Design Assignment: Create a READ Poster (3pts).- Sebastian Crane poster


This READ poster is made with a photo of Sebastian Crane (Scott Eastwood) as he would sit in a study and read. Since he works with the newspaper, he must be actively reading and this photo can represent that part of his job. As Editor-in-Chief, he must be well-read and this is why he chooses to read on his free-time to hone his reading and critical thinking skills as well as writing. When he is alone at night, he enjoys reading a few chapters of a book to help him fall asleep and so that he is constantly practicing being a critical reader.

Making an acronym for READ seemed simple enough to do for this design. I chose “re imagine” since literature can bring forth new ideas that reshape the world you see. “Explore” because literature can contain places, stories, and emotions that we have never been to or experienced before; literature can allow us to explore something new and unknown to us. “Awaken” since new ideas will awaken or arise when reading literature that makes you think internally about strange and unfamiliar ideas; ideas you never really thought about before reading that piece of literature. The last word I chose was “dream” because literature can take us to any point in time, place, etc. and it is like being in a dream: somewhere we picture in our minds and grow attached to.

It is important to have these kinds of posters because reading does enlighten us in various ways. With advertising these posters, it is wise to show well-known faces so that viewers can see that even people they revere read as well and that reading is universal.

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