Audio Assignment: Remix a Song with Some Speech (4pts). Steve Jobs and “I Lived”

Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford in 2005 is probably one of my favorite speeches. I have a few quotes from this speech saved on my computer and whenever I read them, I am put in a better mood and feel more determined to make my dreams reality. I heard the remix of “I Lived” by One Republic during my winter break and put it on repeat for a while. When I was looking for a song to add with this speech, that was the first song I thought of. In the lyrics, the song encourages each and every one of us to go out and fully live our lives since we don’t know when it will be our last day. The same goes for Jobs’ speech, which is why they work well together. I tried to have certain parts of the speech coincide with certain lyrics of the songs. For example, Job’s says “you’ve got to find what you love” with the lyrics “I hope that you fall in love.” Some of these were coincidental and when they spoke back to each other, it was honestly magical for me.

4 thoughts on “Audio Assignment: Remix a Song with Some Speech (4pts). Steve Jobs and “I Lived”

  1. When this assignment is done well, it’s when someone takes the time to try and see how the music and speech can work together — I really like that you paid attention to this aspect.

    I love that moment when he says “truly important” and there’s this great pause in the music. Those little details are what this assignment is all about.

  2. Yeah, similar to what Prof. Burtis said, when Steve talks about the doctor’s code for “prepare to die”, the lyrics said “when that sun goes down, I hope you raise a cup!” This song has always brought about such hopeful feelings when I’ve listened to it, and your creation adds to that emotion even more!

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