Week Five Summary: The Design of Noir

Of all of the weeks of ds106, I would have to say that the week of design had more time-consuming tasks for me. I am very interested in design and creating visuals (it may be something I will pursue in the future), but I found myself staying on one task for a longer period of time, specifically with the design assignments (which I will cover later on in this post).

There were tasks this week that involved reading about design and watching design unfold in film. First I read “The Vignelli Canon,” which was a helpful introduction to the basics of design. I was most interested in the intangibles of design and this is discussed in great detail within my post (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/week-five-the-vignelli-canon-reflection/). In this reading, the main idea, to me, was that every detail matters and this can positively or negatively affect the viewer’s impression of a design; one has to have discipline and control when creating their design. They have to keep in mind they message they are trying to convey to their viewers. Later in the week, I chose to watch “The Big Lebowski” to see how space in the film helps to create design and noir. I had a very difficult time identifying examples of how design and noir interplay within the film’s city-scape, but I did my best by picking out a few examples that could best represent this idea (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/film-design-the-big-lebowski/). As I watched the film, I picked out locations that could easily be used in noir films or have noir qualities to them. I did use one site as a source to help me remember specific places within “The Big Lebowski” so that I could think of the scenes that occurred at each that had qualities of noir (http://www.movie-locations.com/movies/b/BigLebowski.html#.VN43lvnF-So).

The Design Blitz was relatively easy to complete since there is some form of design anywhere you look. I was in the Nest for a majority of the pictures I took and I had “500 Days of Summer” in my room to take a photo of the movie cover. It is interesting to truly look at a design and its’ components to see if they are effective in conveying their message. It made me aware of designs all around me and in the future, I will most likely analyze designs a lot more than I already do in daily life because of doing this assignment (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design/my-design-blitz/).

Three Daily Creates were required for this week: They are the following:

1. Make creative hands: My creativity thrives when I am either writing or doing a visual/and or film editing kind of project. I wanted to show both stems of my creativity in this one picture.

Movie editing and writing

2. What’s Your Superpower: The Power of a Contagious Laugh and Smile. I chose to edit these three photos of myself together since they were taken by my friend when I was laughing while he was trying to take a picture. I think that by having contagious happiness, that is a great power or gift to others. I like to think that I can make someone else’s day a little brighter through my laugh or a smile. Anyone can have this power within them so why not use it to bring happiness to others who need it.

The Power of a Contagious Laugh and Smile


3. Old time radio commercials: With this assignment, I downloaded the audio from a 1960’s Avon lipstick commercial and near the end, I added the audio of Lil’ Mama’s “Lip Gloss” song. I wanted to make something humorous and fun and a commercial that would combine two time periods for the same kind of message: this lip stick/gloss will make any woman feel confident and sassy.


As I mentioned before, some of the design assignments were very time consuming. Some that were three stars sometimes were the most complex (more so than one that was 4+ stars). A prime example of this was when I did the assignment “The Ultimate Merger” where you would merge two brand logos together to make one. This was a fun assignment since I combined Starbucks and Android to create “Staroid,” the coffee delivery service that brings you strength, energy boosting coffee (and there are no steroids in it!). http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-the-ultimate-merger4-and-a-12-staroid/. It was a 4 and a 1/2 star assignment, but one design assignment I did for Sebastian Crane was 3 stars, yet felt more along the lines of being a 4. I did the assignment labeled “Newspaper Design” and I made the paper show the story of when Sebastian became the new Editor-in-Chief of the Chronicle and had some underlined scandal embedded with how he managed to get his competitor fired to fully secure the position he was given (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-newspaper-design3-pts-sebastian-crowned-as-chronicles-editor-in-chief/#comment-188). The reason this assignment could have been 4 stars is because of the great lengths I had to go through to actually get it in a newspaper format from online template, which would allow me to make the paper, but not download it unless I subscribed and paid $20.00. It was time consuming in that manner and it was frustrating. I did enjoy the final product because it illustrated the devious plan Sebastian got away with to secure his title, but it was a long process. It also put more faces to the characters within his life. Another design assignment I completed was the three start “motivational poster.” I inserted the lantern scene from Tangled with the words “Dream. Open your eyes and see your dreams outside your mind.” I wanted this to motivate viewers to make their dreams realities and I brought in a personal story of how I made one of my dreams real by joining color guard (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-motivational-poster3pts-a-tangled-dream/). I felt that adding this information would make it more personable and it shows that you can make your dreams real, despite any self-doubt. The final design assignment I completed this week was the three- star “READ” poster. In this poster, you had to have a well-known figure or celebrity with a book and have the word “read” on it. I took this opportunity to have Sebastian Crane associated with this idea of reading since he enjoys reading and makes it a daily practice through work and during his free time. I also put an acronym-like idea in the poster with each letter of “read” having a word associated with it to better convey what kind of power reading holds (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-create-a-read-poster-3pts-sebastian-crane-poster/).

Lastly there was the copyright reflection this week, where we read and watched sources detailing copyright information. I really did not know about many of the issues that go into copyright, such as no one can copyright a piece of material within the first 14 years it is published or if possible, have the consent of the publisher or the author. It never occurred to me that this is an issue since it threatens to stall creativity in our generations and younger today. It was interesting to see that as long as the copyright material serves a new and innovative, original purpose, it is just. But who defines that and is it always fair to the author and the person copy writing? It clearly is a complex system and I may still have questions about all of the tails of it later on.  http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/copyright-reflection/

Most of my TDCs were posted on Twitter and I got inspired by last week to create a speech/song remix for a project for my communication class. It is a colmbination of Bsh’s 9/11 speech and Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

I also attempted to do the song lyrics design assignment where you type only the lyrics and have no visual, but I did the assignment wrong. I did like what I created for the ABBA song “The Winner Takes it All,” so at least I got to use some creativity: winner takes it all


Here are most of the comments I made throughout the week on others’ work:





Film Design- “The Big Lebowski”

In “The Big Lebowski,” I honestly did not see much of the city scape, so this assignment is somewhat difficult. Most of the scenes took place in the bowling alley, Dude’s house, teen’s neighborhood, Treehorn’s beach home, the art studio, the Lebowski mansion, and the restaurant.

With regard to the bowling alley, it is poorly lit on the exterior and this was built in 1962. A place like this could have been used in noir since the lack of lighting could give a more mysterious mood to this alley. The parking lot was consistently almost- empty, creating a suspenseful mood as is seen in noir. With regards to the interior, it is like any other bowling alley: evenly lit. Inside there is a red color scheme that seems to be prominent. The banners on the wall differ in color and typography from those directly beside one another, making each one stand out. When Dude is outside of his house confronting the man who had been following him, one can see some of the other shabby-looking homes close by illuminated by few streetlights. Also, in his home there is one scene where the Venetian blonds create an effect on Dude when he is talking to the woman in his bed, almost interrogating her about what has been going on. This can relate to a person being questioned in a noir film that is typically set in an office (The lamp and Venetian blinds are also seen when Dude is in the police chief’s office after he was caught walking drugged in the street). The one scene where Walter smashes the windows of the teenage boy’s car takes place is a higher class neighborhood than Dude’s as indicated by the homes that reside there; they look to be better constructed and the sidewalk is paved neater. This took place at night, which is when most dramatic scenes of noir films take place as well. The most prominent home that is seen is Jackie Treehorn’s beach home. This architecture is designed in a more modern way and this type of home would not have been seen in most past noir films since this kind of development came in the 1960s. Most noir films came before this time so most noir films contain scenes of city-streets and buildings rather than homes like these. But a noir moment in this beach home had to be when the pool water was casting somewhat of a shadow effect on the ceiling when Treehorn is standing over Dude after his drink had been drugged. The art studio had dark lighting when Dude first entered it to see the woman flying above him to throw paint on the paper. It was a rather suspenseful moment when he first looks down the dark hall to see the light at the end where the main studio was. There was a use of lamp lighting on the floor when he is talking to the woman, which is typically a lighting source in noir. The building used as the Lebowski mansion was constructed in 1931 and is nicely kept on the exterior and the interior. The diplomas, awards, and trophies are different from each other; the typography of each diploma and award not the same as the ones next to them. The scene where Dude is near the fireplace with the older Lebowski is lit only from the fireplace, creating a slightly eerie mood as the older Lebowski tells Dude his wife has been taken. The letter Dude reads exemplifies differing typography as well in this scene. The restaurants used in the film would be seen in noir type films since most conversations between characters can occur in these places. We see Walter and Dude there and a sign is in that back that shows a 50’s styled as of a boy carrying a large burger in his arms. The other restaurant is seen when the Russian crew is sitting at a both and we see the female character is the one with the missing toe. The second restaurant scene is filmed at night, suggesting a dangerous kind of mood since we are seeing the group who plans on killing Dude, which differs from the first daylight restaurant scene.

Other small places I took note of were the mortuary and the city lights that were usually only seen from the interior of a home. The mortuary had a Bible verse lettered on the wall, an example of typography in design. With the city lights, most were blue tinted and this was seen when Dude was initially knocked out and dreaming he was flying over the city. In another dream, one of the photos from the studio seemed to come to life; the one of the pair of red scissors. This created a suspenseful effect since we would see Dude in a state of distress as he ran from them. But I think the fact that most of the parking lots and driveways were empty at night can create a noir-suspense mood for the audience since it gives to the notion that no one is around to really witness the events taking place, especially in the scene where the Russians were standing in front of Dude’s flame engulfed car.

My Design Blitz

1) Stars sign:

Design Blitz 1


With this poster, I particularly noticed the idea of a symbol/ metaphor being utilized. The statement “Not all stars belong to the sky,” is referring to Virginia Beach since typically beaches have many starfish as do many coastal regions. The starfish also has “Virginia Beach” labeled on it. representing where this souvenir was purchased. Personally, I see this message as a metaphor for how we all, in our own way, can shine like stars. It is an inspirational message that can speak to many viewers.

2) “500 Days of Summer” movie cover:

Design Blitz 2

This is an example of unity since the photos are in close proximity, which is a part of unity. The pictures in the sun are close together and are in smaller size; all of the pictures are of Summer, one of the main characters of the film (supporting the title). Repetition is also created this way since her features are shown in most of the pictures, some in differing ways. In the larger photos, the two main character’s are placed in pictures together and they are larger in size, indicating that their interaction is a key plot of the film. There is unity overall since these are the two characters that are central to the film and no other characters are interrupting the cover. The “500 Days of Summer” cover is successful with its’ design since the photos in the sun figure and the ones outside it create a story of romance that the film focuses on.

3) Business card:

Design Blitz 3

The business card is an example of minimalism and use of space. The majority of the card contains white space, allowing for all the viewer’s focus to be set on the name in the middle/right side of the card. The name is surrounded by a thin orange halo, which alludes to the name of the catalog this person works for. Below the name is the contact information and there is an orange border along the bottom of the business card, adding some color to this card. I would say this card is successful with its’ design since its’ simplicity allows the viewer to place their attention on the name they see printed on the card; there are no distractions.

4) “Go Bananas” poster:

Design Blitz 4

The poster makes great use of color. The three main colors green, purple, and yellow are representative of the celebration of Mardi Gras. In the center of the poster, a mask is adorned with colored bananas (green, purple, and yellow) and the bottom portion of the poster has Mardi Gras beads intermingled on top of a diamond pattern (the prominent colors of green and purple used here). Having the black background makes the mask and colored border really pop and have a more three dimensional effect (specifically the bananas on top of the mask). Seeing these colors placed together, one can understand that they can represent Mardi Gras and even the text below can help one to reach that conclusion.

5) “Aubade” ad:

Design Blitz 5


The typography of this ad is neatly presented. The title of the club “Aubade” is printed in red, Scrabble-like blocks as a way to represent writing or coming up with words/ideas. Also, each letter seems to be in a different font, possibly showing the idea of different people coming together for one thing they have in common or love: writing. The meaning of the word “aubade” is, “a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak; a poem or song of or about lovers separating at dawn.” By using this word, it can represent writing itself since an aubade is a special type of poem. It can also represent lovers of writing and writing itself coming together and separating at some point during the day. The contact information is printed in smaller black font below the title. The names of the special editor positions are in a large, bold text and the names under it are in a smaller, finer text, placing more emphasis on the position each person is holding. The emails are found under the names of the students, which again places importance on contacting these individuals. This, like the business card, is simple and to the point and this is essential for viewers since most want to know who is in charge and how to contact them. There is no overwhelming clutter of words on this ad and that makes it more pleasing to the eye. 

Copyright Reflection

After learning about the copyright law, the fair use doctrine, and the Creative Commons movement, I was a little less confused as to what would make something copyright. It was interesting to see that copyright has been an ongoing issue for centuries that even Mark Twain himself dealt with. In the Constitution, copyright is defined as, “an Act for the encouragement of learning,” and the rights are granted “limited terms” of use by consumers. I was surprised that the copyright term period doubled to 28 years in the 1800s and this was because of the family line extending from the author, so they had rights to keep his/her work away from copyright. The idea of fair use was covered in most of the readings and videos. I particularly enjoyed the Disney parody called “A Fair(y) Use Tale,” as it would form statements about the fair use doctrine by combining numerous cuts from Disney films. This made it more appealing to watch and it was almost a copyright issue in and of itself, yet it did this to explain the point about how content should be used in an artistic or creative way, differing from the original; making it one’s own work as the video maker did for this. The video seemed to say that one can use songs, pictures, etc. and have it not be counted as copyright since there is no limit of creativity. Another fact that came from this video was that after 14 years, the content goes towards public domain, which is where it is free to use. I also really liked the Ted Talk “Laws that Choke Creativity” since it discussed “amateur culture,” which is creation through love, not for the goal of money. The lawyer said that the younger generation is much different than his own because of technology, which is not a bad thing at all. The young take and recreate content to see things differently and the lawyer said that this is how kids speak, by using digital technology. But with this, there are two extremes to be cautious of: auto-takedown on sites such as YouTube when someone is suspected of misuse of content/copyright and the idea of copyright abolishment, which meant that the kids would not have any regard to copyright law and completely disobey it. But the lawyer argued that by making content available, it can allow for creative opportunities and self-expression. It was easy to read the “Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions” since it was nicely organized and provided several examples of fair use copyright issues close to our current time frame, to where it is more likely to be understood by readers today. With the Creative Commons movement, I can respect it because it gives both the author and the consumers rights to the work and has the goal of using and sharing the work in a positive way. Personally, I like to use others’ content in a new, original fashion and only have a goal to make it have a different, original slant to it. For example, the photos I get off of Google for my character Sebastian Crane are photographs of Scott Eastwood that I use to give my viewers a clear image of my character to help them become more immersed in the world of his story. I think that if content is used is a new, creative, and artful way then there should not be a problem with copyright. It already is a complex issue and I did have a hard time figuring out that there are many open ends to this discussion, but for myself, I only plan on using work to better enhance it or show it in a different light.

Design Assignment: Create a READ Poster (3pts).- Sebastian Crane poster


This READ poster is made with a photo of Sebastian Crane (Scott Eastwood) as he would sit in a study and read. Since he works with the newspaper, he must be actively reading and this photo can represent that part of his job. As Editor-in-Chief, he must be well-read and this is why he chooses to read on his free-time to hone his reading and critical thinking skills as well as writing. When he is alone at night, he enjoys reading a few chapters of a book to help him fall asleep and so that he is constantly practicing being a critical reader.

Making an acronym for READ seemed simple enough to do for this design. I chose “re imagine” since literature can bring forth new ideas that reshape the world you see. “Explore” because literature can contain places, stories, and emotions that we have never been to or experienced before; literature can allow us to explore something new and unknown to us. “Awaken” since new ideas will awaken or arise when reading literature that makes you think internally about strange and unfamiliar ideas; ideas you never really thought about before reading that piece of literature. The last word I chose was “dream” because literature can take us to any point in time, place, etc. and it is like being in a dream: somewhere we picture in our minds and grow attached to.

It is important to have these kinds of posters because reading does enlighten us in various ways. With advertising these posters, it is wise to show well-known faces so that viewers can see that even people they revere read as well and that reading is universal.

Design Assignment: Newspaper Design(3 pts)- “Sebastian Crowned as Chronicle’s Editor-in-Chief”

edited newspaper pic

(to view image better, click on the photo or go to the following link https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16309162718/. Once there, you can zoom in to have the text be more legible).

This was a very frustrating assignment because I had trouble finding a newspaper generator that allowed you to freely download your content once you were finished creating it. But the story I chose for this assignment made it a bit worth it. With this story, Sebastian Crane ensured he would keep the position of Editor-in-Chief by planting his wallet on his competitor John to make it seem like he stole his wallet. He also did this to intentionally provoke John so that he would make a scene in public of him trying to punish Sebastian and therefore, shame John. Sebastian did do some dirty business here and this article leans more with Sebastian than the innocent John. With this story, I hope to use John as a vengeful character in the future that will pose a threat to Sebastian.

With this paper, I wanted its’ focus to be on this pivotal change in leadership, so it is a front page story with more information about Sebastian Crane on the next few pages. I just gave faces to the characters of John (Armie Hammer) and Robert “Bobby” (Geoffrey Rush) by envisioning one male close to Sebastian’s age and the other someone who appears as a friendly older figure that is their previous Editor-in-Chief. In creating this paper, I could not download it as I stated before, so I used my snipping tool on my personal computer and cut the newspaper in half. Then I combined them by cropping some of the edges and used the snipping tool again after I sharpened the photo by 50% in the corrections section to make the text less blurry.

Design Assignment: Motivational Poster(3pts)- “A Tangled Dream.”


Tangled is one of my top favorite Disney movies of all time and I feel it sends a great message about the idea of dreaming and how it should be continuous. Flynn Ryder tells Rapunzel to find a new dream when she fears that fulfilling her dream of seeing the lanterns will mean there is nothing else to dream of. This is such a beautiful moment in the film and it honest;y is one of my favorite film moments I have ever seen. It is something I actually dream of doing and one day, I would love to see lanterns in the sky similar to this (that would be the best marriage proposal of all time for me). But I want viewers of this poster to feel motivated to make their internal dreams their external realities and to never stop finding their next dream. It is a human quality to have an unfulfilled desire for adventure and I think that is something that makes life meaningful; having a constant un-quenched desire allows one to explore different sides of themselves and do things they never knew they could do. One example of this for me is when I thought of myself joining color guard back in 10th grade, but never went out to find more information about it because I didn’t know if it was something I would ever do. At the time, it just seemed like a little daydream for me, tossing flags for an audience. But it was my senior year of high school that fate intervened. One of my friends randomly called me to have dinner with her and one of her marching band friends and I thought to myself, “Why not? I don’t have anything better to do.” The next day, I went to pre-band camp where the girl brought me to the color guard team and I came back for marching band the next week. Soon, I was an integrated member of the Cox Marching Falcons and I truly loved every minute I was with them, performing together. Being in color guard that year changed me and made me the happiest I had ever been all throughout my years at high school and honestly my life in general. It had been a long time since I had felt I was a part of something again; I did cheer from 5th to 9th grade and that last year made me see that that dream was gone. Before I joined guard, I didn’t have something that I loved and I felt empty. Maybe in a way joining guard saved me and showed me that every moment is full of inconceivable joy only if we allow ourselves to see it and never stop chasing it. Life began to have more meaning all because I followed this dream. I remember we gave speeches the night before our last show and I found myself in tears giving mine because I could not express how happy being a part of the band made me. Guard allowed me to see my full potential and I have met some of the most unforgettable people I can now call my close friends because of it. I don’t really know where or who I would be without this dream I made real. It still is the most unreal feeling even today when I perform for competitions at college, remembering that one summer day brought me here, brought me to this point in my life where I recognize that dreams can become real if you pursue them. When this journey ends, I know it will be time to find a new dream and life is certainly full of never-ending dreams that are magic in the making and remembering. For now, I will fully live this dream, the one that I believe saved me; saved me from being unaware of just how amazing life can be and how just one choice gave me this light that will never burn out.

Design Assignment: The Ultimate Merger(4 and a 1/2)- “Staroid”


Staroid: Give us a call when you need a cup of strength- boosting coffee.

This was a very fun assignment to do! I looked up famous logos online and first saw Starbucks as something I could potentially use. Figuring out what to combine it with was a little tricky since I wanted the name pairing to make sense together. Initially I thought I could pair it with Disney, but I didn’t want to take away from the crown already used in the Starbucks logo. When I saw the Android bot, I noticed that both this logo and Starbucks are a shade of green and that I could use that to my advantage. I decided first to give the Starbucks queen a weight to lift that would have two bots as the weights. To get more involved, I placed one bot in her crown and added star symbols to the “weight-bots.” Lastly, I wanted to have the brand name written in the white space that could be seen as her dress. “Staroid” combines both names and takes parts of the product they each sell to create one strange item: a coffee delivery service that makes strength- building coffee. It is a play on  the word “steroid” since those are obviously the drug that gives strength to anyone that would take them, but this is a healthy product that merely provides more energy to the drinker and allows them to have more strength in the process.

Week Five: “The Vignelli Canon” Reflection

“The Vignelli Canon” listed many important aspects of design. Before reading this, I figured design would be complex, but there are really a lot of factors that go behind design. I paid more attention to the intangible factors. With semantics, we search for the meaning of what we are designing and we must then understand all of the design’s aspects; every choice should be deliberate and tactical. It should be quite obvious that in this profession one should pay close attention to detail and how they relate to one another (syntactics). Dealing with pragmatics, I liked how the reading stated that design should be forceful and timeless, meaning that the message should be made clear and that the design should transcend time due to its’ content (make the content somewhat universal). Continuity over fragmentations is something to strive for when working on a design and goes into the idea of discipline; not being careless. When reading, I was not completely sure if I understood appropriateness as it relates to design other than choosing a proper medium to express the idea through. One part that grabbed my attention was the importance of having ambiguity and avoiding being vague. With the design being seen as ambiguous, there is vast room for interpretations and meanings and this allows for more depth as a way to enrich the design or message of itself. I liked reading how design can be seen as a creative process with its own rules and a designer should not be afraid to test out different possibilities. With intellectual elegance, the photo of the menorah design was very nice tomenorah look at and it did embody the elegance idea for me. As I mentioned earlier, the idea of timelessness to a design is very important since the message should appeal to others born of a different generation; an effective message is one that can reach or possibly inspire a vast amount of people of our time frame and beyond it. To do this, the designer should steer away from creating something that is a 100% of our current time frame because that trend may not be relevant and therefore not understood in the future. In this way, the message held before may become lost. The designer has 3 responsibilities (which I will think about as I start to create my own designs): to themselves and the message of the design, to the client and their problem at hand, and to the public at large. Also, with equity, I read the section of it and interpreted it as one making a design for a certain company, but not completely altering their logo, but just enhancing it by making few changes. The section on tangibles seemed very basic and went into the idea of paying close attention to detail and that every detail accounts for something within the design. Certain typefaces can be associated with a particular company and that is something I never seemed to think about prior to the reading. The one part of this section I quickly wrote down during note taking was that “in a world where everybody screams, silence is noticeable” and this dealt with typography. I clung to this idea most because I like to search for the message or importance of something rather than being shown it in an obvious manner, such as having larger text. Even the idea of white space being powerful was something that caught my attention; one example was that white space could create tension between texts. This is probably a very true statement that maybe subconsciously we can recognize. Being in control of scale and color can show a designer who pays close attention to detail. With the color section, it was interesting to note that it can serve as an identifier and that red, blue, or yellow were the recommended colors to use. Lastly, identity and diversity bring life to a design, so being unique will work in a designer’s favor. With my own designs, I hope to create work that no one has seen yet and for my viewers to be inspired by the message I’m trying to convey.

Week Four Summary: Audio Storytelling

Upon seeing that this week was focusing on audio and noir, I was intimidated by the task initially. I usually don’t create any audio things in my free time and I never used Audacity before, so I really thought this was be my hell week. But the first post I wrote, which was my personal reflection on audio, the readings, and the opening scene of Touch of Evil (restored and non-restored), made me feel a bit less stressed about the week ahead. Writing this post made me a bit more comfortable with the audio tasks coming up since I recognized that I could analyze sound choices well in film since I’ve had prior experience doing that in my class last semester (http://janellegelino.com/thoughts-and-ideas/week-four-audio-reflection/). In the post, I started off reflecting on the last time I really analyzed sound in film and that was last semester when we had to pick a sequence of shots for Coppola’s The Bling Ring and sound was on of the elements we had to address. I started realizing then that sound almost-subconsciously affects the viewer; subconsciously because some sounds are so subtle, yet they help create a tone that we can sense.

A few days after, we had to do a tweet-along assignment as we listened to the ds106 radio. This was on the radio show called “Double Indemnity,” a noir mystery that involved a couple planning the death for her current husband. Below are the tweets I posted as I listened to the radio station. This was a fun way to interact with noir and I would do it again. I loved seeing what caught others’ attention as they listened to the same station (especially how Janaye and I both thought of “Gold Digger” for Phyllis). It was interesting to see that “Moon Grafitti” was featured on the radio station the following day and I had written about that podcast during week one since I really liked it. It was interesting to see what others thought about the podcast as I watched on Twitter.  Below are the comments for my “Double Indemnity” tweet along.tweet fourtweet threetweet twotweet one

Next, I completed 4 audio assignments, including the one for our character. The first one I did was the line remix, where you took a famous line from a film and combined it with others to make one cohesive audio post. I chose a line from Grease to start with and this gave me the idea to make it a graduation-type speech, so I found other famous lines to build upon this (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-line-remix/). I really like how it came together to give one inspirational message for those who are graduating or really for anyone that feels unsure of themselves going into the future. I feel it encourages someone to live their live to the fullest extent and those are the kind of messages that usually strike me whenever I stumble upon them. Which leads into my next audio assignment: remix a song with some speech. For this, I knew right away that I wanted to use Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech as the skeleton and have a song that really fir well behind it. The song “I Lived” (Arty remix) by One Republic gives listeners the message of taking every moment in life by the horns and living every day as though it were your last. This fit so well with the speech since they both allude to the same inevitable thing about our lives: the notion of death. They both address that it is an unavoidable thing and no one has escaped it, but they use this to encourage listeners to take joy in every moment they have left since that is already uncertain (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-remix-a-song-with-some-speech-4pts-steve-jobs-and-i-lived/). My favorite part was how the lines literally spoke back to each other. I’m pretty happy I had the opportunity to combine of my favorite speeches and songs together for this assignment and I wanted it to be a tribute to the life of Steve Jobs’. My other audio assignment I completed was my car chase commentary. This was extremely fun to make, except for downloading the YouTube video (almost got a virus from this!). I originally started off just having the audio of myself commenting on the video of the static cone, but I decided that I wanted to use my movie maker to make it resemble a real breaking news story. I added a breaking news YouTube video (which again was scary to do) and recorded myself talking to my webcam to give the appearance of a newscast. This was very fun for me and I did get very into the narration as I stared at the cone; it became more real to me! Here is the video link to “The Heroic Cone.” http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-car-chase-commentary-3-and-12-the-heroic-cone/. My final audio assignment was the sound story for Sebastian Crane. I chose to show some characterization through him on his car drive to work and in my head, I pictured this as a scene from a film, so the whole car ride and walk into the building wasn’t seen but assumed. I usually end up thinking in things in terms of a visual presentation or really a film and I tried to express this in that manner since it is hard describing a whole car ride while revealing things about the character. I deliberately chose to use the moment where he changes the love song to Elvis to show his disdain towards love after his big heartbreak from the past and I wanted the “Hound Dog” song to be his thoughts about Margaret and since it is so upbeat, it makes me link it to someone being confident. With this post, I wanted some things to be taken about Sebastian: his annoyance with love, his confidence, and somewhat establishing that he is a working man, but I would have to make a different audio for him in the office. I chose not to focus on him in the office because I wanted to chose a moment that could really bring out things about how he feels. (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-sound-effects-story3-and-a-12pts-sebastians-drive-to-the-office/).

Using Audacity was very tricky in the beginning, especially figuring out how to have two audios play simultaneously. I would upload one and the other would delete numerous times, but I had to press “import” to make all the sounds stay together. I did look at YouTube videos for some specific tutorial things for Audacity, but once I figured out how to maneuver around, it was more enjoyable to use. I had a problem converting my files to MP3 earlier this week, but I had to download a program titled “lame” (how fitting since my computer was being a bit lame) inorder for the audio tracks to be exported as MP3’s.

I had fun making my radio bumper titled “The Predator and the Prey.”  I wanted it to showcase the femme fatale by having her become the predator at the end of the bumper. The footsteps mixed together as well as the heavy breathing created this suspenseful effect for my bumper and made the setting pretty clear. I actually got the idea to use the wolf and the Game of Thrones theme song when I saw that an art class here at UMW had a shirt design with Game of Thrones on it. It is a suspenseful show and many people have seen it, so I wanted to appeal to a wide audience by using this to my advantage while also keeping the suspense of noir in mind (http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-ds106-radio-bumper-predator-and-the-prey/).

For my daily creates, I did the following:

1. Ruin porn- https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16427406151/. An abandoned asylum photo I titled “Madness Inscribed on the Walls that Held Me.” I wanted to pick an abandoned place that would be interesting yet chilling to look at. An asylum definitely did that for me and it kind of reflects how I wouldn’t want to personally venture into one myself.

2. The “I’m sorry” post- https://www.flickr.com/photos/janellegelino/16435916451/in/photostream/. Who doesn’t like a Disney reference here and there? I took this in San Francisco (or better yet, I made my sister take the picture and she thought it was silly-stupid, but no negativity allowed in my book!).

As for my brainstorming for my radio ideas, I am honestly stumped. I think it would be fun to use something that would involve my character’s voice, but since I am not a man, I don’t think that idea would work. I thought of having one that could play music that could relate to noir, so that could apply to music we have today. After the song would play, I could talk about how that song could relate to noir or create a noir mood. I am very uncertain as to what would make for a good radio show, but I think I would want something that shows how noir can be found in every day things. I’m trying to let the inspiration hit me, but I may need a bit of guidance with how to do a music station one if I end up doing that idea. I was using this site as guidance as to what to come up with, but making it a noir themed one is where I think I’m struggling. http://1490wwpr.com/how-to-radio/radio-talk-show-topics/

Here are some of the comments I posted on others’ pages:





Also, during the week I put most of my audio assignments on my Twitter for followers to check out.

On another note, Enigma Color Guard had their first competition for this season and we got 3rd place! It was a great moment we all shared and we have come a long way to reach this and I’m really happy we proved to ourselves that we have what it takes to go far.

“If the sky comes falling down, for you, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.”- Hey Brother by Avicii