Design Assignment: Newspaper Design(3 pts)- “Sebastian Crowned as Chronicle’s Editor-in-Chief”

edited newspaper pic

(to view image better, click on the photo or go to the following link Once there, you can zoom in to have the text be more legible).

This was a very frustrating assignment because I had trouble finding a newspaper generator that allowed you to freely download your content once you were finished creating it. But the story I chose for this assignment made it a bit worth it. With this story, Sebastian Crane ensured he would keep the position of Editor-in-Chief by planting his wallet on his competitor John to make it seem like he stole his wallet. He also did this to intentionally provoke John so that he would make a scene in public of him trying to punish Sebastian and therefore, shame John. Sebastian did do some dirty business here and this article leans more with Sebastian than the innocent John. With this story, I hope to use John as a vengeful character in the future that will pose a threat to Sebastian.

With this paper, I wanted its’ focus to be on this pivotal change in leadership, so it is a front page story with more information about Sebastian Crane on the next few pages. I just gave faces to the characters of John (Armie Hammer) and Robert “Bobby” (Geoffrey Rush) by envisioning one male close to Sebastian’s age and the other someone who appears as a friendly older figure that is their previous Editor-in-Chief. In creating this paper, I could not download it as I stated before, so I used my snipping tool on my personal computer and cut the newspaper in half. Then I combined them by cropping some of the edges and used the snipping tool again after I sharpened the photo by 50% in the corrections section to make the text less blurry.

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