“I am Free” House of Noir Getaways Theme Song (4 pts.)

Introducing the House of Noir Getaways agency. With us, you can make your greatest and most discrete noir escape when times are troublesome or threatening. Lana del Rey has been one of my favorite artists of our time since her music encapsulates complex emotion. Her song “Ride” details the story of the necessity to make a great escape and see the world while also moving on into the promises of the future. But purely, it conveys the idea of freedom, which is something each one of our clients is guaranteed. Whether going to the warm sands of a tropical island or the snow-kissed mountains, House of Noir Getaways can take you there through different types of transportation. With our co-sponsors, Stardust Airlines and the Abandon agency, you are given the options to travel by plane, car, ship, etc. This is placed into the song as a way to tell our clients that all travel and escape to freedom is entirely possible with the help of House of Noir Getaways. When creating this with Janelle, we chose to keep some of Lana’s personal quotes that went with this song so that listeners could connect to the freedom she herself has. Quotes such as “When I’m at war with myself, I ride. I just ride,” “I am free.” This theme song is what our agency is all about: giving you the freedom you desire and making your noir disappearance a reality.

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