent noir, the female and the male characters represent who will be showcased on the radio show.

Audio Assignment: Who Called (4 pts.)- “Sasha Kellogg Calls Sebastian.”

With this particular post, I chose to use a character a friend of mine created so that their worlds would interact. Her name is Sasha Kellogg and she is Sebastian’s new secretary at the Chronicle. In this call, she hopes he doesn’t answer since she is very nervous to ask him out since she is very interested in him and has not been out with a man in a long time (the last one turned out badly and came after her and her family fortune). Sasha is very nervous to ask him out and proceeds to make it a professional call as she leaves a voice mail for Sebastian saying certain people would like to speak with him as soon as possible. She then musters up some courage to ask him out, but it comes out very awkward because she does not know how he feels towards her. At the end of her voice mail, Sebastian picks up the phone and she quickly hangs up, not willing to face him after her botched call. She finds Sebastian to be very intimidating, but wants to learn so much more about him and open up his shell.

For this assignment, I tried to portray a girl who is trying to stay collected prior to asking someone out, but that does not work out. I recorded myself rambling since this voice mail length was said to be 2 minutes for the assignment, so I tried to think of things to say when she is leading into the subject of asking Sebastian to go out casually or as a date. For Sebastian’s voice, I found a video of Channing Tatum in “She’s the Man” where he answers the phone saying “hello.” This did take a while to find since searching for men saying “hello” on the phone did not bring up a great variety of results. I even tried to change the pitch of my own voice on Audacity to make it resemble a man, but it wasn’t that believable or appealing really. For the sounds of the phone dialing, voice mail machine, and the phone clicks, I used YouTube once again and the freesounds audio site.

Audio Assignment: Soundboard Conversation (4pts)- “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.”

Since I am utterly annoyed with the whole story and promotion of this very horribly written story, I wanted to have a normal person’s reaction (mine) to the character Christian Grey. I took lines from YouTube videos from the film and had him come into contact with me as he stalked me and figured out I worked at Hallmark (which I actually don’t in reality). I chose lines from the film where he was looking for very BDSM related items and having it lead into the fact that he was stalking me. Apparently in the book this same kind of thing happens to the main character, yet she thinks it’s endearing. I wanted to show that his behavior or “charm” in not in any way appealing or sexy, rather it is controlling and creepy. I wanted to make a humorous audio to show that idea take form.

Week Five Summary: The Design of Noir

Of all of the weeks of ds106, I would have to say that the week of design had more time-consuming tasks for me. I am very interested in design and creating visuals (it may be something I will pursue in the future), but I found myself staying on one task for a longer period of time, specifically with the design assignments (which I will cover later on in this post).

There were tasks this week that involved reading about design and watching design unfold in film. First I read “The Vignelli Canon,” which was a helpful introduction to the basics of design. I was most interested in the intangibles of design and this is discussed in great detail within my post (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/week-five-the-vignelli-canon-reflection/). In this reading, the main idea, to me, was that every detail matters and this can positively or negatively affect the viewer’s impression of a design; one has to have discipline and control when creating their design. They have to keep in mind they message they are trying to convey to their viewers. Later in the week, I chose to watch “The Big Lebowski” to see how space in the film helps to create design and noir. I had a very difficult time identifying examples of how design and noir interplay within the film’s city-scape, but I did my best by picking out a few examples that could best represent this idea (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/film-design-the-big-lebowski/). As I watched the film, I picked out locations that could easily be used in noir films or have noir qualities to them. I did use one site as a source to help me remember specific places within “The Big Lebowski” so that I could think of the scenes that occurred at each that had qualities of noir (http://www.movie-locations.com/movies/b/BigLebowski.html#.VN43lvnF-So).

The Design Blitz was relatively easy to complete since there is some form of design anywhere you look. I was in the Nest for a majority of the pictures I took and I had “500 Days of Summer” in my room to take a photo of the movie cover. It is interesting to truly look at a design and its’ components to see if they are effective in conveying their message. It made me aware of designs all around me and in the future, I will most likely analyze designs a lot more than I already do in daily life because of doing this assignment (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design/my-design-blitz/).

Three Daily Creates were required for this week: They are the following:

1. Make creative hands: My creativity thrives when I am either writing or doing a visual/and or film editing kind of project. I wanted to show both stems of my creativity in this one picture.

Movie editing and writing

2. What’s Your Superpower: The Power of a Contagious Laugh and Smile. I chose to edit these three photos of myself together since they were taken by my friend when I was laughing while he was trying to take a picture. I think that by having contagious happiness, that is a great power or gift to others. I like to think that I can make someone else’s day a little brighter through my laugh or a smile. Anyone can have this power within them so why not use it to bring happiness to others who need it.

The Power of a Contagious Laugh and Smile


3. Old time radio commercials: With this assignment, I downloaded the audio from a 1960’s Avon lipstick commercial and near the end, I added the audio of Lil’ Mama’s “Lip Gloss” song. I wanted to make something humorous and fun and a commercial that would combine two time periods for the same kind of message: this lip stick/gloss will make any woman feel confident and sassy.


As I mentioned before, some of the design assignments were very time consuming. Some that were three stars sometimes were the most complex (more so than one that was 4+ stars). A prime example of this was when I did the assignment “The Ultimate Merger” where you would merge two brand logos together to make one. This was a fun assignment since I combined Starbucks and Android to create “Staroid,” the coffee delivery service that brings you strength, energy boosting coffee (and there are no steroids in it!). http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-the-ultimate-merger4-and-a-12-staroid/. It was a 4 and a 1/2 star assignment, but one design assignment I did for Sebastian Crane was 3 stars, yet felt more along the lines of being a 4. I did the assignment labeled “Newspaper Design” and I made the paper show the story of when Sebastian became the new Editor-in-Chief of the Chronicle and had some underlined scandal embedded with how he managed to get his competitor fired to fully secure the position he was given (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-newspaper-design3-pts-sebastian-crowned-as-chronicles-editor-in-chief/#comment-188). The reason this assignment could have been 4 stars is because of the great lengths I had to go through to actually get it in a newspaper format from online template, which would allow me to make the paper, but not download it unless I subscribed and paid $20.00. It was time consuming in that manner and it was frustrating. I did enjoy the final product because it illustrated the devious plan Sebastian got away with to secure his title, but it was a long process. It also put more faces to the characters within his life. Another design assignment I completed was the three start “motivational poster.” I inserted the lantern scene from Tangled with the words “Dream. Open your eyes and see your dreams outside your mind.” I wanted this to motivate viewers to make their dreams realities and I brought in a personal story of how I made one of my dreams real by joining color guard (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-motivational-poster3pts-a-tangled-dream/). I felt that adding this information would make it more personable and it shows that you can make your dreams real, despite any self-doubt. The final design assignment I completed this week was the three- star “READ” poster. In this poster, you had to have a well-known figure or celebrity with a book and have the word “read” on it. I took this opportunity to have Sebastian Crane associated with this idea of reading since he enjoys reading and makes it a daily practice through work and during his free time. I also put an acronym-like idea in the poster with each letter of “read” having a word associated with it to better convey what kind of power reading holds (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-create-a-read-poster-3pts-sebastian-crane-poster/).

Lastly there was the copyright reflection this week, where we read and watched sources detailing copyright information. I really did not know about many of the issues that go into copyright, such as no one can copyright a piece of material within the first 14 years it is published or if possible, have the consent of the publisher or the author. It never occurred to me that this is an issue since it threatens to stall creativity in our generations and younger today. It was interesting to see that as long as the copyright material serves a new and innovative, original purpose, it is just. But who defines that and is it always fair to the author and the person copy writing? It clearly is a complex system and I may still have questions about all of the tails of it later on.  http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/copyright-reflection/

Most of my TDCs were posted on Twitter and I got inspired by last week to create a speech/song remix for a project for my communication class. It is a colmbination of Bsh’s 9/11 speech and Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

I also attempted to do the song lyrics design assignment where you type only the lyrics and have no visual, but I did the assignment wrong. I did like what I created for the ABBA song “The Winner Takes it All,” so at least I got to use some creativity: winner takes it all


Here are most of the comments I made throughout the week on others’ work:





My Design Blitz

1) Stars sign:

Design Blitz 1


With this poster, I particularly noticed the idea of a symbol/ metaphor being utilized. The statement “Not all stars belong to the sky,” is referring to Virginia Beach since typically beaches have many starfish as do many coastal regions. The starfish also has “Virginia Beach” labeled on it. representing where this souvenir was purchased. Personally, I see this message as a metaphor for how we all, in our own way, can shine like stars. It is an inspirational message that can speak to many viewers.

2) “500 Days of Summer” movie cover:

Design Blitz 2

This is an example of unity since the photos are in close proximity, which is a part of unity. The pictures in the sun are close together and are in smaller size; all of the pictures are of Summer, one of the main characters of the film (supporting the title). Repetition is also created this way since her features are shown in most of the pictures, some in differing ways. In the larger photos, the two main character’s are placed in pictures together and they are larger in size, indicating that their interaction is a key plot of the film. There is unity overall since these are the two characters that are central to the film and no other characters are interrupting the cover. The “500 Days of Summer” cover is successful with its’ design since the photos in the sun figure and the ones outside it create a story of romance that the film focuses on.

3) Business card:

Design Blitz 3

The business card is an example of minimalism and use of space. The majority of the card contains white space, allowing for all the viewer’s focus to be set on the name in the middle/right side of the card. The name is surrounded by a thin orange halo, which alludes to the name of the catalog this person works for. Below the name is the contact information and there is an orange border along the bottom of the business card, adding some color to this card. I would say this card is successful with its’ design since its’ simplicity allows the viewer to place their attention on the name they see printed on the card; there are no distractions.

4) “Go Bananas” poster:

Design Blitz 4

The poster makes great use of color. The three main colors green, purple, and yellow are representative of the celebration of Mardi Gras. In the center of the poster, a mask is adorned with colored bananas (green, purple, and yellow) and the bottom portion of the poster has Mardi Gras beads intermingled on top of a diamond pattern (the prominent colors of green and purple used here). Having the black background makes the mask and colored border really pop and have a more three dimensional effect (specifically the bananas on top of the mask). Seeing these colors placed together, one can understand that they can represent Mardi Gras and even the text below can help one to reach that conclusion.

5) “Aubade” ad:

Design Blitz 5


The typography of this ad is neatly presented. The title of the club “Aubade” is printed in red, Scrabble-like blocks as a way to represent writing or coming up with words/ideas. Also, each letter seems to be in a different font, possibly showing the idea of different people coming together for one thing they have in common or love: writing. The meaning of the word “aubade” is, “a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak; a poem or song of or about lovers separating at dawn.” By using this word, it can represent writing itself since an aubade is a special type of poem. It can also represent lovers of writing and writing itself coming together and separating at some point during the day. The contact information is printed in smaller black font below the title. The names of the special editor positions are in a large, bold text and the names under it are in a smaller, finer text, placing more emphasis on the position each person is holding. The emails are found under the names of the students, which again places importance on contacting these individuals. This, like the business card, is simple and to the point and this is essential for viewers since most want to know who is in charge and how to contact them. There is no overwhelming clutter of words on this ad and that makes it more pleasing to the eye.