Audio Assignment: Car Chase Commentary (3 and 1/2pts)- “The Heroic Cone.”

Making this video was probably one of the most exciting things of my night (and that is not even sarcasm). I searched for “most boring video” on YouTube and found a video of a cone placed on the sidewalk with no movement or action whatsoever. I did the audio narration first by just watching the video of the cone intently and after a while, I truly believed that this was an interesting story. Afterwards, I wanted to make it look more like a breaking news broadcast on television, so I downloaded the “breaking news” intro and recorded myself talking on the webcam to show that I am the anchor. I also had a reporter on the scene, my bear Lil Wayne (not the rapper. Like Bruce Wayne, but little :D). I wanted to make this comedic and fun since for me it was fun to make (minus the threat of a virus when downloading the cone video). I ended the video by inserting the soundtrack of “Hymn of the Sea” from Titanic since it would add a dramatic effect. I really had a lot of fun with this.

I wonder if I could make a good news anchor or actress. Let me know your thoughts on the matter xD

4 thoughts on “Audio Assignment: Car Chase Commentary (3 and 1/2pts)- “The Heroic Cone.”

  1. The awesome moment in this is when you start talking about the door. It just reminds me SO much of real news segments when they’ve obviously exhausted the story, but they can’t stop so they just start talking about the stupidest things.

    Lil Wayne is awesome, too.

    You definitely have a future in TV news.

    • I feel that way too! They just keep talking and talking and that is what I was going for a little bit. Plus, after a while it was very easy to get into the story. Lil Wayne the bear enjoyed being in the newscast xD. Thank you. My friend said I should really do it, but I wasn’t sure. :)

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  3. This is really one of my favorite assignments so far in this class.
    Honestly, it really shows how creative you are. I know I couldn’t talk about a motionless cone for so long.
    The intro “breaking news” graphic really adds a nice aesthetic, but your commentary is brilliant. I can’t help but wonder if the cone is reminiscing of past cone lovers, simply blocking what looks like an archaic cat door, or even just basking in the sun daydreaming about past feats. This cone deserves a medal of honor.
    Great work here!

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