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Hello everyone viewing my page! My name is Janelle Diana Pierangelino. I am a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Mary Washington as an English major (with a creative writing track) and Communication major. My home is close to the sea and close to my heart: Virginia Beach. It is there that I spent my childhood and longed for a college adventure in the future. I certainly have had quite an adventure in the past two years I have been here and have met so many unforgettable people, but more importantly I began to see myself becoming a bit older and wiser through every experience. I’ve learned that there is something we can take away from each day we have; there’s a moment among the chaos that stands out to us and gives us happiness, even if it is only for a second or less. That is the kind of life I strive to live; a life that offers light rather than darkness; a life where something so small in a day has all the meaning in the world to me. I always want to embrace the moments when something simple put a smile on my face or the times I’d laugh until tears at jokes that weren’t even that funny. Real happiness, real laughter, and real, varying emotions are what I want most in this world; I want to really embrace what it is to be human. In the future, I intend to have a career where I am given this sense of complete happiness. I am currently considering becoming a creative director for a company or a film editor, either of the two utilizing my creativity and both having the potential to be rewarding in how I would enjoy each career. Personality-wise, I am an Aries and according to the Myers Briggs Test, I am an ENFJ (for more information, go to http://www.personalitypage.com/ENFJ.html). But since a person cannot be fully defined by one zodiac sign or a test, I would personally describe myself as a goofy, energetic, creative, thoughtful, and friendly person. Here are some fun fact about me, the one and only Janelle Diana Pierangelino in the world (that I know of..) 1. I love color guard, and it is not the military associated kind like most people believe it to be. 2. I love the Oscars and the Oscar season. They are basically my Superbowl since I don’t like football. I am a lover of film and film studies. 3. Two animals I would love to see first-hand would be a red panda or an elephant. 4. Coconut is one of my most hated foods. 5. When it comes to music, I am not too hard to please. I have a low tolerance for most rap and country though. 6. I attended a Catholic school from kindergarten to 8th grade. 7. When going to get fast food, I am a creature of habit. Always nuggets and BBQ sauce. If the BBQ sauce is not in the bag, I will make sure it finds its’ way there somehow. 8. My favorite time of year is December because of all the Christmas lights. If I had a choice in the matter, I would keep all Christmas lights up all year round. 9. Making a artsy, crafty item or project is something I absolutely love doing. Hobby Lobby is an amazing place and so is my computer. I like to create videos, edit photos, etc. Which leads to fact #10. 10. My 2015 New Years’ resolution is to capture a short video clip everyday and combine all of them to create a music video titled “The Beauty of a Year.” And of course the bonus fact! I have a dog named Puppy. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and if I could take her to school in my bag, well, she would be in that bag. I hope you all enjoy my page for Digital Storytelling and see some of my stories I can’t wait to tell. :) “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”- Steve Jobs

Closing the Case of the Missing Noir Cat

Ladies and gentlemen,

After 2 weeks of this Noir Cat investigation, she has been found and returned safely to Miss Black. She previously was a client with House of Noir Getaways when she came to Jeffrey Davis with her problem. She stated that Miss Black had been an abusive owner and she needed us to help her make her noir disappearance. At the time, Black’s background was not examined and we trust that those who come to us would not deceive or alter the truth. Apparently we were wrong. After looking in Black, we found that she had no charges against her and her record was squeaky clean. We asked her neighbors and they always saw that Noir Cat was treated with love and care. However, they noticed that Noir Cat would be aggressive with Black as she would try to scratch her. But as we were not aware of this information, we believed Noir Cat’s story and helped her make her noir escape with us. We gave her a holder by the name of Monica Smith and together, they made their way out of the country. I called my agent from Stardust Airlines and had their flight to Belize booked on April 1, 2015. Since then, Noir Cat made her way into Finland and the Golden Coast. My first alert this week were photos my undercover photographer took as he followed Noir Cat through these countries, yet she seemed to erase her traces as she had other black cats hired to mislead us in the investigation. This was the first piece of supplemental media we used during this investigation, as it was a breaking news alert of Noir Cat escaping to Finland. (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/attention-noir-cat-sightings/). When I met up with Melody, Jeffrey, and Jack the following day, we made plans to travel to these countries ourselves to find these two as my photographer lost their tracks. This was my second update from the San Francisco office (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/house-of-noir-getaways-update-on-the-missing-noir-cat/) and below are my tweets from the start and end of this investigation that ended today, April 19, 2015. Noir Cat was found at the airport in the Golden Coast of Australia. She has been returned safely home to Maggie Black after this long trip.

*Noir Cat’s travel arrangements to Finland and the Golden Coast are not associated with House of Noir Getaways. 

tweet 3  tweet 2



During this investigation, our primary media House of Noir Getaways used to keep track of Noir Cat’s journey was through a visual representation, in this case, a story map. This allowed us to visually see where Noir Cat was heading and we want our viewers to see the journey of Noir Cat as well.   http://s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.knightlab.com/storymapjs/aecd33a0a6134225abbb560fbc1e2d63/tracking-noir-cat-and-monica/index.html

A screen shot of our primary media/the story map.

A screen shot of our primary media/the story map.

Our supplemental media my colleagues collected are as follows: the first email exchange between Jeffrey Davidson and Noir Cat (https://www.flickr.com/photos/130551536@N05/17148285742/), the recorded conversation between Groom’s dog Daphne and Noir Cat (https://youtu.be/Gx02Ao4RCYA), the heated phone call to Monica Smith (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AwevAQzwcs), and a Wanted poster for Monica Smith, the catnapper. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/130551536@N05/16993012537/). Each media shows the various parts of the investigation and who was involved and how. The initial email exchange between Noir Cat and Jeffrey Davidson shows her “distress,” as she was fearful for her safety because of Maggie Black and Groom’s dog. Next, we got our hands on the recorded conversation between Noir Cat and Daphne as he barked/told Noir Cat that she must leave Finland right away as we were zeroing in on her. As we were in Finland, one of our associates from House of Noir Getaways called Monica Smith and demanded to know where Noir Cat was in Finland and she gave us the address, in which we found that Noir Cat was no longer there, but a terrier she healed pointed us in the direction she went next: the Golden Coast. We had a Wanted poster for Monica Smith released once Noir Cat was solo in Finland, just to ensure that she could not help Noir Cat run away forever. The other supplemental material was the video release of undercover photos my photographer managed to take as he was tracking noir cat (this was linked earlier in this post).

This surely was a suspenseful investigation for House of Noir Getaways and we are glad Noir Cat has been found and returned safely home. Noir Cat says that she apologizes for the stir she caused and she says she will use her newly found healing abilities to help other animals.

This is Sebastian Crane with House of Noir Getaways signing off.

Sincerely yours,

Sebastian Crane


PS. I looked into other investigations going on and they certainly were very intriguing. I would like to know the results of each case.











House of Noir Getaways Update on the Missing Noir Cat

Good evening to all those reading this post. On behalf of House of Noir Getaways, it is my duty to give you the truth. In response to the accusations of our agency being responsible for the disappearance of Noir Cat, I am here to tell you that these are more than accusations. They are the truth. Noir Cat came into contact with House of Noir Getaways March 27, 2015 through Jeffrey Davidson of our New York office. He specializes in cases with loose ends that need to be tied up; in this particular case, Ms. Black was a loose end as she was having conflicts with Noir Cat. As a result, Davidson had Noir Cat’s past erased; all noir Cat media was erased from weekly videos, Black’s birthday cards and He had Noir Cat’s microchip removed while disabling the Noir Cat tracking app. The flight was booked with Stardust Airlines as she traveled to Belize and was provided residency through Abandon Enterprises. Since then, however, Noir Cat was helped by her new handler, Monica Smith, in her escape to Finland with no assistance by our agency. We have no connection to the recent travels of Noir Cat and Monica. On Monday, my secretary Janelle Pierangelino released a video with all of the Noir Cat sightings captured from our undercover photographer who has been tracking her along this trip. Unfortunately he lost her tracks when she mingled with other black cats resembling her in a small town in Finland. It appears she hired the other cats to distract us and it seems to be have been a successful maneuver. An associate from our agency called Monica Smith and she gave us the current residence Noir Cat is said to be found in as she is healing other animals in Finland with her special abilities. We chose to keep her reasoning for her departure confidential in this press release since we did not want to violate the confidentiality of our client. But we were deceived and led to believe that the previous handler, Maggie Black, was abusive, but we looked into that and found that Noir Cat had been deceitful. Because of this violation, we do not list her as a client and therefore, her case file is now open to the public. Attached is her case file and the press release video from Monday night.

case file cat




I offer my sincere apologies to all those who may feel to have been mislead by House of Noir Getaways. We are doing everything we can to bring Noir Cat home so we can close the doors on this mystery.

Take care,

Sebastian Crane

Attention: Noir Cat Sightings

Good evening everyone of noir106. My undercover photographer came through with several photos he had had taken of Noir Cat and it appears she is on the run. She has been taking refuge in Belize for the past two weeks, but just today she vanished. She is said to be in Finland, yet my undercover photographer lost sight of her when she ran among a group of black cats that resembled her. Just by this action, it seems apparent that she does not want to be found. It is imperative that more tips come in as well as more sighting photos since we have lost her trail. We are in the process of calling Miss Monica Smith to enable us to find Noir Cat in Finland. If anyone can provide us with any information regrading this noir escape, please tweet us with the tag #wheresnoircat @HoN_Getaways so we can bring her safely home ASAP.

Sincerly yours,

Sebastian Crane

Working Undercover: Week Twelve

Earlier this week I posted an update on behalf of the House of Noir Getaways Agency with regards to the missing Noir Cat (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/missing-noir-cat/). I did send out a Tweet asking for anyone to bring in tips where Noir Cat escaped to. There were no tips that came in through my channel, yet we did receive good news soon after. Just a few days ago Noir Cat came into contact with HoN Getaways, ensuring us that she was safe from any harm. Although I cannot disclose much information about her case, Noir Cat wanted HoN to tell everyone that she is safely enjoying her noir escape in one of the three countries: Belize, Finland, or the Golden Coast. We have not received anymore contact from her since and it appears she called from an untraceable number. Noir Cat seems to not want to be found and this is very concerning to the HoN Agency. We are doing everything we can to locate here again to track where she is headed so we can find out why she is running or who she is running from.

Noir cat first tweet

We will be Tweeting more this week to let everyone know how our search is coming along. We will be releasing visual and audio records of this search as the second week ensues. HoN is on the case and we will find Noir Cat and protect her in any way that we can. This is one noir escape that certainly has everyone chasing their tails and not that right one. If you have any tips, contact me, Sebastian Crane, through this blog or on Twitter @NoPainNoCrane and @HoN_Getaways.

Sincerely yours,

Sebastian Crane

Missing: Noir Cat

Missing: Noir Cat

Just a normal day at the office when House of Noir Getaways received an email from Burtis informing us that Noir Cat is missing. She then asked if we had any knowledge of where Noir Cat was headed or rather, if we aided in her disappearance. This is information we cannot disclose to the public since that is against our confidentiality agreement, but what I can say is that we will do whatever we can to find Noir Cat. Client or no client to House of Noir Getaways, every person, or cat, we will use our traveling services to aid in this search. We do ask that all of noir106 bring us any suspicious cat activity or leads you may have regarding this disappearance so that we solve this issue quick and accordingly. I will be looking for any leads on the West Coast while my colleagues will make their search in various parts of the nation they each occupy. Ladies and gentlemen, we want to bring Noir Cat safely home to Black. Please help us in this search if you have any clues. Our main hotline is houseofnoirgetaways@gmail.com. Thank you and follow us on our Twitter page @HoN_Getaways to track this case with us. #wheresnoircat #bringnoircathome

-Sebastian Crane


Week Eleven: Dark Web and House of Noir Getaways

The House of Noir created their first agency this week: House of Noir Getaways. With our agency, anyone can make their noir disappearance possible. Our mission written by me, Sebastian Crane, is as follows: Our mission is to make your noir disappearance comfortable, convenient, and affordable. With our connections to various travel companies, we can make your immediate escape possible with just one email. You remain a confidential client with House of Noir Getaways and we ensure that you will disappear without a trace at a moment’s notice. Through the House of Noir Getaways co-sponsors Stardust Airlines and the Abandon agency, various methods of transportation are offered to our clients. Also our agency is available to anyone who needs our help, as we have our 4 offices scattered across the nation, mine being on the West Coast and we can be contacted via email.  Each of us specializes in a certain kind of case. For example, I specialize in cases where a client has wronged someone who carries a grudge against them. Visit the House of Noir Getaways site for more information about my fellow co-workers and about our agency. http://houseofnoirgetaways.weebly.com/ We also have a Facebook group page and a Tumblr:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2008498719291269/

Tumblr: http://houseofnoir106.tumblr.com/

In further building of this agency, my assistant Janelle helped in the creation of visual and audio material to add more intrigue to the House of Noir Getaways. She created a search engine to get the gears turning and she decided to use the font from the classic film series “The Godfather” to relate our agency to the film series in the way that we are a powerful group of minds collaborating and creating suspense underground (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/house-of-noir-search-engine-2-pts/). Although we do not necessarily need a search engine, this assignment helped spark more creativity in the process of sprussing up our site. Next Janelle created a Steller story, summarizing how our group came to be. She took photographs of the staff and gave a brief synopsis of our collaborartion. Through this, she had the goal of showing viewers how great, unique minds from differing parts of the nation can come together for one goal: to create a noir agency (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/a-truly-stellar-story-of-the-house-of-noir/). Together, Janelle and I also layed out all of the locations we can send someone to for their ideal noir disappearance on a Pinterest board. This is something I have recently been using with my clients to give them a better and wide range of options to choose from, as they may be living in there for quite some time depending on their circumstances. The board shows photographs from beautiful locations all around the world, allowing clients to be encouraged to venture out to one of them through House of Noir Getaways (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/house-of-noir-getaways-a-pinteresting-agency-2-pts/). Lastly, no agency could be complete without a theme song. After listening to Lana del Rey’s song “Ride,” I was immediately inspired by the message behind her lyrics and music video. She encouraged listeners to go explore somewhere new when times get troublesome and that moving forward in life is essential. One of her main ideas I connected with was the notion of being free, which is what our agency promotes; freedom of choice and freedom from all of the anxieties the world of noir holds. We chose to keep one of the main refrains of the song so that listeners could understand the vibe of our agency and we planted sounds of a airplane, car, and ship as a way to showcase the various and infinite ways of travel we offer with House of Noir Getaways. The theme song is called “I Am Free.” (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/i-am-free-house-of-noir-getaways-theme-song-4-pts/).

The following are Daily Creates Janelle showed me this week:

1. Black’s Birthday Card- https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16975878236/ Nothing makes a birthday better than an adorable noir cat with a birthday cake.

2. Noddy on the Road- https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16999447816/ Noddy is on the run. No garbage can is able to contain his love for adventure.

Here are the comments I placed on the fellow creators of Noir106:











House of Noir Getaways: A Pinteresting Agency (2 pts.)


This is something I show to clients to help them decide where they could make their noir escape. There are a variety of locations to choose from and this gives the clients many options. I’ve had clients who have chosen tropical locations and some who would rather bundle up and choose an arctic region. This Pin board provides various examples of places they can travel to. The population size is a factor they can consider in choosing a location; some may want a city live with vast amounts of people and others may want a more secluded, quiet area. We detail this information to our clients as well as the kinds of activities one can do in the locations they are interested in. The amazing thing about this agency is that the possibilities of travel locations are endless and we can help you travel to as many as needed with ease. I chose appealing photos since clients would be more inclined to chose a certain location based on the visuals that are presented to them.

“I am Free” House of Noir Getaways Theme Song (4 pts.)

Introducing the House of Noir Getaways agency. With us, you can make your greatest and most discrete noir escape when times are troublesome or threatening. Lana del Rey has been one of my favorite artists of our time since her music encapsulates complex emotion. Her song “Ride” details the story of the necessity to make a great escape and see the world while also moving on into the promises of the future. But purely, it conveys the idea of freedom, which is something each one of our clients is guaranteed. Whether going to the warm sands of a tropical island or the snow-kissed mountains, House of Noir Getaways can take you there through different types of transportation. With our co-sponsors, Stardust Airlines and the Abandon agency, you are given the options to travel by plane, car, ship, etc. This is placed into the song as a way to tell our clients that all travel and escape to freedom is entirely possible with the help of House of Noir Getaways. When creating this with Janelle, we chose to keep some of Lana’s personal quotes that went with this song so that listeners could connect to the freedom she herself has. Quotes such as “When I’m at war with myself, I ride. I just ride,” “I am free.” This theme song is what our agency is all about: giving you the freedom you desire and making your noir disappearance a reality.

House of Noir Search Engine (2 pts.)

House of Noir Search Engine

Here is a search engine that Janelle created for the House of Noir group, which incorporated the font of the classic film series “The Godfather.” The choice of this font reflects how the House of Noir is full of suspenseful twists and turns; we like to think that we lead life with eccentricity and excitement. Although we are not a part of a family mob, we certainly are a group that will not be forgotten.

A Truly Stellar Story of the House of Noir (3 and a 1/2 pts.)


With this app, my colleague Janelle was able to illustrate the story of the House of Noir group. She found a photo of each of the members to give the viewers a visual of who was a part of the House of Noir agency. Also, she presented photos of the general places we come from. For example, I am from the thriving city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge was shown for this. She used this description on the second page of this Steller story:

The House of Noir. Full of golden-heart
jerks and a mysterious woman, the
House of Noir is certainly a wild ride.
From the shores of the west coast to
the live city streets, these 4 come
together to form a new agency. Jack
Spencer, the wealthy business man.
Sebastian Crane, the writer. Jeffrey
Davidson, the bartender. And Melody
Bay, the sultry singer. They unite as one
to create their agency, using all their
combined strengths to their advantage
and bringing a new mystery to the city.
This is House of Noir.

This Steller story summarizes how the members of the House of Noir came from different walks of life with regards to our lifestyles and where we hail from. This is meant to show that when our collaboration occurs, it is an unstoppable and breath taking force. Great minds and hearts come together for the purpose of expressing creativity and developing a mysterious agency.

Our agency we created is the House of Noir Getaways. If you would like to know more about this agency, follow more of the links on this page. You will not be disappointed. Get ready to go on the trip of your life, ladies and gentlemen.