Audio Assignment: Sound Effects Story(3 and a 1/2pts)- “Sebastian’s Drive to the Office.”

For this sound effects story, it was focused on Sebastian Crane’s drive to the San Francisco Chronicle, where he works. In my head, I wanted this to resemble a film in the way that time elapses between the cuts. So on this trip to work, the audience does not see every single thing Sebastian does on the way there; it would ideally have cuts that show the passing of time in a quick manner. I placed car sounds in the beginning to start the scene mid-drive. He hears a love song on the radio and quickly changes the station because he cannot stand love songs since they remind him of Margaret, his ex-lover. He then hears “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley and has it play louder since he really loves Elvis and this song. The choice of using “Hound Dog” can serve as his commentary about Margaret as well as it being an upbeat song that changes the mood for the audience. The song displays, at least to me, a confidence or tough attitude that Sebastian himself does have as one of his characteristics. In this set of shots with the diegetic song, it would then almost become non-diegetic as we would see Sebastian all of a sudden arrive in front of the Chronicle. He then turns off the engine, takes out the keys, shuts his car door, and walks around his car towards the building. We then cut to the interior where he is waiting for and elevator he then enters and travels up to the floor where he then exits (we can hear this in the footsteps that trail out of the elevator).

4 thoughts on “Audio Assignment: Sound Effects Story(3 and a 1/2pts)- “Sebastian’s Drive to the Office.”

  1. The driving sound effect story is always tough for the reasons you identify — you can’t realistically do an entire drive in 90 seconds. It’s also hard to do this story and make it specific to a particular character. The music choice is one way to do that — I’m wondering what other elements could be Sebastian-specific. I wonder if there are sounds for a newsroom that would be easily identifiable.

  2. Yeah — basically when you’re doing a character assignment like this you want to figure out how you can distinguish it so that it’s clear it’s for that character, and not (in this case, for example) a more generic “going to work” sound effect story. Does that make sense?

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