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This is a logo I created for my group radio show called “House of Noir.” When coming up with the name, I wanted something that would represent a place where a group of people come together to give advice on a show radio show. I thought of having it be a “house” since the word “house” can allude to a group of people under one roof. When creating this logo, I immediately thought of using the Netflix show’s “House of Cards” logo and change the last word to “Noir” since the characters on the radio show are in the noir genre. To do this, I had to put a rectangle shape over the word “Cards” and add a text box. I chose to make the text red since it would add color to the logo, making it pop, and also because red is symbolic for love, death, blood, and anger, which all of these characters may have experienced in one form or another and these are elements of noir as well.  Also, I started watching that show during my winter break and from the few episodes I have seen, the show itself could almost be reference to the noir style since there are two main femme fatales in the show and there is a sense of mystery and corruption that is seen in noir. With the narration of this show, Kevin Spacey’s character makes commentary to the fourth wall as events happen and it serves as his thoughts expressed to the audience. I thought of this and this narration could relate to the advice show since we have these characters that will give advice to their audience and in that way, they are more personable and somewhat more tangible in how they may be better understood or brought to life.  I wanted to play with this idea when making this logo for our radio show. For the upside-down flag picture that is typically between “House” and “of,” I chose to add a picture from Google that would represent noir, the female and the male characters represent who will be showcased on the radio show.

8 thoughts on “House of Noir logo

  1. I didn’t even get the house of cards thing when I first read the name. That’s really clever! I really like the concept behind your design but for me the fonts get a little distracting just because there are three different ones back to back.

      • That’s how the actual logo is. “House” and “cards” are supposed to be the same font in the actual one, but yeah. Thanks though

  2. You describe your reasoning for each aspect of your design very well and that really enhances the product for me. I’m not sure I would have picked up on every minute detail if I had just seen the logo decontextualized from your post. Your in-depth discussion of the process is really helpful as I work on brainstorming designs of my own.

  3. I absolutely love this design. It is so clean and precise. The pop of color really makes it stand out. It is subtle, but bold. I don’t know if that makes sense, but in my mind it does haha. Phenomenal job!

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