Design Assignment: The Ultimate Merger(4 and a 1/2)- “Staroid”


Staroid: Give us a call when you need a cup of strength- boosting coffee.

This was a very fun assignment to do! I looked up famous logos online and first saw Starbucks as something I could potentially use. Figuring out what to combine it with was a little tricky since I wanted the name pairing to make sense together. Initially I thought I could pair it with Disney, but I didn’t want to take away from the crown already used in the Starbucks logo. When I saw the Android bot, I noticed that both this logo and Starbucks are a shade of green and that I could use that to my advantage. I decided first to give the Starbucks queen a weight to lift that would have two bots as the weights. To get more involved, I placed one bot in her crown and added star symbols to the “weight-bots.” Lastly, I wanted to have the brand name written in the white space that could be seen as her dress. “Staroid” combines both names and takes parts of the product they each sell to create one strange item: a coffee delivery service that makes strength- building coffee. It is a play on ┬áthe word “steroid” since those are obviously the drug that gives strength to anyone that would take them, but this is a healthy product that merely provides more energy to the drinker and allows them to have more strength in the process.

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