House of Noir Presents: Find Your Noir Lover and Week Ten Post

This week, I was on the set of House of Noir’s show “Find Your Noir Lover” featuring the lovely Melody Bay with guest stars Jeffrey Davis Jack Spencer. My good friend Janelle was operating the camera while Janaye and Mariam worked on the editing of the clips taken from the show afterwards. Backstage, I talked with Jeff and Jack and they seemed like put together men by the first impression I had of them. In this show, Melody is looking for love among the bachelors, yet she was unsuccessful. She would ask us a few questions and we would have to answer as honestly as we can. The host, Mariam, introduced me as “Sebastian Crane, the Editor-in-Chief of The San Francisco Chronicle, is currently the Most Eligible Bachelor of the West Coast. A respectable man with mysterious charm and wit, he is certainly a fine contender for the lovely Melody Bay.” Below is the recorded exchange Melody and I had live on House of Noir:

We would all like to know the answer to this one: What would you plan for a fun first date? Well, to make things interesting, I would surprise her by ordering some flowers to be delivered at her workplace with a note that says “Meet me downstairs.” We’d go to her favorite restaurant and we would order each other’s dishes, ones we’ve both never had and see how that plays out. Then I would take her out for a night on the town. Go on the boardwalk, get to know her likes, dislikes, things like that. I would want to give her a date she could feel completely comfortable to be herself with me. Sounds like she really changed you. Her who? The girl you took on a date like this. She must have been special. Oh um… Alright let’s dig a little deeper now since we do have to find an honest man for Melody here. Have you ever hurt someone you love? Um..I have and I was just trying to protect her, but I hurt her more than I can ever know. I… Mr. Crane, are you alright? I’m sorry I can’t do this. There’s something I need to do. I can’t explain it all on live television, but dear Melody I am sorry if I have wasted any of your time. You will find a great guy because you are a classy woman with heart. I just can’t stand the thought of losing her when I know that I love her, even if I have never told her in person. Could you forgive me? Go out and get her. 

Melody seemed to sense that I was thinking about someone close to me when I told her about my ideal first date. And she was right. I took Sasha on this kind of date and I remember wanting to tell her I loved her, but I didn’t know if she even felt the same way. But I remembered when her evil twin knocked me out and threatened to kill Sasha and frame me for her murder if I did not break things off with her. Shannon had previously tried to kill Sasha in an apartment fire and she was unsuccessful fortunately. But I still had to break Sasha’s heart in order to protect her and this is something I couldn’t explain to Melody in full detail on live television. Melody Bay is a great woman who deserves to find a great man and I reminded her of this before I left the stage.

Bas tweeting four Bas tweeting three

I also had an exclusive interview with Burtis, Groom, and Bond this week. I was asked 8 questions pertaining to my way of thinking and living. I was called in from The Chronicle to be a part of this interview so that those listening could get a view inside of my head. I answered each question with complete honesty and here is the link to that interview with the one and only Sebastian Crane.

When on the set with Jeffrey, Jack, and Melody, we all decided to create an aganecy in the next few weeks. We will keep everyone posted on the noir site.

During the week, I would visit my friend Janelle and she showed me her Daily Creates she made. Here are the 3 ones she did that were..what is the best word to describe them…interesting:

1. Breakfast Selfies- Mr. Pops I saw Janelle cutting up the wrapping of the “Pops” cereal cover and she made a face with the fragments. She certainly is one of my quirkier friends.

2. 15 Second Batman- I am not sure I would call Janelle the best artist after seeing this drawing of Batman she did in 15 seconds. Great masterpieces take time. I mean, look at me. ;)

3. Personal Inspirational Quote: “One choice set into motion a journey of defying limits and showing the world, ourselves, what it is to embrace passion. Become lost in the love you found and remember that you are here for a reason. Live and remember these moments.” Janelle wrote this quote as she thought of her years in color guard and I found her words very inspiring and well articulated.

10 Comments for the week:

I also made an appearance on Twitter on Monday night and it was nice to see that the DS106 class extends beyond UMW and even America itself. It is accessible to anyone who wishes to create work for it.

(I hope I did not insult Tina too much, but her voice did hurt my ears).

Bas tweeting again two Bas tweeting again

My Exclusive Interview with the DS106 Crew

Apologies about how my voice does not sound normal. This usually happens when I come down with a strong cold and the changing seasons got me feeling under the weather. I was at work for a few hours regardless and I was called in from The Chronicle to be interviewed by Groom, Bond, and Burtis. They seemed to have a variety of questions for me. Below you can see the kinds of things they asked:

What is your name? What is your weapon of choice and why?  Have you ever cheated on a lover?  What do you think about when you are alone in your car?  Do you feel that morality is relative? Do you believe that fate is predetermined? Do you believe in God? Who is your role model?

I would say I am an open book when it comes to questions and I try to be as straight-forward as possible. The questions that posed more difficulty for me to answer were the ones about what I felt about fate being predetermined and the idea of God. Fate is a complexity in and of itself and I’ve had differing opinions on that subject for quite some time. I did come to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason so therefore fate must be predetermined. With the idea of God though, it was hard for me to answer this question since I was never raised in a religious household and I never had a moment where I felt a strong conviction of belief in something like that. That point may or may not come in the future, but I am content with either way.

A Painful Flashback

Recently I was a participant on the “Find Yourself a Noir Lover” on the House of Noir Channel. Melody Bay was looking for love and she had the chance to meet 3 bachelors, including myself. The following are the questions that were asked and my responses:

  • We would all like to know the answer to this one: What would you plan for a fun first date? Well, to make things interesting, I would surprise her by ordering some flowers to be delivered at her workplace with a note that says “Meet me downstairs.” We’d go to her favorite restaurant and we would order each other’s dishes, ones we’ve both never had and see how that plays out. Then I would take her out for a night on the town. Go on the boardwalk, get to know her likes, dislikes, things like that. I would want to give her a date she could feel completely comfortable to be herself with me (looks to be lost in thought). Sounds like she really changed you. Her who? The girl you took on a date like this. She must have been special. Oh um…(other person tries to change subject with this question) So do you kiss on the first date? Depends on the girl (says with a smile). If she’s charming, how could I resist? (back to previous asker, as to get more information about Sebastian’s recent love). Alright let’s dig a little deeper now since we do have to find an honest man for Melody here. Have you ever hurt someone you love? *Cue flashback* Um..I have and I was just trying to protect her, but I hurt her more than I can ever know. I…(looks down, as if ashamed and tries to form words) Mr. Crane, are you alright? I’m sorry I can’t do this. There’s something I need to do. I can’t explain it all on live television, but dear Melody I am sorry if I have wasted any of your time. You will find a great guy because you are a classy woman with heart. I just can’t stand the thought of losing her when I know that I love her, even if I have never told her in person. Could you forgive me? Go out and get her (Melody says with encouragement. Sebastian then exits the show).
  • (This information was recorded by Janelle Pierangelino in a Google Doc. as the show commenced).

With the first question that was asked, I went back one of the dates I had with Sasha recently and we had the best time. That was the night I was about to just say it, tell her I loved her, but I was afraid she didn’t love me back or feel strongly for me. Ever since Margaret, no girl has made me feel completely safe until Sasha. There’s something about the way her eyes look into mine and I don’t want to be anywhere else but in that moment with her. She is genuine, beautiful, caring and I do love this girl. During the show, I had a flashback to a time where I hurt someone I loved. I remembered that I was knocked out by Sasha Kellogg’s horrible twin sister Shannon Mills and that she had come back to make Sasha’s life hell. She was certainly vengeful and she went to attack me when I did not agree to her notion of breaking Sasha’s heart by making her feel worthless. She held a knife to my throat and threatened that she would kill Sasha and frame me for her murder if I did not comply. I won’t ever forget how badly it hurt to see Sasha in tears. I told her everything was a lie and that I was just using her to pass some time. Her words still ring in my head. I remember watching her walk away and everything just moved in slow motion. All I wanted to do in that moment was chase her and tell her to her face those words weren’t true, but I knew that I had to protect her any way that I could. Shannon had already tried to murder Sasha by burning down her apartment, so I knew that she was serious in her demands.

On the show, I couldn’t allow myself to be chosen by Melody because I knew how wrong it would be to say yes to a person when you’re in love with someone else. Melody deserves a man who will be fully devoted to her and I was not going to stand in the way of that. Right now, I am still trying to contact Sasha, but she is not answering my calls and she has been moved to a different floor of the Chronicle. I don’t blame her for that. I just know that I want her back, but if being away from her will protect her from harm, I will love her from afar and ensure that no one else can hurt her.

The rest of the video show is on the Google Doc that House of Noir collaborated on.

Week Nine: End of Radio, Beginning of Video

This week concluded the radio show work and introduced video. To start off this week, I listened to the radio show “Get a Clue” and participated in the live tweeting session. My biggest praise I gave tot his show was the script. Each character had their own monologue and the writing was excellent and the acting came across as very believable. Plus their concept of using a suspense-story board game was clever and I was impressed by this show. To read more in depth about my other comments and critiques, follow this link: For the last radio show assignment, I wrote up my reflection for the “House of Noir” radio show I was a part of. Our show was an advice column with jerks of the past and present and the women who become involved with them. I think our show was effective in revealing some of the secrets of our noir characters. For example, Mariam’s character was questioned by a caller about his past relating to family matters and he at first avoided the question by talking to another caller about work business, and later opened up to the caller about his mother’s passing and his father’s neglect. My only problem I did have with this show was the variation of volume and, to be honest, I was not crazy about my Sebastian segment as I listened to other radio shows. I felt the writing was strong, but the words were lost due to poor audio quality I plan to make up for my section through the video episode this week.

To fully introduce the video portion of ds106, we were asked to read “How to Read a Movie” and watch 3 videos from the site dealing with film making. With the main reading, I learned about how the Rule of Thirds can affect how the audience perceives a character. For example, a person who is placed more on the right side of a shot is seen as ideally placed, the center more like a mug shot, and the left a more negative view. I did not really see this in action as I watched “Notorious” for my video essay assignment, so I would have liked to have seen more of this to see if this is a valid statement. Ebert also brought up an interesting point about how a person moving more towards the right is metaphorically moving towards the future while a person moving to the left is going into the past. I plan on looking out for this when I watch films to see how common this is. I then watched “Tarantino // from Below” and saw how Tarantino utilizes a low angle shot in each one of his films, one example being in “Kill Bill” when The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad stands over Uma Thurman’s character. This allows the audience to see dominant and weak character interplay in a visual manner. Next was the “Top 20 Cinematic Techniques” and this showed me various examples of film techniques that have been manipulated in a artful manner, such as “Children of Men” and the long take and tracking shot used here created the effect of the viewer being in this war-like zone with the protagonist. The last video I watched was the “Camera Angles and Techniques” in which I took note on the Dolly zoom, which is zooming out the the camera while moving in with the dolly with the same speed, creating a disorienting effect. I also took note of how variation of camera angles can create more depth and emotion in your film. When I did my video essay for the final scene of “Notorious,” I mostly relied on discussing subjects I went over in my film class since some of the videos and the reading didn’t apply too much for my scene. I mostly thought of the “Camera Angles and Techniques” video when the speed of cuts increased as the group descended the stairs to create an action/suspenseful effect whereas there were minimal cuts in the first section where Devlin and Alicia are holding each other. To read more about my video essay and to see the video, here is the link:

Next week, House of Noir will be returning to create their first full episode. I proposed the idea of having the characters shown in first person so that the audience could see through their literal eyes in a sense. I also thought of this since most of our group’s characters are men. For my trailer, I decided to make it suspenseful by having a mix of love and possible harm intermixed. Sasha Kellogg will be featured in this video as I would play her and her evil twin she has (Kim Roehl’s revealed this twin in her radio show). I plan to have Sebastian be tricked by the twin and then get into some trouble with Sasha and his “relationship.” Also this trailer proposes that the idea of falling in love is harmful or scary, so this trailer embodies that idea. During the next few days, I will be writing up my script and meeting with my group to see what ideas they came up with and we will meet again to combine the sections.

Here are my two Daily Creates for the week:

1. A Dream Staircase- “Steps to Win an Oscar (High Expectations version)”: I would like to go into film editing or screenplay writing, so these are my steps to possibly reach the point of earning an Oscar for my work. The internship with Studio Center is actually starting is May :)

2. Junk Mail Art- “We’ll never be royals.” Psh, Lorde, speak for yourself.”: (My stuffed animals aren’t junk by the way. Just haven’t incorporated them into a Daily Create yet!) Peanut is the king, his crown made of an old bank receipt, painted in the finest of gold (or marker). He adorns old beads from a parade back in the days of summer. King Peanut sits atop a plastic St. Patty’s Day cup, his throne. His advisor, The Messiah, wears his crown of cool kid shades, that way he doesn’t have to wish his kingdom could “be like the Cool Kids.” They already are. Mr. Snickers is the secretary of treasury and his main skill is being the supreme bubble lord.

I am excited to see how the next week will go with the video portion. I feel video could be one of my strengths and I hope to show that this week!

“House of Noir” Episode Trailer and other planning notes

Above is the trailer for Sebastian Crane’s segment in the “House of Noir” episode next week. This trailer is intended to give the audience anticipation for next week since Sebastian will be dealing with a love crisis. I used a quote by Shakespeare: “Journeys end in lovers meeting” and a quote “Love is patient. Love is kind” to show cliches of love that may be knocked down next week. The are placed in italics to refer to how they are cliches or common love quotes. The text “And Cruel” comes after the patient and kind quote in bold, non-italicized letters to place emphasis on them and show their distance from the love quotes. This text continues with the quotes that follow, such as “Who will fall,” “House of Noir,” “See through the eyes of Sebastian Crane,” “Premiere next week.” In the beginning, I had a clip of myself looking happy to show who the love interest is as she is speaking (which will be Sasha Kellogg). There is the sound of a heartbeat to give the notion of love and yet also suspense as we await Sebastian’s answer. The trailer becomes darker when we see the clip of the person (my shoes) walking away in slow motion with Queen’s lyric of “Bohemian Rhapsody playing “Mama just killed a man. Put a gun against his head, Pulled the trigger now he’s dead.” I downloaded this slowed down version of the song since it gave a scary, horror effect to it. These lyrics lead into the title of the show that appears over the smoke and on the word “dead” the screen goes to black. This section of the trailer is meant to make the audience question what will happen to Sebastian or Sasha; would Sasha become violent if she gets a wrong answer? The question “Who will fall” refers to the idea of who will fall in love, or who will fall because of love. This is intended to show that Sebastian sees love as dangerous and cruel and his response may hurt or help Sasha. Also it showcases her as a possible femme fatale or that another femme fatale may make an entrance to wedge between them (which may be Sasha’s twin sister).

For our whole show, I came up with the idea of filming from our character’s perspective, the camera being their eyes. I thought of doing this since my character is male and I clearly am not, so it would be easier to shoot this way and could be very unique in the manner as well. We see what the characters see and this can allow for a strong connection between audience and characters to resonate more. We also decided to go with black and white to create suspense and to make sure there is a cohesive coloring since we have two characters from the past. For my own portion, I plan on writing up a script and I may have to change my voice on the computer for Sebastian’s.

The House of Noir group has plans to meet in person to discuss the show outline in the next few days.

“Notorious” Video Essay

Doing this video essay was more difficult than I anticipated. Choosing a scene to analyze was the simple part, but put my notes into words for the audience was tricky. I chose the final scene of “Notorious” since I felt it contained interesting editing technique. There were distinctions I made between the first part of the scene and the end. In the beginning of the scene, Devlin and Alicia are having an intimate moment together as he holds her close and tells her he has loved her from the time they met. With regards to editing here, there were minimal shot changes and this was to slow down the pace for the audience so they could really take in this moment of shared love between the characters. This is different from the next section of the scene because the shots are much shorter, some one or two seconds in length. This creates the suspenseful effect between Devlin, Alicia, Alex/Sebastian, his mother, and the men at the doorway. Also, having the editing pace can allude to the notion of how the most action-full moments of our lives go so fast; we often hear of how “everything went so fast” when there was a moment full of action. On a side note, in the shower killing scene in Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” the editing is very fast; many jump cuts that create suspense build-up throughout the scene, which may be a signature of Hitchcock and other directors to follow. Regarding cinematography, the first section contained many medium close up and close up shots of Devlin and Alicia, playing with the idea of being in this intimate moment with the characters. In the second section, I noticed that there were mostly medium, long, and extreme long shots of all the characters. This may suggest a distance between them and there is tension between them since they aren’t so close with one another. With mise-en-scene, the main setting in within Sebastian/Alex’s house where Alicia is being held against her will. The lighting was mostly high key and this allows for each actor’s facial expressions to be seen. It is slightly darker in Alicia’s room since the main source of lighting seems to come from the bedside lamp. This can held build the intimate close moment the two share together as they hold one another since it is soft lighting as opposed to the hard lighting of the second section of the scene. With sound, there is no background music playing as Devlin and Alicia are talking softly to one another and this allows the audience to pay more attention to this moment since it is the first time Devlin declares his obvious love for Alicia. Suspenseful music plays when Devlin opens the door and begins to descend the stairs with Alicia, Alex/Sebastian, and his mother towards the men at the bottom. The music becomes more boisterous as Alex/Sebastian walks back into the house to meet his fate.

For the reading this week, I remembered to take note of how characters don’t always tend to be in the central 3rd of the shot, and if they were it gives the appearance of a mugshot. Alex/Sebastian was in the center of the shot when he was being seen as guilty of something, for example when the two men call him back into the house. I also watched the Tarantino video and noticed how he uses low angle shots repeatedly to establish a dominant and weak character relationship, for example when Aldo Raine is standing over-top a Nazi general he is put into a position of power. “Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques” was very interesting to watch since I had seen a few of the movies selected, such as the graphic match in the first part of “2001 A space Odyssey” and the long establishing shots in “Star Wars.” I didn’t get to use this knowledge in this film essay, but they were definitely enlightening. I also watched “Camera Angles and Techniques” and I remembered that fast, quick editing can make an action scene more dramatic and this came into play when everyone was descending the stairs in “Notorious.” This built up so much suspense and this editing technique helped enable that feeling more. I will be taking into account other facts from this video for when I film my episode for next week: varying camera angles create more depth and emotion.

Reflection on “House of Noir” Radio Show

Creating this radio show was definitely a great experience. I would do something like this again in the future if given the opportunity. My favorite part about this experience is how much our group worked well together, despite our differing schedules. We all worked well together and for the most part we used a Google doc. Everyone carried their weight equally and everyone shared their creativity. I love the opening quote “jerks of the past, present, and the women who love them…” section. It definitely got listeners in the mood for the show. I also enjoyed making the a bumper for the show as well as a commercial; both were fun to create and I got to work with Audacity more to try new things. Every person had a great script for their characters and each one revealed more about their character in their given segments. Janaye’s character Melody had probably the most intense section when she was telling off a caller who asked too personal of questions. The anger was scary…in a great way! Mariam’s showed her character break away from being completely closed off about his past, which is an admirable quality coming from the jerk with a heart of gold archetype. With Rhiannon’s section, her jerk character stuck to being well, a jerk and it made sense with her character. I also liked how she used a British accent for her caller. With mine, I hoped to have Sebastian’s eloquence come through with his words he chose to answer the question regarding love, a difficult subject for him to approach after his rocky past. He wants to give the caller an honest answer to how he personally feels about love at that point in his life; it suggests he was hurt for him to have these negative views about it and it comes through that he is also a romantic, but won’t admit it.

Hearing this show on the radio did make me nervous since I didn’t know what kind of reaction we would receive from those following on the Twitter feed. Most liked the concept of our show it seemed, but there were a few posts critiquing the sound quality. I am honestly disappointed with how my personal Sebastian Crane section came out since the quality of my friend’s phone recording was too quiet. I had an issue when adjusting the volume because it would make the fuzzy sound louder than the words. In that way, I would change this portion since the recordings of myself as the host and the crazy girl came out nicely on my computer recording; I would have instead played as Sebastian to ensure the volume didn’t change drastically. Also, because I am connected tot his character, it may have been a better choice if I had voiced him; my friend wasn’t familiar with the character so certain lines did not have the intended tone of the text (which is a very honest mistake). This was the hardest part for me, which I know how to overcome in the future. I was going on spring break that weekend, so there wasn’t a way for me to get to my friend at VCU to record this on my computer. Plus our schedules would have collided as well.

Advice for those doing this project in the future: be very creative! Go with an idea you feel drawn to, no matter how ridiculous or impossible it may seem. I originally didn’t have the crazy fan girl in the show as the caller. She was normal, but this added humor to it and it made it more engaging for the audience. Use this opportunity to reveal your character’s dirty little secrets. Go crazy, go wild, and get inspired.

“Get a Clue” Radio Show Response

This was was definitely on point tonight, especially with the script. I can’t say that enough. There are so many quotes I got from this radio show, I didn’t even get to write them all down. Here are some screen shots of some of the quotes and personal thoughts:

tweet on get a clue


I did like the bumper for the radio show in the beginning with the song “Too Close” playing after many suspenseful noir sounds led into the song. I found this ironic since the main lyric of the song is, “And it feels like I’m too close to love you,” which can allude to the feelings the women had about Lawrence since he ended up getting too close in the end. His narration starting the show was perfect because it introduced all of the female characters/possible suspects. He was really embellished as a downright horrible womanizer when he would have sexual relations with each woman and leave in the morning. Can’t forget how he took their food too and the watch of the one woman’s deceased husband (it was hard for me to keep track of the names of each one to be honest. Too busy writing notes!). The sound effects illustrated how he died at the dinner table, sounds such as him gasping for air and him falling from the chair.  Each woman had their own script and this made them distinct from each other. Even with the constant flashbacks, each character also had sounds associated with their story telling. For example, the diner bells clanging when Lawrence enters is placed in the monologue of the woman he met in the diner. Most seemed to be a femme fatale and the one who had the British accent came off as more innocent, but definitely not naive, especially in how she called Lawrence, “a pathetic piece of a man.” I also wrote down the quote “Men are so gullible it’s almost pathetic,” which I found that a lot of the monologue was very realistic in how women can perceive men. Well done in that department. The monologues were very honest and true to the women who spoke them. They are pieces I would see myself wanting to listen to or even read.

My only issues I really had were how there wasn’t an obvious break to commercials, such as an announcement or repeated sound indicating the end of a segment. It threw me off at some points since I didn’t expect to get to a commercial that quickly after the person spoke. A symbolic sound to the “Get a Clue” station may have helped with this. Also, the Tiffanys commercial was one I didn’t personally understand and I assume it is related to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and I have never seen that ( I am so uncultured, I know). It was too quiet and a bit muffled, which maybe was done to get an old-time effect, but I wasn’t entirely sure. Also I recently came back to this post and thought about how the killer was easy to pick out since their monologue was saved for the end and it became predictable. Next time, have a character or two come back to throw off the audience.

All in all, great concept for a radio show. This was a radio show I was planning on listening to since I always liked playing Clue. Sister loved Monopoly and I was never about that. Clue was the way to go every time. This game fits perfectly with the idea of noir and I am happy you guys utilized it to the full effect. :)


Week Eight Summary: Inspired, Radio Shows, and Inhabit Your Character

Well this week was certainly jammed packed with work in all of my classes! But miraculously, I made it to the end. This week for ds106, I had the change to make Sebastian Crane come to life even more by making him a Twitter and a Gmail account. My first post as Sebastian is below, and I have to say I love embodying him as a character behind the screen.

first tweet bas bas tweet 2 bas tweet 3 bas tweet 4


Sebastian Crane made his appearance in one other radio show and in others’ assignments, so he gets around. I was very happy to hear that Groom and Burtis called him “an irresistible James Dean” and “the soap opera sweetheart.” Since I do get such a positive reaction to Sebastian Crane from ds106 and my two good friends, it has really made me consider writing his full on story in a novel form or possibly screenplay since I may go into writing screenplay in the future. I feel it could be successful and certainly a fun summer project to take on. I don’t want to leave him behind once this class ends. It would be fantastic if he was used in assignments for the next class after me :). #nopainnocrane.

For the collaborative character assignments this week, the first one I did was an actual in-person collaboration with Kim Roehl. We created a Groom poster for “Titanic” featuring our noir characters. This was very fun to make and it was difficult to find a picture where Rose, Jack, and Cal were all in the same shot together. I placed Sebastian’s head onto Cal’s since he, like Cal, is a classy, refined gentleman who exudes much confidence and ego at some points. Here is the picture below I titled “An Ice Cold Love Triangle” and the link to read more about this process (

titanic groom bas sasha new

The next assignment I completed was the poetry art visual assignment, which honestly took me a longer period of time due to the massive editing with the text of the poem overtop the background. I chose the poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” to show a representation of the relationship between Tiffany Yowell’s character, Lawrence Spitler, and Sebastian Crane. I found Lawrence on Twitter and I was very interested with his bio since it was so detailed as my own was, so I had a good sense of who this person was and how I could position our characters to encounter one another. It seems many people made their noir characters present day while mine is in his prime in the 1950s, so I chose to have Sebastian put into the present day, but by this time he is 90 years old and Lawrence is in his 30s. I wrote a story line with this post about how these two were neighbors who grew very close to one another and Sebastian became an ideal father figure to Lawrence. Unfortunately, this post is about Sebastian Crane passing away, but I wanted to challenge myself in picturing how Sebastian would be if he were closer to the end of his life. I also wanted to show how he impacted Lawrence through the time they spent together up until his death. The link will provide this back story of this relationship as well as my reasoning for using this particular poem (

do not stand at grave

The final assignment I chose to do was the night call poem writing assignment. I used Sasha Kellogg here as I wrote a 3rd person omniscient poem discussing how Sebastian is working out his feelings for Sasha. I think it is very relate-able in the way that thoughts can keep us up at night and I know this is true for myself. With this poem, I wanted to show how feelings can’t always be understood or even expressed fully and this makes Sebastian appear more human in that way. He fears going with his feelings as his mind reminds him of the dangers of following one’s heart, as he learned in the past. But he trusts Sasha and wants to continue unraveling the mystery that is her and that is what keeps him going.

This week, we posted to Inspire and detailed how/ why these works inspired us. For this, I went back to favorites on SoundCloud as well as previous comments I made on others’ posts. I tried to have diversity in the material I choose, so I had a Groom poster, an audio assignment, a photo safari, and a radio commercial. In this way, the visual and audio pieces were even and touched on different area of creativity. I saw the “50 Shades” poster on one of the weekly videos and went back to find it for my inspire post. The audio assignment was one I commented on since it was “Drunk in Love” slowed down by 800% and it really intrigued me because it was completely different from the original song. The photo safari was one I had to dig deep through the site for since I realized that I never saw that many of the safaris and this particular one I saw was wow to me because of the excellent quality and descriptions provided. For the radio commercial, I went on my SoundCloud and found it on Janaye Evan’s page since the concept was original and the commercial was executed well.

Listening to the radio shows this week has been pretty entertaining and somewhat intimidating. House of Noir went first and after hearing others’ shows, I became a little disappointed in ours since our sound quality was the main problem and other groups went to one of the audio recording rooms to record everything. I would see many tweets come in about how the sound was varying in volume. Other than that, I still love our show and it was cool to see that people liked the concept. I wrote my post on the show “The Steadfast Sleuths” and it was very well done. The commercials were fun to listen to and the show itself was a suspenseful mystery as to what happened to Sasha Kellogg. They made great use of sound and the acting was the most believable and realistic of all of the shows I’ve listened to so far. I have enjoyed hearing the rest of the radio shows this week and I would definitely do a project like this again in the future.

Below are my Daily Creates:

1. “A Soul Unbound: More than Black and White:” This is a photo I edited together from 4 photos of myself. The assignment was to show your different sides. This one shows my happy spirit, my mind constantly in thought, my love of color guard, and how I am a kid at heart. I set it in black and white to show how a person’s persona is not black and white, or simple, and we are all complex and that’s what makes each person unique.

2. “Is Professor Johnson the Hulk?:”- This post was dedictaed to something fun that happened in the past week, so I chose to draw a picture of when my poetry teacher read Greg Santos’ poem called “Hulk Smash.” This poem is in the perspective of the Hulk and Professor Johnson (my poetry teacher) read it aloud in class today and it was so great. It showed how a teacher can make a class more enjoyable and fun. I also gave him the picture today and he was so excited :). Here is what he tweeted back to me after class (which made my life!):

johnson tweet hulk


3. “I Laughed Making This”- Here, we had to make a short video of things that made us laugh. I compiled fun moments from the past two years into this post because I find myself laughing when I stumble upon them now.

My 10 comments: