Audio Assignment: Soundboard Conversation (4pts)- “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.”

Since I am utterly annoyed with the whole story and promotion of this very horribly written story, I wanted to have a normal person’s reaction (mine) to the character Christian Grey. I took lines from YouTube videos from the film and had him come into contact with me as he stalked me and figured out I worked at Hallmark (which I actually don’t in reality). I chose lines from the film where he was looking for very BDSM related items and having it lead into the fact that he was stalking me. Apparently in the book this same kind of thing happens to the main character, yet she thinks it’s endearing. I wanted to show that his behavior or “charm” in not in any way appealing or sexy, rather it is controlling and creepy. I wanted to make a humorous audio to show that idea take form.

17 thoughts on “Audio Assignment: Soundboard Conversation (4pts)- “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.”

    • Thanks everyone! I wanted to entertain :D. I got the clips from YouTube from Good Morning America I believe and downloaded the audio.

  1. Thank you for taking this popular reference and running with it! I liked the mix of sound board and with the adding of your own part of the conversation. I especially like the ending with the record cut and the “still no”.

  2. this is a brilliant piece of work, Janelle. Not only is it creative and absolutely HILARIOUS, it makes a really valid point and in my opinion is a kind of necessary wake up call to America that says WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PROMOTING AS GOOD STORYTELLING? Because I totally agree, Fifty Shades of Grey ISN’T it. Bravo. This needs to go viral.

  3. This is so good!! I was laughing the whole time :D You’re very creative and I really like the ending that was the funniest! I also like how you layered your voice and his to make it sound like he was cutting you off…GREAT work!

  4. The ending totally made this. I could listen to it over and over. Your editing made this flow flawlessly!! I totally need some pointers!

  5. I absolutely loved this! The way you meshed the clips together was flawlessly done, I need some tips on that! :) Really well done though, the ending was my favorite.

  6. I haven’t seen fifty shades of grey and I don’t really plan on it, but I absolutely loved this. With all the hype or talk about the movie that has been going around, you really put an interesting spin on it. Plus Hallmark is one of my favorite stores because I am obsessed with cards (it’s a weird obsession, I know) I love it! Fantastic work!!! :)

  7. Hahah Janelle this is so awesome!! It sums up exactly how I’ve felt about this movie coming out. Sad I didn’t see this until just now, but sooo glad that I eventually did! Seriously, GREAT job!!!

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