Audio Assignment: Who Called (4 pts.)- “Sasha Kellogg Calls Sebastian.”

With this particular post, I chose to use a character a friend of mine created so that their worlds would interact. Her name is Sasha Kellogg and she is Sebastian’s new secretary at the Chronicle. In this call, she hopes he doesn’t answer since she is very nervous to ask him out since she is very interested in him and has not been out with a man in a long time (the last one turned out badly and came after her and her family fortune). Sasha is very nervous to ask him out and proceeds to make it a professional call as she leaves a voice mail for Sebastian saying certain people would like to speak with him as soon as possible. She then musters up some courage to ask him out, but it comes out very awkward because she does not know how he feels towards her. At the end of her voice mail, Sebastian picks up the phone and she quickly hangs up, not willing to face him after her botched call. She finds Sebastian to be very intimidating, but wants to learn so much more about him and open up his shell.

For this assignment, I tried to portray a girl who is trying to stay collected prior to asking someone out, but that does not work out. I recorded myself rambling since this voice mail length was said to be 2 minutes for the assignment, so I tried to think of things to say when she is leading into the subject of asking Sebastian to go out casually or as a date. For Sebastian’s voice, I found a video of Channing Tatum in “She’s the Man” where he answers the phone saying “hello.” This did take a while to find since searching for men saying “hello” on the phone did not bring up a great variety of results. I even tried to change the pitch of my own voice on Audacity to make it resemble a man, but it wasn’t that believable or appealing really. For the sounds of the phone dialing, voice mail┬ámachine, and the phone clicks, I used YouTube once again and the freesounds audio site.

4 thoughts on “Audio Assignment: Who Called (4 pts.)- “Sasha Kellogg Calls Sebastian.”

    • Thank you :) I plan on making them have a wonderful date in a future post. One group is actually continuing the date part on their radio show.

  1. I’m so glad I trusted you with my character! You definitely do her justice! I love how realistic the phone call sounds , and that it ends without wrapping everything up. I certainly hope the two of them go on a wonderful date together ;)

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